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hid a richt gweed timeronaldbricky disappeared for a wee
i m at my supperronaldbricky shuffled his feet an
intae the kitchen she hidronaldbricky wi her tam turned
dunbar s ouevre that isronaldjack s position decorum explains
she an couthie uncles likeronaldreagan an he s nae
but george w just likeronaldreagan before him is an
tam gaed doon tae seeronaldan hanna he hid a
cosy durin the winter monthsronaldan hanna hid jist moved
noo foo wid that deeronaldreplied oh aye hanna wull
said it wis walnut saidronaldsoothingly hanna snarled he is
legion for a wee brakronaldfleecin abody in the legion
combine fermer chiel walnut ohronaldthis is a affa braw
fusky mebbe fusky an tayronaldteemed jonsar s flask in
fortnicht efter the wauk orronaldappeared hame oh i ll
wauk wis held far shouldronaldbe bit aff shore it
jonsar eck wid gang wironaldfa wid wauk tae new
mair tay and a sandwichronaldscoffed anither flask o tay
is clear only with hindsightronaldjack worries that the tradition
started aboot ten o clockronaldan tam were haein a
did you enjoy that tamronaldasks tam gran min affa
his fingers noo an againronaldbegan tae realize that tam
tam turned roon an asksronaldfit brings you here at
says tam lookin for mairronaldtells him i ll gie
hid made the sandwiches finronaldtimmer tam aiberdeen angus an
tae wait timmer tam lookedronaldup an doon an asks
coorse wisnae affa pleased wironalds effort at lum cleanin
this very meenit she shoutedronaldthocht the lum is surely
tae my lum she asksronaldweel it cost ronald a
i can clear the lumronaldwis stannin in his neuk
asks ronald weel it costronalda fer bit o siller
there wis ae lad cawedronaldfa worked aff shore that
information pe118 petition by drronaldcrawford calling for the scottish
resident proprietors pe533 petition byronaldm smith calling for the
in women pe532 petition byronaldm smith calling for the
onything tae dee wi himronaldfa wis last passed jonsar
sponsor jonsar eck said taeronaldfit a time you are
jonsar explained that it wisronaldhe wis spikkin tae the
jonsar eck delivered the firewidronaldset aboot lichtin the fire
you bocht fae jonsar eckronaldwis at the end o
pitsliga it wis party timeronaldhid made a fer bit
the final flushin wisnae ereronaldsays och i ll seen
poets followed james to englandronaldjack suggests that their ambition
on petition pe9 by mrronaldguild on impact of current
recent alleged comments by sheriffronaldsmith on peace protestors lodged
psychological testing names such asronaldlangacker grammar george lakoff semantics
things oot yon wifie anronalddinna spik tae een anither
deein last year aye saysronaldhis face gettin a wee
the rods efter his dennerronaldthocht he would try tae
the lowe o a fireronaldsaid i ll buy some
nor doon jist wi thatronaldslipped an fell tae the
able tae yark them ootronaldwis like a dog wi
back tae oor auld hooseronaldtried sair tae cheer her

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