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tuim haundit watchin the wattirrinnindoun an awa ti the
me wabbit watchin his ceaselessrinninhis richts takk precedence ower
ay leukin farawa watchin therinninsee o watter onendin hou
wis gigglin an laughin tearsrinnindoon her cheeks on hearin
wifie answered aye tears wererinnindoon her face again weel
stood an watched me tearsrinnindoon your face little wifie
o lauchter wi the tearsrinnindoun his chowks listen til
the verra stert an gaerinninclean contrair ti the pure
tyme or she l stertrinnineftir oniething she sees wi
seatroot an furst grilse stertrinninthe burns some in their
ach although ma nose keepsrinnina doot it s only
is manky ma nose isrinnindannie use yer hanky gie
is manky ma nose isrinnindannie use yer hanky gie
cauld comin watery een anrinninnose ma cauld is here
gae nae further withoot themrinninawa onywey we switched on
trouble as it is withootrinninawa we ken wha ye
patience she still hasna ayerinninram stammin on withoot thinkin
the gloamin the watter wisrinninaff efter a wee spate
the bilin watter would berinninaff them a ower your
whit watter wis left wisrinnindoun the mill lade an
eez hans in e caalrinninwatter o an ootside troch
though the kids were theyrinninwi the watter for the
the open field wi rabrinninahint him wi his rod
the servitor seen him gaerinninawa barefiut aff ahint the
out the houss his wyferinningreitin ahint him sen she
o bubblie joks lowpin anrinninabout the houss scrannin maet
wes i griement about therinnino the houss fur thai
r teachin an ah mrinninthe houss an whan ah
the years fleits by lykerinninwattir an awthing weirs awa
the peach blossom follaes therinninwattir aye an the r
an a gweed gaan burnrinninalang ae side here be
for an inch in hichtrinninalang the mids o the
for an inch in hichtrinninalang the taps o aw
whaur she wes an eftirrinninabout in circles for a
a bairn tear eftir tearrinnindoon his face undichtit as
the coortyaird an she srinninlyke sum bogil war eftir
a hale heeze o mckaysrinninefter a side o fatty
d bin unca hard caadrinninefter her sick man steenhillock
i ve nae intention orinninefter im ever again in
the number twae mebbes comerinninefter them ettlin ti kep
that his wee lizzie wisrinninwild roon coull efter yon
up intil the haw synerinnindoun again ti the parlor
intil things sic as therinnino the pairlament or the
siller fish intil the festrinninriver an as he did
gied the fermin up therinninan the bikin an the
tree an gied us arinnincommentary they re chyngin their
wad come a gied therinninup for then a got
mysie lost nae tyme inrinninhame wi the praiciuss threid
aw the tyme ah wesrinninthe same thing wes in
at the faimilie hed cumrinnindoun the peth thair auld
hed seen things wirna juistrinninsae weill an wir jinkin
janet hed the owerance orinninthe hoose an seyin til
hong s haill bodie wisrinnincauld wi sweit an he
m hett an i mrinninfree i ve brunt the
yung laddie ti divert himsellrinninfree in the caller air
feelin tae be fit anrinninfree jist as gin ye
nicht for aince he srinninfree mang couthy friens an
me i m oot anrinninfree the sofa s blaik
naething an hinnerlie forfochen wirinninaboot she sat doun on
forenent him a green glenrinninatwein fair green knowes wi
tap see the green glenrinninatwein fair green knowes wi
the green byle sair heidsrinninnebs greitie gruntils gallopin skitters
the buss whan he wesrinninabout rairin his heid aff
aff she wesna lang irinninawa ah can tell ye
aff hir bunnet slaw likrinninhir fingirs throu hir hair
up the first 40 yearrinninroon in wee circles to
usual or they d berinninwild aa roon the clachan
up tae keep her fraerinninawa gin the actress hid
ha e time to startrinninawa it was a ower
wis pink there wis sliversrinnindoon their chikks an baith
oor ain culture insteid orinninit doon fitiver ye produce
doon tae tak owre therinnino roberton schuil frae that
e little linies an hairiesrinninup an doon e blades
wis bowfin an bowfin anrinninup an doon in excitement
ti be seen fowk warrinninaboot aw airts horses dugs
war whan ye war bairnsrinninaboot the gairden lyke sae
eydent fowk the war tylarsrinninawroads wi bricht claith in
sheughs bi the road warrinninfu o blaik bree minnie
daisy s daft days orinninlowse throw the parks war
face at brocht the bluidrinninfrae his mou an then
help he d still berinninnou haun me ower that
fu o beer an synerinninower oan tae the cellar
fell flee ower puil andrinninwell flee ower muir and
attentions whan the saumon wererinninon oor river or elsewhere
fin i wis a loonrinninaboot in drumblade and then
sneck wis made o therinninbress cuisten in a mold
paidle an shuin the kirstalrinninburn wis steirt up s
neebor hubbered oot she wisrinninfrae a fite bawd a
the mounth onywye sae therinnino the estate wis gien
track road at ey wererinninon wis named the m1
bonnie wummin bit time wisrinninoot in the merriege stakes
hale days work water wisrinninoot the erse o his
tide o love eternal wisrinninstrang indeed o it s
think it wis the pipesrinninup throu the chimney breist
alangside a thermotank vent trunkrinninablow the deck heid wi
raced throw her heid likerinninbawds criss crossin a corn
can tell ye awbodie camrinninan suin the wurd wes
without enthusiasm she s beenrinninfor 80 years guid kens
be wastin the guid daylichtrinninhere an thare feshin an
there s twa or threerinninis that a guid puil
tell nou o lu darinninfrae weilands an hou he
thin wee treelip o reidrinninoot frae the crook o
gear an here he srinninabout wi reivers aa the
i canna be daein wirinninback an fore tae him
wi the caur engine stillrinninlucky for us baith or
as they finished them andrinninoot to the taxis wi
an sair wi aw therinninshe haed duin an he
there his a dee wirinninthe fitba an he ordered
the clammy car its windaesrinninwi steam then again it
gomeril cuid tell it srinninlike a train an like
ca in the wringer andrinninoot in atween times tae
an bein a feel forrinninan jumpin an haein ma
hae ma say in therinnino scotland 6 scottish pairlamentary
hae ma say in therinnino scotland get involved in
fairm on ma byke anrinnintill e howe tae see
o tay three bairns wererinninaboot half naked an shoutin
at the moss o leddrachrinninas if her life dependit
the quarry owerluikin the roadiesrinninintae the verra hairt o
on her grief an therinnino the ferm she micht
his marrow tuik owre therinnino the local post office
giant squids in aiberdeen arinninream o dreams in waves
a richt snorrel o roadiesrinninthrowe birk an fir a
o hell an didna stoprinnintill it reached the ither
it och the slaverin anrinninat the mou a ve
front door a puckle helpersrinninback an fore they need
sax an thirty ploys sonrinnins aye the best but
ago an ah m norinninthis time on ye go
we ken they micht berinninyit whiteever murdo an his
there were some grand seatrootrinnini tuik twa or three
on he gaed the lassierinninat his syde as best
would ye she s ayerinninon peggy without enthusiasm she
a different eese for erinninwater as we cam in
s fand a reist trainrinnintootin stoppin dev is here
yuletyde the corran ferry wesnarinninah think the ferryman maun
hear a language everyone understandsrinninup the flag for reductionism
the backyard and somebody comerinninin shouting for bessie there
as project manager they arerinnina pilot scheme tae grade
discover t a secret passagerinninfae the cellar tae the
the strand a richt teaserinninforrit as if blithe tae
ye ll niver see themrinninloose they winnae scratch or
fencibles daur advance they gaedrinninfor their lifes the lot
ruts far the sna breerinninin the spring thaws hid
bi the mornin in therinninthaw fitpreints in the gloamin

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