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30 am time for reflectionreverendsamuel siroky minister of ettrick
1 time for reflection thereverendsamuel siroky minister of ettrick
30 am time for reflectionreverendeaster smart chaplain to the
1 time for reflection thereverendi david miller chaplain of
30 pm time for reflectionreverendsandy young lead chaplain at
verra back yett o thereverendjohn geddes himsel she wis
rheumaticky hauns fur fear thereverendjohn geddes needit something tae
pm time for reflection thereverendernest levy member of the
pm time for reflection thereverendernest levy member of the
time for reflection the rightreverendbrian a smith bishop of
30 am time for reflectionreverenddonald reid of the diocese
time for reflection the rightreverenddr andrew r c mclellan
pm time for reflection rightreverenddr finlay macdonald moderator of
am time for reflection thereverenddr gordon murray minister edinburgh
time for reflection the veryreverenddr hugh r wyllie lately
1 time for reflection councillorreverendelizabeth j wardlaw minister of
pm time for reflection thereverendfather paul fletcher minister at
time for reflection the veryreverendgraham forbes provost of st
30 pm time for reflectionreverendjim jones chairman of the
30 pm time for reflectionreverendmargaret r forrester minister of
30 am time for reflectionreverendmarion dodd minister of kelso
30 pm time for reflectionreverendmoira maccormick a church of
time for reflection the rightreverendmonsignor michael j conway of
pm time for reflection rightreverendneville chamberlain bishop of brechin
time for reflection the mostreverendrichard holloway primus of the
30 am time for reflectionreverendwilliam mcfadden vice rector of
do you interpret the scripturesreverendrowland i am not a
however if we feel thatreverendmurdoch has today made a
is not being used doesreverendmurdoch have evidence of such
questioning the petitioner phil galliereverendmurdoch is a minister of
tycoons and there was thereverendharry he s the dominie
dominie lilian he s thereverendto me but tell me
rowland i am not areverendlilian not yet but you
a person lilian what personreverendrowland the one person in
on the replacement for thereverendnorman drummond who retires from
s1m 1371 tribute to thereverendadrian rennie lodged on 20
a posy of blushing rosereverendblack his bible edged in
keep an eye on thereverendshe exits beaumont well jack
let in some fresh airreverendact 2 mrs beaumont is
as a newt and thereverendinnes at least one major
just not too abandoned herreverendgrannie would not have been
scramblit fer siller efter thereverendcrawford had mairrit them thon

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