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whiles he ll oot wirodan heuk tae try for
big treble heuk on yerrodmcginty tuik yae luik at
s name poed bak therodthe heuk gaed harne the
changing the permitted methods forrodand line fishing banning the
effort banning the sale ofrodcaught fish need for more
fishing banning the sale ofrodcaught fish the asfb and
work on my own fredrodat barrow 14 tuesday again
8 mass comm with fredrodphil to house we fix
house with phil more scrubbingrodwife fred call to confess
hunkered ower it haudin therodan the reel waitit fur
frae their rin his mucklerodhe muntit fast wi reel
felt like smashin reel anroduntil ae day i burnt
in keeper s tweeds wirodan net an flees an
smokeries both the net androdand line fisheries support employment
net fisheries and the scottishrodand line fishery 1960 99
by net and coble orrodand line fishing 26 the
of salmon fishing in scotlandrodand line net fisheries international
could be set for eitherrodand line or net fisheries
remaining fisheries both net androdare owned by the proprietors
many of the net androdfisheries which are operated in
staff but also to acquirerodor net fisheries it is
on stage with a fishingrodand line accidentally caught it
and some fish caught byrodand line are sold as
majority of fish caught byrodand line continue to be
sale of fish caught byrodand line is only secondary
weight of salmon caught byrodand line now exceeds the
number of salmon caught byrodand line remaining relatively constant
made by the sale ofrodcaught fish as many fish
making catch and release ofrodcaught salmon compulsory introducing restrictions
ban on the sale ofrodcaught salmon should be considered
on fishing effort in therodand line fishery it is
assess the local value ofrodand line fishing a study
the wealth that they createrodand line fishing an evaluation
which can be used forrodand line fishing and giving
that can be used forrodand line fishing and regulating
into the close time forrodand line fishing are generally
implementing catch and release forrodand line fishing at a
would otherwise survive to spawnrodand line fishing can therefore
apart from exceptions which permitrodand line fishing during part
fish may effect breeding successrodand line fishing figure 3
estimate of the value ofrodand line fishing in scotland
may not be used forrodand line fishing in their
the majority of members representingrodand line fishing interests meant
dsfb baits and lures forrodand line fishing introduce a
within the close time whenrodand line fishing is permitted
the weekly close time forrodand line fishing is sunday
fisheries protection scotland act 1951rodand line fishing means fishing
any regulations reduced demand forrodand line fishing the sale
fishery act 1962 fishing byrodand line under the salmon
means fishing with a singlerodand line with such bait
coble and the right ofrodfishing cannot be exercised if
lord johnny carrying a fishingrodruns in through the garden
income the impact on therodand line fishery would depend
cast i felt alang therodan there wis nae line
and sea trout taken byrodand line 1952 98 [note: graph here in original]
methods combined 191 tonnes byrodand line and 86 tonnes
the cemare study estimated thatrodand line angling generated 3
purposes of the definition ofrodand line as in section
the inclusion of the scottishrodand line catch for comparison
the percentage of the totalrodand line catch of salmon
number of salmon taken byrodand line fishermen has remained
majority of salmon taken byrodand line fishermen would otherwise
the total catch taken byrodand line has increased from
skelp oan the worm therodhud jurked an the line
estimate of the value ofrodfisheries in scotland of 255
would remove any incentives torodanglers to fish intensively at
p pitch putt afternoon withrodphil furniture arr tuesday 12
we fix more windows philrodstart to clean up 13
that step an checked therodan turned my heid an
i made tae raise therodi heard a step an
wife he that spareth therodhateth the son proverbs twintythree
gaun tae gie me thatrodson i asked again for
christmas day started early 6amrodthe son who s home
started michigan state uni androdis studying home economics in
he gin i tuik therodan cuist a flee ower
re no ower auld forrodan hook a sport sair
still haudin on tae hisrodan widnae gie it ower
in at last drew therodback ower my shouther an
see the end o theroddippin ower but ee didnae
fibre gless thing wi therodrings held on wi sticky
wi daylicht tam held therodwi aa his micht an
making a kind of conicalrodor cone about 9 inches
wi his hauns gruppin theroda guid twal fuit ane
fifty saumon wi his bigrodan bareheuks as mony or
in the watter wi hisrodan heuks at the ready
the watter wi the bigrodbent dooble layin intae a
picture a long w- longrodlike that wi electric wire
rinnin ahint him wi hisrodstill in his haun whan
childhood dreams came true thererodand i went into the
he went out with therodbill followed at a distance
rabbit raggedy ann etc yesterdayrodi went to a book
are ye comin doon ehrodah m chist wallop whit
watched her gyaan doon darodhead prunk tail up shö
a tow tae the firstrodyou pit doon an if
butt en o a spinninrodpokin oot frae the branches
danglt frae the end thatrodtip disnae luik strang eneuch
him he wisnae cairryin hisrodah cuidnae dae ocht for
pyntin abune my heid hisrodan there juist twa feet
tree ah cuidnae see hisrodif ah ken the mcgintys
on tae his saxty punrodit peys tae hae a
out high above his favouriterodsits by his side beloved
the old railway tunnel therodstill in its cover lay
oot an ee gied theroda welly an at wis
whan withoot ony warnin therodstrauchened oot an he wis
was worked by drawing arodover an opening in the
of wee willie gray byrodpaterson and tony cuffe some
re nar me an yerrodan cruik ma beild an
mony a man tae forsweirrodan purn an niver mair
a sigh pit up myrodan we turned away an
caa e crescent an vrodcopyin e symbols at ye
said was nearer five myrodwas up an the flee
an the pynt o arodwavin abune some slae busses
manner o men tae therodare thirled miners ministers men
we nicked a real hotrodeh andy he asked eagerly
they were lyin in ehrodhere robert gi es a
the hill terrific with arodand hated jazz and anything
1981 mr mrs t wendyrodand i all rose at
star the erection of arodon a sundial and the
d coonsil pat upu drodflees up itae d car
being struck level with arodinstead he would in effect
to be looked at gnomonrodtacturiency desire to be touched
to me but people likerodstewart was a mod he
star the erection of arodon a sundial the ungrammatical
s blanket kist the fishinrodthat never fished the tin

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