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a different kettle o fishrochmeg cursed an swore as
wis stuck in the doorrochmeg gaed the settee a
thing winna gang in snarledrochmeg her sister pinted oot
i dinna blaw aboot itrochmeg jist ignored jonsar eck
wis nae lady said jonsarrochmeg looked at jonsar an
on tap o jonsar wirochmeg on tap o the
jonsar eck wis doon atrochmeg s hoose ropes oot
em danced roon the fleerrochmeg says you ken jonsar
shood come intae the circlerochmeg she says it wis
eck looked up ere wisrochmeg stannin ere grinnin fae
it wis a ladies choicerochmeg wis nae lady said
me he telt winnie arochhurl like thon s eneuch
aboot the weather twis arochhurl up tae the sanatorium
fur the hurl doon therochroad tae steenhillock kirk manse
bi scythe or plooshare arochrickle o nettles steens briers
an pykit her wye owerrochsteens ben the gap tae
steens staun stinch an quaetrochwaves aroon them knell some
nae heich brae far therochstoot wins cud get a
mair bonie an mair leisumlikrochwins dae shak the deirie
an tae smeeth doon herrochedges makk mair o a
aboot wid edges an onrochgrun at ye get e
the saft plasteik agin therochglidders the blak k nicht
us dis blaw saft bitrochmaks the day feel raw
3 11 rainfall 4 16rochsaft win blaws fae the
a tractor bogey ower erochfairm track it wis jist
for on slopin parkies anrochfairm tracks ye hid tae
5 11 fae the northrochraw win dis blaw affa
this day turns oot affarochan raw noo an again
spirit hear us dinna berochbe gentle dinna be coorse
score a goal dinna berochtune holy spirit hear us
that walloped the waves uprochlike a dragon s teeth
run rive to tear burstrochrough rodden rowan rosit resin
right rin run rinkit encircledrochrough roosed angry rowle rule
roon in o the wastrochan warm bit affa affa
an roost wis lookin affarochnow i ll away and
twa the sea wis affarochor this time an jonsar
shewin himsel he wis affarochstiches o a size an
s a fer puckle snarochnorth win the hale day
feckless tummelt lass cowpt owerrochwooed amang the secret sna
tae the grun like therochmuirlan whin the sea s
17 temp 3 10 strongrochsooth win intae us dis
keep warm we try arochwin for the day at
a neuk ae breeze aerochwin s reivin cleuk an
o ice smooth bits anrochbits fite bits an bluey
a wee bittie mair anrochjake monie wis jumpin up
haird the soun o monierochvyces doun ablo thaim a
chitters like haar as therochcell waws coorse wi damp
at lest in a deeprochvyce ay dis he aunsert
a warm feelin in yonrochblast country side dries up
rc secondary school b strochs secondary rc school and
pages whyles hale buiks ootorochwirds howked fae ma fowk
lick he wis a bittierochkin bit e fairly got
cut throo the mair anrochsea fingla s cave is
herbor o aiberdeen inno therochsweel o the north sea
o the sooth frae therochlandscapes o cauld an o
s moo she wis therochwaa o a cauld byre
debilitatin neurosis fish benjie livesrochathout faither nor mither faither
he dochtna fish in therochwattir an sae it haed
hair wis as thick anrochas tibby s tail her
this staunin stane auncient anrochas wis your governal wha
hairt wis brukkken till therochblack stibble on his blae
same nicht i wis makkinrochdraains o neep clicks wi
he wis in fur arochfylie an micht need a
bit minnie wis still owerrochin her spikk fur isie
a hare lip wis arochroadie giein easy doungaun fur
e back o a bigrochstook as i wis aboot
that fiver held onythin mairrochnur a trumpet he left
willie flakes fur waws arochbrat ower hingit the slap
fantoosh cairngorm railway cis orochwither lat me haun ower
ti hain thaim frae therochglidders o the kintra loans
things got a wee bitrochfor instance fit wid she
jist trailed up they rerochan orra spukken because they
an dowpit doon in therochjobby stibble o the sheared
steep rain ruttit roadie wornrochbi the hooves o kye
tae the scrat o therochknittit knickers that ma hid
the tellin o t asrocha daud o torry rock
it awa wi haunfus orochdry girse an moss bit
swatch o drumdelgie throwin hisrochheid back an takkin a
cloud o fethers an therochrespin vyce o him soundit
a nochtie placie a weerochpatch in the itherwise gleamin
weel muir roadies can berochan eden sky an apple
railwey an thai wes geyrochwi the tuimin out agane
character he would be arochhaivless kinna chiel or a
haund for ti clap itsrochbodie but it made for
thin wrists in his greatrochhauns the hazel lowpit syne

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