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dramatised in literature by unevenrhythmshurland over heuch means throwing
as in burns s martialrhythmsthe sentiments in the song
its martial tempo and dottedrhythmsto create a rousing call
we accustom ourselves to therhythmsof change and continuity that
it is based on speechrhythmsand co ordinate clauses [click]
love punctuated by the heartbeatrhythmsof flamenco guitar were repeated
a reliance on speech speechrhythms[click] [inhale] and the newer
the colour of words theirrhythmsand onomatopoeic sounds rather than
sense that encapsulates through therhythmsand sounds something of the
is very close to therhythmsof natural speech adds to
keeping pretty much to speechrhythmsor they employ more complex
tones of textures and tincturesrhythmsand patterns she is your
and of course there arerhythmsin latin america in er
open to the voices andrhythmsof local and national literature
development its turning points itsrhythmsof greater and lesser intensity
rather than flowing because theirrhythmsare appropriately less regular than
might have envisaged the breathlessrhythmsof the opening stanzas their
dialect with all the correctrhythmsand cadences the problem lies
that made ony sense itsrhythmswar aa its ain his
had used the image ofrhythmstumbant en icelle falling over
a favourite record pulsating eroticrhythmsmelodic trills and nasal discords
strict or exact metres orrhythmsas james craigie noted in
lued music bit nae therhythmso the sea fur the
brazil which are actually arabrhythmsbecause they went f963: mm
into his mind the jazzrhythmshe had been slouching out
like it s got therhythmsof the world discharged from
of the rhymes and therhythmsm078: ah m608: er i
viewer in aggressive language andrhythmsto smash me and so
right season resonates with therhythmsof the blues on she

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