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like ambrosia not ambrosia creamedricebut ambrosia food of the
at once with cream caramelriceheat tin of creamed rice
rice heat tin of creamedricesprinkle with soft brown sugar
2lbs 4½d sago 2lbs 5drice2lbs 3d tapioca 2lbs 3d
tblspn chicken stock 2 tspnricewine ½ tspn salt sugar
pork 1 tblspn water 1ricewine 1 dark soy sauce
tblspn light soy sauce 1ricewine 2 tblspn oil 1
tomato purée cream pref sourrice1 boil rice 2 fry
pref sour rice 1 boilrice2 fry onions garlic in
and to feed livestock ricericean upper class food in
brown rice salad 8oz brownricecooked for 1 hr rinsed
it yellow rice m1108: yellowricef1107: wi vegetables in it
f1049: although i did makericelast night m1048: rice wow
fitt kind was it yellowricem1108: yellow rice f1107: wi
insects and bloody rice ricericenext thing we re upping
bread and to feed livestockricerice an upper class food
heat insects and bloody ricericerice next thing we re
the heat insects and bloodyricerice rice next thing we
½ tsp french mustard brownricesalad 8oz brown rice cooked
immodium steamed rice st eamedriceso white so good so
motion mozzies hum immodium steamedricest eamed rice so white
make rice last night m1048: ricewow how do you make
pudding took the place ofriceand was eaten with all
their salmon and chicken longricepork and coconut pudding squid
milk and onions and groundricepudding because father would t
powdered custard and then erricepudding boiled er baked r-
nutmeg on my on myricepudding f718: mm mmhm m1078:
that was it without thericepudding f718: uh huh f1077:
except we used to getricepudding with f718: that sounds
rabbits pudding was nearly alwaysricepudding with syrup because her
pudding boiled er baked r-ricesometimes though i didn t
chicken garnish serve with boiledriceyorkshire pudding for 4 ½
for our dinner fried chickenriceand vegetables dessert being ice
s just like basic friedricef1049: uh huh m1048: but
and fried pepper onion andriceshe contented herself with a
milk 5 oz cooked brownrice2 eggs beaten oz
serving kedgeree 2 oz cookedrice3 oz butter 2 chopped
5 7 mins add cookedriceand seasoning and simmer gently
4 oz butter 1 lbricecooked 1 tspn curry powder
a little longer pre cookedricefor solidity watercress soup 1
like the f1077: oh bakedricewith the skin on oh
30 mins add meat vegriceboil 2 cups salted water
water pour in 1 cupricebring to boil do not
bring to boil cook untilriceis soft water absorbed stir
together till soft then fryrice4 black cardamoms crushed 2
mushrooms quartered salt pepper fryricefor 2 3 mins in
large salad battered fish andriceor potatoes and a sweet
onions stuffing bottle burgundy pishoriricebay leaves garlic oregano root
anglicised a pound of rystriceapart what is striking is
half a pound of tuppennyricehalf a pound of treacle
half a pound of tuppenyricehalf a pound of treacle
rafales country houses supplied cottonriceand vegetables thanks to the
chives heat butter stir inricecurry powder stir in fishes
beef bree broth pea soupricesoup with chicken hare soup
sprinkling of paprika serve withricelentil and bacon soup makes
and sometimes they had milkricesoup though for some reason
wow how do you makericef1049: mmhm m1048: can you
olive oil 8 oz brownrice1 onion sliced 1 clove
melt pour over small pktricecrispies gipsy creams 2 oz
tblspns cream quickly 6 addricemix quickly serve immediately george
such as penne plus spaghettiricenoodles black pepper sea salt
sugar and tobacco indigo andricefor west indian and american
pilau ¾ lb long grainrice3 tblspns oil 1 large
usually milk based and includedricesemolina sometimes served with oatcakes
playschool the day m1108: ermricef1107: aye but fitt kind
traditional paella of saffron colouredriceshrimps black olives indigo mussels
was accompanied by potato andriceoutside in the night in
it was a plate oricebecause ma was in the
stuffed vine leaves and plovriceand meat with various spices
you re lucky plov pilafricewith a few lumps of
to force a bowl ofricekrispies down your neck at
glazed on a bed ofricewas put down in front
in oh mak me padmericeoh mmmmmmmmmmm in a hindu
luck threw dried peas andriceover them this was before
the elephant had won thericedragging it into the depths
of kandy a sack ofricehad dropped from a lorry
elephant had sniffed out thericenearby villagers too were hungry
fullie thertie acre o guidricean nou ah hae rowth
the spring ah plant thericein the faw ah gether
they wad hae acceptit thericean etten it fur their
their supper without thinkin thericewis droggit of coorse an
in charge of like thericealthough she started it and
there for your little bellyriceand coconuts and mangoes and
costa rica he lived onriceand pineapple for two weeks
through seven different dyes liquriceroot and jelly beans and
you love them what kindaricewas it at playschool the
whyte haunds lik roses anricecake caups fou wi gowden
court an mercat a singilriceaiker fawin intil the mukkil
shap intil a roog oricean every shop da sam
hame sae pranny biled thericean gaithered the herbs an
cinnamon tea an rubber fenugreekricean rubies saffron teak piz
torch an a bowl oricetae offer tae the guairdians
yird in reverence tae offerriceor incense or flooers tae
now we can either makricekrispies or fr- chocolate frosties
s seen that sack ofricedropped from the back of
in the blue lift hisricegirnal is aye tuim whan
corp wis fand bi aricefermer lyin fifty yairds frae

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