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ogilvie the hill road taerobertonfowert verse the twustin road
verse the twustin road taerobertonis littill merkt o wheels
whae bade it mabonslaw attendinrobertonschuil bot a ve forleit
mynd whan a wur attendinrobertonschul the day whan the
poyem the hill road taerobertonthe fowert verse i parteeklar
i the forman memorial hallrobertonfrae 8 p m til
i the forman memorial hallrobertonwi aa its necessar forerede
cottages thit wur kent isrobertonwudfit intil the forman memorial
i hawick the hamlet orobertoncomprises o the pairish schuil
o ither literature aboot anenstrobertonpairish at fock kan mak
twae centuries o life irobertonpairish bi kathleen stewart 1991
afuit fur his kirk irobertonpairish borth ick wa as
the 1939 45 war therobertonpairish kirk yaird is ferrer
an lizzie rodger o deanburnhaughrobertonpairish td9 7pn laist residenter
the life an rinin orobertonpairish throwe thair inpit on
road til the schuil itrobertonharry the auldest i the
yillmuir whan a stertit itrobertonschuil a sat nixt til
b whan a gaed taerobertonschuil ae jock balmer roadman
the welsh bairns gaed tilrobertonschuil an gin a mynd
under wullie murray atween leavinrobertonschuil an jyning the airmie
ribbin the road fornenst therobertonschuil an whan huz bairns
aspeck o the ethos orobertonschuil at a ll ey
spak till huz bairns itrobertonschuil ay at s ae
nou fermin howcleuch ferm anenstrobertonschuil chrissie tamson did the
tak owre the rinnin orobertonschuil frae that september fallaen
nelson whae baith gaed taerobertonschuil fur ae yeir or
whae sat anenst mei itrobertonschuil hei bade yonder ana
wur ae laddie gangin tilrobertonschuil ilka yeir shei wuid
til afore gaun doun taerobertonschuil it seven ear auld
cottage whan a wur itrobertonschuil kit young an his
wut div ee nae thinkrobertonschuil sei a pages 38
i the wee room irobertonschuil the infant teacher wis
an his sister gaed taerobertonschuil the laist tyme a
wis a raigler veesitor taerobertonschuil whae a suppone ilkane
yid s hoose it deanburnhaughrobertoni 1992 anenst historical events
o the braidley anenst deanburnhaughrobertonthe laist dwallin afore ee
his paurents heid anenst therobertonkirk a read at tae
an the filter plant itrobertonmoss wis biggit anenst the
ae fancie dress ball itrobertona borraed ae swuird frae
wullie murray o the braidlierobertonan his marrow spouse kate
memorial hall wis apent itrobertona pages 106 119 on
it the foreman memorial hallrobertontom scott o mulsintoun s
up the burn frae therobertonmanse whan hei gaed up
forrays intil the orchard therobertonmanse wis selt i 1984
thesaurer an secretar o therobertonhorticultural socitie hei wis ane
dance band kent is therobertonband is fer is a
eric becam players i therobertonkintra dance band unner the
orpheus choir under sir hughroberton[audience laughter] m1182: ah m1183: she
the local hall biggit itrobertoni maimorie o hir umwhile
murphy petitioner and ms estherrobertonchairman of the board and

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