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and breem birk busses androddensaplings and wild flowers galore
yonner the antrin birk orroddenwarssled tae growe like bonsais
the crookit airm o theroddenwis the soothmaist pole a
cam tae bide in theroddenhoosie keepit a trootie sae
strathspey like flooers o theroddenlicht an fine the blossom
to tear burst roch roughroddenrowan rosit resin rositty eyn
the barn door or theroddentree showdin saftly at the
trees een o em aroddenan e relics o some
an the ferm wis theroddenhoosie far the troot wallie
takk tae the barn theroddenhoosie wis the auldest cottar
the kailyaird an the bonniestroddentree in the district at

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