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dr kenneth black professor randolphrichardsand dr dick shelton before
dunstaffnage marine laboratory professor randolphrichardsinstitute of aquaculture university of
make two points what randolphrichardsjust said is absolutely right
would add is as randolphrichardssaid that we need to
for marine science professor randolphrichardsuniversity of stirling dr dick
such as nutrients professor randolphrichardsuniversity of stirling the current
views on the subject professorrichardscurrent quality schemes take on
but dr shelton and professorrichardshave already touched on that
that has already happened professorrichardsi agree i would also
of resources comes in professorrichardsi agree the monitoring of
issue should be addressed professorrichardsi agree the penalties for
that sort of thing professorrichardsi agree with that lots
approach to those issues professorrichardsi agree with those comments
to our carrying capacity professorrichardsi am not sure what
dr black s views professorrichardsi think that the industry
problem at the moment professorrichardsit is perhaps worth mentioning
such a proposed structure professorrichardsit would be sensible to
complicated in polyculture sites professorrichardsone would have to take
already plenty of regulation professorrichardsregulations to prevent that are
black i agree with professorrichardss last statement however we
i take on board professorrichardss point about improving the
that section sepa supported professorrichardss view that there is
i was looking for professorrichardstalked about the amount of
and planning more difficult professorrichardsthat would probably not affect
to influence carrying capacity professorrichardsthe current system tends to
at lower stocking densities professorrichardsthe decline in sea trout
relocation than about moratoria professorrichardsthe issue is about evaluation
disease and pest control professorrichardsthose techniques which have been
large scale salmon farming professorrichardsto expand salmon farming in
wish to examine which professorrichardstouched on in one of
feasible would that be professorrichardswe are actively following up
they should be balanced professorrichardswe need to use all
the proximity of sites professorrichardswhen new species are developed
peter stapelton bill team markrichardssolicitor s office 2 delegated
without a name plate markrichardswho prepared the additional paper
influence you ve got keithrichardsthere [laugh] m815: yeah on
of his mouth so keithrichardsyou d swear he hadn

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