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tommy sheridan s1m 1099 oilrigfabrication industry lodged on 6
lloyd quinan s1m 1099 oilrigfabrication industry lodged on 6
s1m 1099 rhoda grant oilrigfabrication industry that the parliament
a contingency fund the oilrigfabrication communities contingency fund to
likely future workload for therigfabrication yards in the uk
cycle aroon fore climin huprigo castell rock raxin abeen
oil rig platform an oilrigis a platform eddie oil
is a platform eddie oilrigoil platform same thing aye
aw built on an oilrigplatform an oil rig is
an oot athourt the hoscoterigir the ruins o ae
an doun owre the hoscoterigtae git bert nichol s
crutches ana doon owre hoscoterigtae the haugh the storie
holidays tae a fuckin oilrigbe worse than blackpool it
s no actually an oilrigcharlie it s aw built
it s the second oilrigefter the kebab shop aye
overnight stay on an oilrigit ll be fine big
in fact forget the oilrigit s a resort this
cannae be a fuckin oilrignaebody s gaunny go their
pantomime a farm an oilrigto a mart 99 of
the yowes an the learigaa the wye tae perth
tinfoil waves smack at therigs metallic legs greasy fingers
sharn on a weet learigsae minnie lowpit the dyke
battery a simple kit canrigyour gerbil s wheel up
conveyor belts far skulls anrigbanes an ribs dirded alang
o the wirds alang theirrigbanes o some auld scots
aftercast ruth gaithers in therigo boaz wha is sib
green craig windlestraw top cockrigbavelaw edge cairn knowe muckle
for s cappin in arigoot like the tartan army
wid tak a hale ilerigo fuel tae itsel jonsar
abune aa beass o therigon yer wame sall ye
fell top drum tor watchrigedge know knock mount kaim
trees hid been plantit owerrigan fur ploo marks fit
naebody glisks ye in anitherrigsae she bidit nar his
their xmas trees beneath therigs tall crown even asleep
his gun wis set taerigwhit lay in sad neglect
ahin him fu kennin herrigoot gypit bit she d
and gaither at onie itherrigand dinna luik onie farder
he speirt at his stibblerigwhas lass ist she s
es bein a kinna runrigvillage e twelve patches o
o watter looed this bonnierigfin he howked oot a
the research and information grouprigthe research services of spice
at the hinnereyn north searigchinaman s kite fish on
spotlight poets 2004 north searigmoonpool fills with moon north
wad sheer awa frae therigan the air wad be
style wi e corrugations origan fur still tae be
it if you if yourigsomething if you iif you
oh the kind of vikingrigouts yeah oh right f978:
call me though in thisrigout ah think ah look

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