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to which i am referringrontuck absolutely the board minutes
of them would suggest thatrontuck and i are intimidating
july and were encouraged byrontuck and me to be
told us across the organisationrontuck as i made clear
am interested in your impressionsrontuck board members particularly those
or from participation in meetingsrontuck both he took part
the operations unit another factorrontuck both were factors when
ian jenkins i am surprisedrontuck do you have an
meetings about what was happeningrontuck former chief executive scottish
shanks educational institute of scotlandrontuck former chief executive scottish
was a videoconferencing meeting thatrontuck had been told about
been sick prior to junerontuck he had had a
is that what you didrontuck i agree with david
quotes you as saying thatrontuck i am quoted as
may or june i understandrontuck i believe that it
you gave to the chairmanrontuck i cannot remember using
and talk to bill arundelrontuck i do not recall
for the overload 13 30rontuck i do not think
did you say to billrontuck i said we have
to see what was comingrontuck i think that that
estimates that he had heardrontuck i think that you
awkward questions did you expectrontuck i would have to
factor in the data managementrontuck in my submission i
had decreased it had notrontuck it is possible as
be asked at your conferencerontuck mr russell you would
was the problem stress relatedrontuck no he was off
on the new national coursesrontuck our decision was to
the estimates than other schoolsrontuck perhaps would not that
us your answers this morningrontuck thank you the convener
out for higher still examinationsrontuck that is correct mr
gaps were not small enoughrontuck that is right we
material was better than othersrontuck that will always be
to him that he shouldrontuck the chairman and i
and if not why notrontuck the computer run to
parents could advantage their childrenrontuck the decision that we
were due to go outrontuck the figure of 400
the minute is plain wrongrontuck the minute is plain
data gap was small enoughrontuck the remark that heads
result of the earlier problemsrontuck the statement of results
how can you explain thatrontuck there is a difference
mr macintosh why was thatrontuck there was a combination
had implications for the sqarontuck we are in the
call did you make itrontuck what date are we
i had a conversation withrontuck who then had his
gone out with missing datarontuck yes mr macintosh was
not give you extra problemsrontuck you asked me about
nach deach an tractar mòrronsin s call nach tuirt
will take a briefing fromrondunn chairman and professor steven
the group chaired by professorronasher and how the proposal
department and john kinnaird professorronroberts and richard clark representing
evidence on kilmarnock prison fromrontasker director and elaine bailey
ann an àiteachan eile fadaronsin mun tàinig e dha
evidence from gordon brown drronstagg and david cassidy from
messin up the coupons businessronwalks wearily away from teenie
[throat] [laugh] f958: i likeronthough i think he s
in nicuragua maggie t campaigningronn nancy bathing with the

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