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dwam an whuspert ti theriddouglas a feill lik a
sae he cuid wad theriddouglas an ruth in hiz
eg the veisitors wes theriddouglas an ruth the wes
pyauvie he whuspert ti theriddouglas at he maun lae
mukkil din clydesdale bi theriddouglas at sayed it bene
o hiz hame gaein theriddouglas at wes nou ettlin
ti pley it wi theriddouglas at ye maun mynd
ti caw fur halp theriddouglas bene reddies an hed
the massiemore o carlyle theriddouglas clawed hiz pow he
wi a bland smirk theriddouglas cuidna thole sic a
doun at the loch theriddouglas didna hae a pacefu
chakkin shae wesna hairmed theriddouglas didna lauch he muntit
redein shae luikit ti theriddouglas fur halp bot he
nestie mustart yella cullour theriddouglas luikit at m wi
weir waws cheptir seiven theriddouglas lukkie nisbet s howff
howe o the nicht theriddouglas onlokkit the duir o
lassikie bi hiz syde theriddouglas sein thair trigidie in
faks anent hir gyde theriddouglas the maistres o the
s morn john wi theriddouglas ti gy m set
inti the closs whaur theriddouglas wes bydin tholemuidie lik
wi mirren an ruth theriddouglas wes neir smoured wi
bot a licht hert theriddouglas wes o certies a
inti the hauns o theriddouglas whitwey than cuid thai
ti scug frae d theriddouglas wuidna stent the raid
wirds tel hir at theriddouglas wul pit aw ti
loose krista we ll gitrido him del della he
it pause ah d gitrido it bury it dig
if yi tried ti gitrido me stew you ken
cammy ok stew wull gitrido this ed wull send
ti kill that scum gitrido um git his stench
sakles maister grunstane an hizridheidit sister i a ramstougerous
atween the sheets for whitridbluidit laddie cuid forsweir his
di wi dae doll getridof cars get rid of
get rid of cars getridof motor ways simple problem
market jinty wiz getting awfyridin the face it s
be some way of gettingridof a judge dr brown
and the danger of gettingridof it it is like
of the oedipus complex gettingridof the father and taking
act of the outbreak gettingridof the waste but the
couple next door are gettingridof their old one cause
ways tae try an getrido erm er surplus value
forcing london transport to getridof guards and ways of
s for giein me aridface afore maister rintoul curtain
we re oot o therida d get a joab
the best wye tae getrido his stuff wid be
ll ha e to getrido t georgie coming to
on the grun tae getrido the man stink afore
in hir lug ti getrido the retenar john s
were usually scrapers tae getrido the worst o the
in ten meenits tae getrido ye he s no
only way i can getridof a song in my
people in scotland to getridof all the clutter of
in place if we getridof billboards point of sale
week no not to getridof but to dispose of
the windows wide to getridof her smoke and start
georgie just anxious to getridof him aye aye you
as daft as ever getridof him now now i
there he can t getridof it m815: yeah and
was he going to getridof me in jimmy s
it done when i getridof my cough it was
at last i can getridof my small change usually
rain later that should getridof some more snow well
only one way to getridof the anxieties oooooooooooo at
greig that we should getridof the arts council middlemen
in boiling water to getridof the cleaning stuff there
ll help me to getridof the first song now
farmers argue that to getridof the risk the ash
based paper wishes to getridof the scottish offshoot title
expression which m642: you getridof them m608: aye m642:
to s- is to getridof this idea that authenticity
couple of things to getridof this week no not
and i had to getridof you it s time
red face f963: right f965: ridbeing red f963: mmhm yeah
english gone for geen andridenglish red for reid as
he m608: mm m642: gotridof some stuff and all
as shuid gie thaim aridface it s juist a
man out and he gotrido the rats m642: were
saicont sicht the wes aridgast flaitin atap o ma
shame they d lost theirridbreists an the glint aff
aff agnes oh aye gotridof the stays didn t
ower fin an knocked theridspots aff his skin as
around thaim an kep thairridfaces dern an hidlin but
ti gang but whan theridhaired wicht kythit at the
ti mairrie on a lillieridheiddit damishell at cam straucht
cauld ti it reaches theridhot searin flames waitin on
ti yowt at the menridwudd puir bruits thocht mirren
wis there wis four coloursridgreen gold and silver and
grave silence robby blue greenridorange flames lori sparks jumpin
an mair unless he gotrido her an her junkie
planned smiling comfortingly i gotrido t we ve nothing
in a whisper you gotrido t you killed your
accent but i ve gotrido that [laugh] f1018: [laugh]
junction boxes but we gotrido the rats we got
that we have just gotridof in an earlier section
home hope you have gotridof the snow by now
a disaster to have gotridof those two baggages who
wi a gryte pavelyeon oridhair cairred wi a crouse
sae wersh aside the richridmeat o yer guid scots
s pooch efter that gittinrido the ither yins wis
chance o sweet retaliation toridthem o their sour frustration
ahin whi n busses taeridthirsels o the fly cup
als a seilent wicht wiridhair at the buird suppin
exak sam swype an aridheiddit leddie wi marone sports
spangled wi mony a bluidridspot like rubies on a
suin muntit on a brawridstame tractour wi a generatour
micht noh be the onlyridwi see the day krista
it wisnae for the weeridspots ah d sweir they
1 dt d academy gitsridu d exam system d
the ministers that ware stillridand peching from their exertiouns
pipers who claimed they couldridtheir burghs of starlings and
so that the sooner theyridthemselves of their scottish characteristics
thir tales isnae juist aridherrin ou hae aaready seen
thing the garron ma mitherridll be wantin suppert we
has its joys tae theridhot coals blazin in the
see thare wis a langridrubber tube fixed tae the
the united nations objective toridiraq of weapons of mass
laugh sadie i m gettinridof the stays an all
trak syde apairt frae aridhet stoiff an ane twa
the trees anen atween bigridfallen boulders we dreeped doon
masell intil glamourie the etherridwud its peirie tung flauchtert

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