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rin for hom reefed inridinda vaelensi no aert fast
atween hir hoose an eerselridinyer bike on the roadwey
wi nane he gaed outridinthe whidderin wunds ay drowie
nearer see aye faurer awaridinthe draigon cairt ay wi
ay wi dunnerin wheels ramstamridinsee he s awa ti
tae gie ridin lessons henridinlessons fit neist i ll
day i ve tae gieridinlessons hen ridin lessons fit
hie abune ay tovin slawridinpure braith see caain yin
aa the best an keepridinon the crest in the
teribus is oor main commonridinsong the main song aboot
efter fin miss vining wisridinthe high seas fur hame
mei an a fun maselridinricht throwe atween thum aw
comin back at the commonridinm1010: aye f1011: and eh
except in a case oridinfire or gaun fur the

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