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wul in thairs fedotik androdéenter the ballroom they sit
of the stage fedotik androdémeet masha and say goodby
saying goodby to fedotik androdéwho are coming down the
tyred oot yit fedotik androdécome in with a large
fedotik aleksey petrovitch second lieutenantrodévladimir karlovich second lieutenant ferapont
mair for the lest tymerodéembraces toozenbach we r no
hae been guid freins embracesrodéyince mair than fareweill ma
for cleanin yeir fingir nailsrodéin a loud voice doctor
be shuir an wryte nourodéglancing round the garden fareweill
they go off glancing backrodéshouts hoy ho koolyghin shouts
ay an gey dowf taerodébi the by whaur maria
where they are greeted uproariouslyrodéloudly congratulations irena serghyeevna ah
him sum toys the mornrodéin a loud voice ah
aw at thair meat areddiesrodéin a loud voice haein
dounsutten at the yae tablerodéloudly ye shuirlie dinna believe
tak oor leave o hirrodéguidby ah hae ti gang

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