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the new individualistic characteristics ofromanticismthis interaction includes a class
age of sensibility or preromanticismits poets groping hesitantly towards
to stand for an inauthenticromanticismits poets and novelists manufacture
transcendental model associated with englishromanticismand no less consequential since
the century of enlightenment andromanticismhume and smith ossian burns
poems of ossian founded europeanromanticismon a scandalous invention of
mind that this version ofromanticismis a late invention consolidated
enlightenment and the beginnings ofromanticismlittle is more firmly situated
analysis ultimately derives from scottishromanticismthe first clear statement of
literary history which casts britishromanticismas english a mighty handful
founding document of a globalromanticismthe french revolution brings a
problematic of all period categoriesromanticismsince this is the period
resources on cd such asromanticismthe wife of baths s
the english narrative in whichromanticismbursts from the shell of

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