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presented to the parliament andreviewedannually thereafter in the light
presented to the parliament andreviewedannually thereafter in the light
tobacco control is a peerreviewedjournal that is part of
smokers is very strong peerreviewedjournals have set the instance
so the journal is peerreviewedtanith muller yes the economist
the operation should be continuallyreviewedand improved as the years
code of guidance should bereviewedit could be improved not
division into three pillars bereviewed50 should a distinction be
pp 257 58 carlyle alsoreviewedheintze s translation in the
surveillance would need to bereviewedin detail retrospectively the fact
surveillance and the situation isreviewedon a 10 yearly basis
which this arrangement would bereviewed2 consideration of petitions members
2 current petitions the committeereviewedprogress in relation to current
3 current petitions the committeereviewedthe current petitions the following
proposals have now been carefullyreviewedby the national qualifications task
constable concerned can then havingreviewedthe case and accepted the
200 courses have now beenreviewedwe are working with the
union and the communities bereviewed49 should the division into
of the decisions will bereviewedand what the reasons are
the application that is beingreviewedthat needs to be clarified
idea the situation could bereviewedin the future it is
whether the law officers havereviewedprosecution policy for causing death
the plan which has beenreviewed4 a public body may
review s recommendations consultants havereviewedeach college s action plan
308 of the treaty bereviewedfor this purpose in the
as was of edinburgh policereviewedone of the books in
the curriculum all re- beingreviewedeven if the changes are
safe disposal of ash arereviewedensure best practice as outlined
policy guideline was to bereviewedbut we had further questions
bodies would have to bereviewedto fit with the national
regional selective assistance be jointlyreviewedin order to address the
time that sport 21 wasreviewedlottery income was exceptionally high
and when this was lastrevieweds1o 3202 24 withdrawn 25
scottish executive whether it hasreviewedplans made by bear scotland
european parliament are elected bereviewed29 should a european electoral
section 9 grants are beingreviewedand no money is available
english and gaelic will bereviewedand published in arabic bengali
whitefish around shetland will bereviewedby the commission in 2003
procedures will need to bereviewedin the event of any
the parliament have to bereviewedmr hamilton the paper from
1982 is about to bereviewedthat is so but that
would have had to bereviewedto enable higher still to
the bill could profitably bereviewedto meet the sort of
scottish executive whether it hasreviewedthe timescale for reviewing local
the prospect the process wasreviewedin 1998 which is quite
tourism co ordinating group wasreviewedand strengthened an industry representative
to the consultation document wereviewedthem specifically from an equal
objectives agreed at nice werereviewedunder the danish presidency july

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