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there s a tooshtie orhubarban a fyow tree ingins
parsley leeks tree ingins anrhubarbe fite sweet smell o
curds whey roly poly stewedrhubarband apple dumpling are also
in summer there was stewedrhubarbat hame i aye likit
was usually followed by stewedrhubarboften made into a pink
the bulk of it wasrhubarbjam used at dinnertime on
in oor gairden primroses andrhubarband that s it we
frae the chunty ower therhubarbmeg jow dow cried out
an bannocks wi butter anrhubarbjam an kettles o hait
wis a big patch orhubarbfor makin jam at ye
shafe o breed clairtit wirhubarbjam e jar wis a
ground or whole cloves intorhubarbjam which was the only
the neuk far the youngrhubarblay curled up aneth the
ye to physician whaur therhubarbor seirop o feigs or
an kail an rasps anrhubarban size chives the placie
fur bringin on roses orrhubarbmeanwhile granny bruce an the
spring a dish o freshrhubarbbilet an sweetent an maybe
had a garden where blackcurrantsrhubarband raspberries were grown and
um and it f1023: goodrhubarbf1026: [laugh] f1025: aw used

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