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fenced geoff huggins since theringfence was removed in 1995
ferguson there is already aringfenced budget in the housing
people programme which is aringfenced budget to enable them
there would still be aringfenced budget what we are
but this has not beenringfenced for post offices 14
amount of money which isringfenced for specific purposes and
ask the scottish executive whatringfenced funding for education was
whether the money should beringfenced geoff huggins since the
way that money is continuallyringfenced he has obviously had
local authorities and was previouslyringfenced however that ring fencing
when that money is notringfenced i ask the minister
budgets housing revenue accounts areringfenced mark turley the support
the fact that you haveringfenced money for furniture which
consider detrunking some routes withringfenced resources sarah boyack i
in privately owned homes areringfenced s1w 24830 colin campbell
care in the community isringfenced s1w 9135 mr kenny
much of that money isringfenced that to meet the
undertones a spike of railingsringfenced the state school no
previously ring fenced however thatringfencing was removed following consultation
sara cherie appear in theringcherie and sara spar with
and young boxers leave theringcherie and sarah appear in
and gary appear in theringcherie and sarah spar with
the back they leave theringcherie sarah scott and gary
exit lee lights fade boxingringhas spotlight gary sara cherie
like up there in theringpause watch cherie and sara
and cherie george stands centerringsara in one corner cherie
lee stands inside the boxingringboxers appear training in the
moooooooother seconds enters in theringboxers sit in their corners
with boxers gary stands centerringeach boxer takes a corner
at the boxers in theringlong silence jilly that look
as young boxers enter theringrab helps boxers put on
pat lights stay on boxingringreferee calls boxers to fight
four boxers appear in theringthey box each other then
boxers gary steps into theringwith boxers gary stands center
what is your view onringfencing alan ferguson the institute
be a move back toringfencing by local authorities how
in the traditional sense ofringfencing cathie craigie i am
deliver bill aitken what aboutringfencing in the single housing
how councils spend their moneyringfencing is a take over
major programme of detrunking andringfencing resources to allow local
time councils deal with theringfencing that is coming through
the health care instead ofringfencing the new money will
finance directors to return toringfencing there are ways to
limited resources competing demands andringfencing when authorities are under
and gary appear in theringleave the ring then box
and gary appear in theringlee leaves the ring makes
george gary appear in theringthey spar with each other
in front of the boxingringin the gym she starts
actors spot light on boxingringmusic bj jilly and pat
actors lights stay on boxingringmusic rab gathers the youngsters
the edge of the boxingringpat aye walk away bj
pat goes to the boxingringputs gloves on steps inside
in front of the boxingringthen continue boxing out of
if the executive were toringfence any pot of money
it has any plans toringfence funding for the association
to allow local authorities toringfence housing stock suitable for
current policy is not toringfence money for improvement grants
housing budget you have toringfence some money to go
there is a need toringfence that development funding and
go back and intervene toringfence that pot of money
any time to reintroduce aringfence there is a legislative
when we took away theringfence there was a reduction
my money s on theringbinder i speculated the ring
into the bag as theringbinder leaned over the desk
ring binder i speculated theringbinder sandra asked you wouldn
jist daen that said theringbinder sarcastically despite recent cut
stripes just then unexpectedly theringbinder strolled into view i
know this one ring aringa [inaudible] m1090: roses pocket
s in his den dellringa ring a roses here
other ain do you kenringa ring o f1118: roses
his den dell ring aringa roses here we go
out to the garden playringa roses then have a
do you ken ring aringo f1118: roses pocket full
no no no that disnaeringa bell f1025: a fall
furst next time i meanringa bell or somethin gie
also shaking with mirth carolanneringa bell or something agnes
good when the bell wouldringand the escalators go into
with a stair leading offringbell on first door on
ghaistly bell is heard taeringfan ony durward dees they
out a bell rings theringis repeated and voices and
of the shipwright s toolringlike a muted bell dancing
scottish villanelle wi rhymes thatringoot like a silver bell
the playtime bell it mustringsoon andy breaks his pencil
leave for duncan s chamberringthe alairm bell murder an
riches an wi yer haggisringthe bell an gie folk
cat in his bogie taeringthe bell emily gray didna
earlier in the year iringthe bell she opens an
start so i begin iringthe bell to call the
portal and was about toringthe bell when a workman
jist so he has toringthe bell wi them mind
at my play group weringthe door bell and the
why does the church bellringtwice it rings once for
dumpty you know this oneringa ring a [inaudible] m1090:
an gloves they all enterringbj stands stands centre ring
the ring lee leaves theringmakes her way to bj
ring bj stands stands centreringpat and jilly spar with
in the ring leave theringthen box around the gym
the elder gart the bellsringand the drums bang for
church to hear the bellsringothers enjoyed a bottle of
chimes as mither kirk bellsringthe cheer the last wikks
winter cloot warnin bells divringtuesday 10 temp 3 10
to one my neck bellsringwith pride at conch shells
enter lee lee goes toringstands on edge watching pat
make their way to theringbj puts on pads pat
long silence bj in theringnae anger jilly git the
around gym lee steps nearringputs her hand thru the
puts gloves on steps insideringshadow boxes music lights fade
in here an in theringaye yi jilly it s
in the centre of theringhe pats them on the
gonna you know put aringround the centre and you
on spindly trees lace ruffsringstones tracks leave a tell
round this circle till aringabout three inches thick had
gallop off round a showringour general manager mr robert
round you re going dutchringup excuse yourself and stay
cuts off as the secondringbegins there is a noise
fluff or a cast offringi don t intend to
they re my hands tugsringoff throws it on floor
with a three inch ironringat the top end to
with three chains on aringfor hanging plants like columbine
could come the phone couldringthe phone rings all three
up which locked the strawringinto position and made a
or sometimes just a woodenringthat you stepped into to
twist the loop into theringwatchin nae tae snag yer
you have any messages pleaseringback and put them on
drappie o fusky often aringwas put in the mixture
i the mids o theringa bodie wi a dizzen
abune wi their echoes didringas they sang their wey
the eldest wi glove anringbut he lovd the youngest
the lover wi the diamondringhe d niver live tae
serpens the caup wi aringinby the riven sceptre an
m action man wi aringpull can she s at
an a gleefu glen wadringwi cries o bare scud
the stoor fae her waddinringwi its precious haly glow
it hang up and thenringback again the boy grinned
ve run out of coinsringme back i might if
harlt him inti the elfringan gied him sic a
wurds thay breinged out theringgruppit tam an poued him
him roun in a glaumerieringhe dochtna brek hinnerlie thay
hotel dodging aroond a makeshiftringhim an some other wee
was him that spewed hisringin re mind like the
haed telt him the elfringwes ti be fund an
of their furry pants aringof toddlers is putting a
their corners referee enters theringseconds check their gloves head
do don t you justringme any time you re
go and get a newringfor me is it yes
toyshop [inaudible] f1115: a newringfor you fae the toyshop
survey plugs haywire need newringmain clean up scullery part
precious haly glow the waddinringa dyke baith strang and
it has a rich johnsonianringan eastern connotation its use
lang he brocht hir aringan thay war mairrit no
i ll give [censored: forename] aringand see if she s
an iron ban the waddinringburns hett as a cattle
naturally a bling bling pinkyringbut in horrifying contrast his
is impaled with a goldringcheeks nostrils eyebrows the lot
f1122: it s a rubberringf1121: is it a rubber
f1121: is it a rubberringf1122: mmhm f1121: [laugh] f1122:
but you ve got aringfarr is it mm f1116:
for better or worse aringfor ever and ever a
like a wrestler in aringi hit with the stick
treated eyebrow and a finalringimpaled in her lip these
had mair o a universityringit happened aboot e first
skin the pitmerk blin wadringme like a gird ooto
hous a ll birl maringo jade see intil the
clouds a ll birl maringo jade see intil the
quo the loon blawin aringo rikk inno the rug
scottish opera had a suspiciousringof ignorance towards the company
the sairvants moula takes aringof keys from a hook
a stupor until the piercingringof the telephone beside the
the faem made a whiteringon the hairs aroond his
queen o the sae anringowre sic a gret kinrik
it by gettin in thatringpause if oneybody takes a
stanes shair as a snawringroon the mune mairrige is
foot was chained to aringset in the floor she
in collieston gave her aringshe wore t aa the
i might even have aringside seat come here you
you should given them aringsometime anne is molly s
middleton disnae yon hae aringtill it the young loon
a rubik s cube keyringto a 3 d map
which has a somewhat victorianringto it i feel that
fowk staunin roun in aringwe ll hae a look
she said looking for aringwe replied rather irritably we
whit wey dae ye noringyoursel dear a cannae be
family here to mrs bringcath she agrees pack up
me she held her weddinringbetween the thumb and first
clothes and points at herringfinger meaningfully this is behind
regards to chrissie when youringher and look after yourself
o skirt gart the gowdenringon her haun bit yalla
happening i ll have toringthe engineers on my mobile
bit ye ll hae taeringup the hotel dear tae
the floor with an ironringto lift it in anaith
ain son alasdair that wulringowre this kinrik whan his
his head nearly ripping theringpulls and ball bearings from
he had lost his signetringthe court was down by
low warmth radiating from theringwhere his sugar was melting
he had to get theringand push it through and
in the midst of theringconfessed the lord who had
i asked for joe sringhad managed to get itself
law though i d ratherringit up boyter you can
no weel sadie they dringthe office agnes weel it
was maggie agnes maggie widnaeringus sadie no she d
fred clean up 20 mondayringlawyer still stalling sure tomorrow
the coop already christmas tillsringup the cost the boatman
lawer no answer from vendorringcath she is most dissapointed
for that dusky rose redringon which wee andy has
them dry you laid theringon the ground and pushed
fae you da number taringis lerrick 8987 fur days
you six lines began toringlike the combined howl of
like one m811: [laugh] f814: ringof hair cause you know
oan the edge o theringpause waiting fur you ti
to take can t youringthe officer in charge i
and you can give theringto the thrift shop keep
west solitary and refulgent itsringdimly discernible the sky was
the quick the phone mayringon its plastic perch it
is nearly completed and theringroads well ahead what changes
ayr s auld kirkyaird echoesringwhit is it blackie maks
that war dauncin in theringan ai whit grace thay
lincolnshire poacher in the auctionringat the thainstone mart the
peys onie heed whan ahringcalls through the door ir
saw thaim dauncin in theringon sunday we rest an
fecht niver set may theringon the bride s merriege
strang braw prince that wulringower aw the fowk in
ruggit aff the coke sringpu an poored some drappies
knowe the war ane elfringtam kent it weill an
in ilka haa an chaumerringthe haill lythe warld nou
nabody maun step ootbye yonringtill the spell s daen
thought it was going toringfor ever what on earth
in this gym an thatringo mah ain free will
in there there in thatringyur lost yur weak vulnerable
stalling sure tomorrow 21 tuesdayringlawer no answer from vendor
wedding all right i willringchrissie one of these nights
can t just let itringsadie to agnes what ur
signature for kdy 17 fridayringlawyer advises hold deeds until
laboratory for toxins we undertakeringtrials of laboratories that perform
swallt as aye e idderringwis eekit ontill t if
four rainbow armadillos m942: [laugh]ringarmadillos really f940: but it
finger f1115: where s yourringf1116: mm i left it
disraeli danglin frae ony keyringor luikin straucht at yersel
wul banquo s aishan everringowre this kinrik all ye

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