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e horse traivelt roon anroonan dreeve e mullie ere
they were gaan roon anroonan e craaled in aneth
gang faar e horse traiveltroonan roon an dreeve e
e shaves they were gaanroonan roon an e craaled
mrs bellman chased a mooseroonan roon an roon her
t in an shogglin troonan roon at ilky straik
that great big thing gaunroonan roon beside ye claitterin
up an doon rape haadinroonan roon e croon o
hid eir wings oot anroonan roon ey geed canny
wi swyte an happt herroonan roon frae tap tae
hen abeen the flame turningroonan roon furlin back an
chased a moose roon anroonan roon her hoose when
her mither wippit the ooroonan roon inno a baa
yalla flames lowpit up birlinroonan roon like the lirks
tak em as ey swungroonan roon on es invisible
whiles the weet claes birlroonan roon on the whirligig
aff again wippin the worsitroonan roon the baa an
that gings a the wyeroonan roon this een she
look see the roadie goesroonand roon and roon m1128:
the roadie goes roon androonand roon m1128: aye aye
like cliff an the shaddiesroonand roon went the hands
an shogglin t roon anroonat ilky straik till ye
big thing gaun roon anroonbeside ye claitterin an sqeakin
d tae haiv up eroonclew tak e rapes roon
doon rape haadin roon anroone croon o e ruck
roon clew tak e rapesroone shooders een at ae
wings oot an roon anrooney geed canny s ye
an happt her roon anroonfrae tap tae tail fur
girdet roon ma middle twiceroonfur it tae fit wi
the flame turning roon anroonfurlin back an fore singin
moose roon an roon anroonher hoose when she trapped
wippit the oo roon anrooninno a baa bit it
it roon no nae rightroonjust a wee bit look
lowpit up birlin roon anroonlike the lirks o a
goes roon and roon androonm1128: aye aye i want
the chair noo peenie girdetroonma middle twice roon fur
might hae to turn itroonno nae right roon just
f1103: now turn that bitroonno roon the other way
as ey swung roon anroonon es invisible carousel bit
weet claes birl roon anroonon the whirligig the win
wippin the worsit roon anroonthe baa an pickin up
turn that bit roon noroonthe other way that way
roon this ains here clingfilmroonthis ains eh nae gan
there f1125: better put clingfilmroonthis ains here clingfilm roon
a the wye roon anroonthis een she runs a
go an turn yer backroonto mummy darling turn roon
an the shaddies roon androonwent the hands on the
roon to mummy darling turnroonyer back to mummy m1128:
hid a tweed cape buttonedroonher neck an a thick
the skin the reyns twistedroonher neck the cairt wis
still single wi nae bairnsroonhis neck like a millsteeen
een wi a braid collarroonits neck an a big
lookit aifter ere wis marksroonits neck i doot fae
craalt hame wi a snareroonits neck it likely used
well if you werena hanginroonmy neck you would maybe
band wi a tin cuproonyer neck an a wee
we ll turn the bowlroona bit there we go
put this on ye turnroona minutie oh ye re
i want it f1089: turnroona minutie till i see
shillin sally bruce hid gaenroonaa the cottars in turn
aa and turn them aaroonaboot and put numbers on
here mam f1109: okay turnroonabootie then i ll just
piglet and tigger turn itroonagain f1126: [laugh] i canna
i ll turn the trayroonagain right we need this
it will go turn itroonagain that s it see
time tae turn the journeyroonan heid for hame jonsar
will we turn the bittiesrooncause i canna see fitt
way f1103: no turn itroonf1104: which way f1103: the
it f1125: well turn itroonf1126: no you no you
i ll turn this bitsroonfor you f1126: pingu pingu
s fell off right turnroongo an turn yer back
m1096: hmm f1095: turn itroonin the back see if
f1103: can you turn itroonno no f1104: that way
goes f1103: turn that bitroonthat way up wahey well
syne tuik a wee turnroonthe chaumer the inn hid
ither bairns miscaa ye turnroonthe ither cheek dentist dentist
nope f1095: well turn itroonthe other way that s
got to turn the bitsroonto find farr they go
f1125: well can you turnroonturn round a bit and
ll hae to turn themroonwon t we f1126: [exhale]
wages in her purse fanroona corner robbers came wi
brings wee bairns an mithersroonchippie on the corner stauns
ken like your auntie baderoonthe corner f1043: aye f1041:
thursday 25th temp 8 12roonthe corner is winter i
hame just down here androonthe corner m1096: somebody [inaudible]
mild as weel fit sroonthe corner oorsels we steel
the hale day lang winterroonthe corner wid i be
across the corridor theatre broonthe corner wis theatre c
tae stop you jist workroonaboot em explains susie jonsar
in an pechin liftin stuffroonaboot em they micht as
em keepin in a tichtroonbaa maybe nae at ticht
made em excitet for aaroone hole ere wis yalla
tee till em i walkitroone roller a bit fine
a kinna crossed a roperoonem an ma faither haalin
strae mats wi em teeroonir oval ere s an
e tails o e banroont twistin em egidder an
the twa o em dancedroonthe fleer roch meg says
strae fine gettin eir tonguesroonwispies an tittin em oot
it s warsled its wyeroonahin e trees an draps
for their breakfast ey turnedroonan made their wye hame
ye d wirkit yer wyeroone heid o e ruck
the hoose pykin their wyeroonfowk splayed oot on the
blinkin lichties aa e wyerooni like planes an i
pence afore on the wyeroonjonsar eck got a fer
bessie there s nae wyeroonthe back o schoolhill gladys
bit it s ae wyeroonthe problem o readin schemes
leid in translation ae wyeroonthe spikker non spikker dilemma
ae ear a the wyeroonyou d think it would
scrapit oot wis bankit uproonaboot it an ere wis
ere s a licht shoorroonaboot nicht sunday 24 temp
groceries fin e van camroonere maybe wisna muckle lowse
wis ere i lookit fulroonere wis naething jist e
e hens didna aftern comeroonhere tae scrape ere mith
an e dream o feathersroonits chowks syne ere wis
fin i got ma eenroonjist naething ere i teetit
ere wis glaiss windaes aaroons ye cd watch e
cover at hung doon aroontae see ere wis neen
were a a ere swarminroonthe auld car hazel asks
finished he hid a lookroonthe hoose ere wis a
says ere s a wifieroonthe neuk pit plastic in
chyce lay wi coull twisroonaboot yule time fin i
dallachy in the 1930s finroonagain comes shaavin sowin time
that the leerie man waukitroonan lichtit fin gloamin fell
affa shock fin she turnsroonan they see she s
stable fin a mannie camroone nyeuk o e close
expresses at e dother brochtroonfin she cam for er
eck hid started his firewidroonfin the wifies started deein
skweel an fin ctober wunrooni bood tae pu tatties
muck an fin spring comesrooni saa some fresh seed
forrit fin jonsar finished hisroonit wis doon tae the
the thocht that draas fowkroonlike gowd unsocht sae fin
fin e young lad camroontae see s i d
cam fin the matron brochtroonthe custard slices i hate
fin wyes tae win themroonthe mair tae ceevilise them
scots ains fin i gyangroonthe skweels i m aye
fin e sin s naeroontill e sooth aifter denner
tam fin the weekend cameroontimmer tam gaed doon tae
aafa crivvt in fin aathingroonye s jist a carant
fin it wis aa frazieroonyer cweets it got names
e fail dyke at layroonaboot e wid crooned wi
a palin o widden slatsroonaboot it e hoose an
its oo in a scatterroonaboot it up till e
wid an in e palinsroonaboot it ye niver jist
fore an e knotter clickinroonan ay spewin oot a
her ain i ll awaroonan gi e her a
an e fly wheels gaanroonas gin ey d nivver
intill e hill syne skirtroonbe e eyn o e
on e wheel i geedroonbe e front an took
doon till e burn syneroonbe e golf coorse an
o fleer s hill skirtinroonbe e quarry an on
e iron hasher wi arooncoonterbalance wecht at ae eyn
naething aboot e hooses norroone back at e eyn
twa sides o e yardroone back o e hoose
tap eyn i geed richtroone back o t as
traivel ower e parks anroone biggins an see aa
e fox aside im snufflinroone bin bags an winnerin
a challenge race on fitroone boons o ordley an
redd roads wi e scytheroone corn parks afore ye
bocht fae haakers at camroone door they were made
trackie at beas ay makroone edges o a park
o yon apache haircuts bareroone eesins wi a heich
eez pooch and tied itroone hole tae keep his
hers tae weed the bordersroone hoose she feesh a
e clankin o e bellsroone necks o e kye
twa later as ye gyangroone palins nae thinkin ye
be seen es day syneroone peel an alang a
nae reason till i peepitroone side o e nest
ditch fite foam spread ootroone sides it wis a
i d hae a scanroone spare room an ma
time e eyns o weersroone strainer wis ay gey
we sat on hard cheersroone table an spak till
e water fae e spirksroone tinnie bit naa naa
steps abeen e pond anroone trackie atween fun busses
bit naething iver did aaroone wid wis a bank
traivel throwe e parks orroone wid without gettin sypit
wisna as gweed as erooneens for the sharp corners
startit tae wip e raperoones core figure o acht
at geed extra support aaroonfor e load ye wis
aa e time i geedroonilky room mair n twice
e village wis e croodieroonim lookin newsin or offerin
o e air wid fleeroonin great circles as ye
e calfie wi e roperoonits hin legs like tae
it wis jist e normalroonodd bits o jobbies sortin
wirds an wark e seasonsroonon an aberdeenshire farm aberdeen
o e governor wis careerinroontee stoppin t wis nae
tae cairry e yomin loadroontil e midden faar it
o t an we geedroontill e aal soo wi
step did e tak bitroontill e back o e
fish cairt wid whiles comeroontill e cotter hoose at
seat as yer een sliproontill e east noo an
e easins syne ye ranroontill e ither side tae
due time e riv ranroontwa sides o e yard
we say hoose there sroonaboot a thoosan hooses in
doon foo mony hoolets hootroonaboot the hoose as mony
doon foo mony hoolets hootroonaboot the hoose as mony
hoolets foo mony hoolets hootroonaboot the hoose there s
fae the hoose jonsar turnedroonand said fit a gweed
hoose the word had gaenroonthat the reindeer wir loose
hoose michaelmas daisy a walkroonthe gairden ye wantit bit
the whirligig the win hurlsroonthe hoose an moans doon
day as the win whisslesroonthe hoose they re awa
whan restless een are kestingroonan breedy thochts are ben
grund blink yer een birlroonclap yer hauns loup up
stoonin dirlin swallin she furledrooneen bleezin an anither snaabaa
it happened ruth ledingham birledrooneen bleezin dougie tawse saw
on the fleer stars furlinroonhis heid he heard een
an kickin its een rowinroonin its heid makkin mewin
wis a rotary een naeroonlike oor s hid been
it laldy their een birlinroonlike wee peeries they sang
he wig luikin gey watteryroonthe een an i thocht
up the rear pitten blindfoldsroonthe een o seeven halflins
in its een the nationsroonthe indian sea they hae
furry fists gaein the muckleroonaboot drum laldee the instrument
gyan as ess warld turnsroonfitiver fedder time s muckle
muckle bouncy castle littlins stottitroonlike baas whylst famous personalities
muckle socks like melodeons wrappitroons queets an big sklappers
war skirps o bluid anroonthe fit o the muckle
shakks oot her shawl aaroonthe muckle mountain s raul
at ye an parakeets skirlinroonyer lugs an muckle lizards
bricky wi her tam turnedroonan asks ronald fit brings
sae the rowers turned herroonan heidit back tae the
geordie let a sigh turnedroonan shut the windae an
s heid his been turnedrooncauld an raw affa chilly
selt me jonsar jonsar turnedroonexpectin tae see a cracked
she niver dauchled niver turnedroonjist cried tae ma uncle
snarled thats the bonniest flooersroonaboot jonsar eck answered i
bounced every time jonsar gaedroonbye the wifie somewye or
cood susie took jonsar eckroontae see her gairden it
else dae ye hear itroonaboot aiberdeen i hear mair
erse wi perfect ease anroonaboot did swarm the flees
a a the gairdeners faeroonaboot entered their wares intae
aye you d be f637: roonaboot f638: fourteen i d
lot o folk spikk scotsroonaboot far you bide ay
at hame or on fairmsroonaboot files i d half
we d tae tell aabodyroonaboot fit the wirds meant
the bedmat tucked in tightroonaboot her lik a wrapped
maggie the bairnies cry skirlinroonaboot her penny fur the
gonna be nothin but pramsroonaboot here f606: aye f889:
right m999: aye aye yeahroonaboot here lots o green
damp an rodent kich closeroonaboot him yince mair he
another swack an vanished aabodyroonaboot in the clachan said
mither s garlic paste awroonaboot ma thrapple if mcandrew
as he twisted his heidroonaboot near stanin up tae
an bricht shoors o rainroonaboot nicht monday 14 temp
stake went in an awroonaboot the hole the fiver
i the hey shed anroonaboot the on steid a
an shape the plastic sheetinroonaboot the rose bushes of
wis a laughin stock awroonaboot the toon he tellt
raid and bombs fell aroonaboot there naething actually hit
wi oor customs dae bairnsroonaboot ye gaun guisin or
croon o thorns curled awroonaboot yer broo a dinnae
aboot it we ve beenroonit f1001: mmhm f1053: oh
aboot mynd on tramp inroonwhitwashed staas far beasts wad
moo an jist aboot geedroonyer hert like a hairy
fur watter she grew asroonas a green balloon till
edge till t nae richtroonedder i jist pit awa
burnie s dreel dird dirlinroonfrae tap till tail is
mammy and me her airmsroonme till ah felt the
in the sink we dauncedroonthe playgrun singin it till
be able to bring themroontill the next day bessie
or the fishwife wid comeroonand the farm folk would
plate the elder wid haundrooninbye the kirk matty minnie
thur wetness wid tie thumroonme ye jist keep shuvin
the wife wid mak aroono breid scene 6 the
bairnie a wid rin awroonthe place ma uncle said
fa wid let yon coorieroontheir clean fireside styterin on
o them will be pitroonaa the memmers an displayed
she the room s gaunroonand yer face is aa
tuik in lodgers aa yearroonbit mair so in the
wey are yous aa croodinrooncows oh that s an
hut circle bankit up aaroonexcept for a laich bit
year fur kinsmen wad tramproonfur days seein aa their
teas snuff the smells aaroonhairy tatties wyte fur willie
the tea pickers war thrangroonhatton toon they aa booed
three days tae gae aaroonireland my best friens war
met him tho better aaroonjist confuses bairns haein twa
watter in the weather theroonkey tae the aa that
wi a curn spatteries aaroont an afore i cd
on a slope an aaroont wis a steen dyke
d be rinnin wild aaroonthe clachan mrs mcgillivray neist
traditional eence a ship sailedroonthe coast an aa the
sea sickness peer vratch aaroonthe heel o norway an
and far we say aaroonthe nor east land should
auld jude an yersel aaroonthe states ye ll hae
kye an selt it aaroonthe wynds an lanes an
syne meevin widdershins kate gaedroonthem aa wi anither scrat
o the gran debate camroonat yon time oor schule
driven yowes as we camroonby the loch o abyne
o an evenin isie camroonfur a pianie lesson bit
her a chaunce tae camroonhersel if she s nae
dream a dream cam teetinroonma door can i come
dream a dream cam teetinroonma door can i come
hinges hung far minds wheeledroonthat whyles cam unsprung an
tae the mannie at camroonwi the butter an egg
eh ma heid s gaunroonenough withoot you steerin it
the faint powdery whiteness floatinroonhis heid he never knew
his chowks war sunken aawyeroonhis moo his hale heid
strands of hair stood ootroonma heid like a halo
yi kin mibi talk circlesroonmah sister fill hur heid
ling a pugglit bumbee zigzaggedroonthe quine s hudderie heid
gounie wi a green lichtroonyer heid broonies kelpies ghaists
la table wis suin brochtroontae pools but bettin canna
whit cakes an whitna aleroonthe big table at the
an her granda tee aabodyroonthe table wis dressed in
that much lauchter an foolerieroonthe waddin table upstairs the
this side the table comeroonthis side the snooker table
go for a reid comeroonthis side the table come
alang frae the herbour syneroonan up tae the beach
s pooch rowed a paperieroont syne stuck it in
ferret syne he d rinroontae tither an catch the
feelin alang ma neive steekitroonthe hannlebar an syne alang
advice noo listen goslings gaitherroonan stop yer squabblin settle
an fellow speugs come gaitherroonlend me yer lugs it
passengers driver get yer gumsroonma plums driver piss off
quine wi the cottar dancesroonye makk yer bed ye
or plague tie a ribbonroonyer craig jyne montrose s
sort o voice that gaedroonyer hairt like a hairy
stalin in ecstacy wi watterroonyer rear like an alcoholic
ma belly until it wisroonas a bell jist whit
wisna love that won himroonbut jist the smell o
can jist see me ganroonthe wards pointin oot the
an tryin ay tae lookroonthough its sell widna jist
jist stertitn auntie berna sniffinroonus like wi wur dugs
frae the bedclaes and gaedroonher shooders her faither s
mane minnie s da gaedroontae hae a wird wi
magazine naethin dauntit he gaedroontae quarrytowers tae confront his
like the stallion that gaedroonthe ferms servin the meers
sheets the room s gaunroonaunt jesssie quo she the
s a traichlin traal gaunroonsae sweir fan the bantie
up aneth the yird gaunroontae the hen s sheddies
in i ll be gaunroontae wullie s bit the
her skirt an stampit affroonthe side o the byre
the back o the stableroonthe side o the byre
the side o tarlan burnroonthe side o the mcrobert
wouldna play that f1127: comeroonthis side mammy cause i
an hid tae be brochtroonbi a scoosh o cauld
their faither hid sired aroondizzen o a faimily brocht
kent fine it wis jamieroonfor his money jake hid
hid jock slung the skinroonhis shooders than there war
hid played jazz whyles gaeinroonthe hooses o the local
aik a lang green shawlroonher shooders and a green
deid calf s skin wrappedroonhim eerie green in the
san lies gowd the palmsroonthe green oasis showd the
crimson wi bonnie green braidroonthe hem gladys triumphantly and
deed doon the whale lookedroonan a passin boat he
far aiberdeen cowps doon anroonbi faithlie pelicans flew ben
dreich rain piddles doon cairryinroonhis crotch the bree o
tae shoo in below anroonilky up an doon rape
heather briers as time winsroontae cut me doon wi
up an doon an whirlinroonthe cranks but noo the
the wrunkled watter s brooroonbanks lulled bi the don
the leaves at kennilworth anroonbi abbotsford claikin in tamil
music last seen wis reelinroonbi ailsa crag wi thirteen
an steenhillock maun be ferriedroonbi calm steady beasts that
door they d tae gyangroonbi the tradesman s entrance
ma crap o esperantists aroonmi is sma twid bi
tae mak it biggin troona finger sized branch tae
o golf tae play aroonas ye hunker in a
o golf tae play aroonas ye hunker in a
lookin at it bit wiroonclews ye d tae wirk
for twa ticks tae gorooncriggie canna mind whaur he
black button ee he flutteredroonfae twig tae twig tae
in smaa cloodies on anroonfit i took tae be
tryin tae set up aroonfor the winter months aheid
er tae in a weeroonmetal tae pot fullin t
lad at likit tae rinroonparks an lowp palins an
hauns o the clock trailedroontae bell time miss mcfarlan
yersel an sae they lookitroontae find a cover up
haun fur fowk tae gaitherroontae hear the blissins heaped
be 81 afore we getroontae it itherwise pause maybe
the countryside fae stony richtroontae m824: [inaudible] stoney [inaudible]
that lang afore ee gitroontae makkin thum tammy wis
s oot can i gingroontae play wi sean it
aberdour wi firewid he wentroontae see the wifie tae
d hiv a wee ganderroontae see who else wiz
the whiles ye hae themroontae tea then see them
tae follae her race yeroontae the earth hoosie she
it s daurk i goroontae the park thur s
o fact if you wentroontae the strae end o
the tide swypt in anroontae the wytin ythan some
an wan tae match itroonthe back it wiz aw
wi the lay affs hinginroonthe broo sez tae the
an fiddlers go an lookingroonthe faces tuckin in tae
knowes a yaised tae ganroonthe hill sumtymes wi the
wean tae it s granroonthe street get oot fir
an a raip is wuppitroonthe taps tae haud them
hae tae thole me dossinroonthe toon birds hae their
time it used tae dragroonthe wuid john it slipped
war lat oot tae singroontheir doors sae hogmanay feenished
stick wi a tin bandroonthem an a tackie tae
onywey dod i m ganroonthere noo tae see if
aberdeen an a the kintraroonwe re awa tae gut
eneuch cooncil hooses tae gingroonwi aabody buyin them noo
used tae tak andy farquharroonwi him when andy was
fly wheel spokes wis blurrinroonan a fair blast o
wean help anen evrubdy crowditroonbut there wis nae nurses
tow rapes wis wun intaeroonclews ir if ye wis
wee lizzie wis rinnin wildrooncoull efter yon she d
we were bidin es timeroonit wis there tee that
shelt his wife molly wisroons a buttered bap tho
laugh loudly silence berna sittinroonthe fire wis where it
wis fire on the grunroonthe lan o los far
eggs or chasin the cockroonthe midden here there wis
fu weel it wis anelyroonthe neist neuk na nae
eenoo he wis slawly creepinroonthe rubbit s hoosies blockin
fur the snaa wis driftinroonthe waas like a cat
on poles an biggin colesroonwidden hairtin frames hey wis
claim me the tide ragesroonfur a wattery grave far
twa days o black stibbleroonhis chin singin fur the
get aff wully come onroonthe boozer fur a wee
daisy s cairts fur deliveryroonthe toon the cans they
ower the sna robin reidbreistroonan sma wi a fire
ower the sna robin reidbreistroonan sma wi a fire
wi her so ah turntroonand walked towards the shelf
greetin thegither wi their airmsrooneach ither s necks the
year auld wi a kindroonface runkled an plain wi
runkled an plain wi gowdroonglaisses on the eyn o
in silk wi a ruffroonhis thrapple sae swanky he
a sun daunce in aroonludge wi a cottonwid powl
gairden neat wi a cattyroons a barrel fite an
wi cork an paper satroonthe fit o the stove
on wi skelpin henry toughroonthe lug fan he gi
mind slaverin slubberin gibberin gabberinroonwi a wallop a sklyter
richt comfortable sae i furletroonwi ma face oot abeen
giftie frae a frien wrappitroonwi tin foil daith in
o tickin clock in aroono wab an spider fit
he didna rattle the tinnieroonparliament or speir fit this
bee wauchts ower the learoonfar the heather briers i
tulips sell far revellers danceroonstaas an olives frae provence
paws an the yalla cercleroonthe claes pole far he
to hae a bit walkroonma auld native toon so
haun a ll show yeroonma gairden aw roads up
lullaby i pu ma duvetroonma neb ma chin kyte
unco freen that dodged richtroont swage ma stoonin hert
ma napper an anither wanroonthe back then a hears
oan end really drives yeroonthe bend nicht howl ma
face a keep on glowrinroonthe room ma thrapple dry
auld fowk s harne brochtroona platefu o custard slices
mither auld eck did comeroonan as he lay there
hunner year ae time birlsroonoan a turnpike stair auld
borders man strang arms reachroonthe globe sing auld lang
auld frozen mutton s peintinsroonthe waa deeside s bunnet
horse an harra skirtin gingerlyroona nest an if at
for shooin in anaith anroona set o verticals sae
o the scythe back anroonan brocht the guid corn
day an the hale yearroonan daith an the gangrel
meen an the eirde areroonan fixed an hale sleekit
set the warld first birlinroonan spends his time noo
a jar o jam looksroonan states i m ready
zoo an aw ye goroonan ye could sniff leopard
intae the err it burledroonanen drapped an cloacked sister
efter i m finished myroonanither gweed oor an i
nae decent an she looksroonat me cool s you
instead s raas o bigroonbales an i ve naething
aiberdeen an forty echt mileroonfaither wheeplit pibrochs mither psalms
wirm sonorous an rich anroonhe didna ken mony tunes
aunt mysie pit her airmsroonher neice an nephew an
an kneel in a circleroonhim on the stoory fleer
an he put his airmsroonhis wife an dochter cryin
itsel she ll show folkroonit an nae doubt tell
oot a yell an burlroonit s mcandrew white faced
the palm weirs stretch merksroonits belly leaves hett an
lichtit in puckles o parksroonleddrach ay an dunracht tee
at the marts an roupsroonleddrach isie s hame lay
on the grun an curledroonlike an a thon s
mysie bruce put her airmsroonminnie an matty s shooders
coir yarn an ey wereroononywye an if ye wisna
her reest like a bonnieroonpearl in an oyster shell
squad shaves were biggit intaeroonrucks durin the hairst an
an gied it a steerroonsee efter he ett slept
wag a pinkie fetch usroont fill the aifterneen an
they spirkit the sea watterroonthe fire an hung the
bonaccord centre richt through thatroonthe fountains an athing and
voodoo viper cat an corbieroonthe gravesteens hooch an prance
in toons an village hallsroonthe north east kerr s
garlic high tails it awaroonthe park an there s
wheeled milk float an trotroonthe streets nearhaun the dairy
man an twa weemin guddlinroonthere like three daft ducks
an then she can poproonto the solicitors to settle
are clouds baith grey anroonwytin ower the toon o
byeuks an bits o paperroonye wirkin awa fither or
as the twa lassies creepitroonthe ferm steadings opened the
fae a pyramid a weeroonbaggie or a plain aul
it came aff o yonroonbales o silage if i
d a loopie o towerooneez wrist tee for fear
tent o the flichterin haloroonhis lanely thocht ca cannie
strains o the sang wauchtroonhis lugs the transplant broker
3 8 win is awaroonin o the wast roch
d a piece o marbleroonmarble john f637: ye used
fair lot o eelashes grewroonnuwara elyia mair nur eneuch
could you bake me aroono breid farm wife surely
life is juist a constantroono meals and bloody peels
o the lion s pairtroonoor noble country efter he
loon i ll meet youroonthe back o the ice
ye mind o smokin cinnamonroonthe back o the sheds
meen and fish and treeroonthe circle o a flame
tom cats strut their stuffroonthe dug pished waas o
minnie s lang black curlsroonthe fingers o his left
inno the heather climmin farrerroonthe hill o leddrach cryin
dwinin o thou crined circlesroonthe hinmaist shards o thocht
o her waddin goon swirlroonthe jug like cloods through
a tit o corn tiedroonthe tap they were much
a boorichie o fowk mellinroonthe yett o willie fraser
crest o white faem curlinroonyour lips like the moustache
d stan ye aw aroonbit grannie s elderberry wine
here is the doctor comeroonbit he has nae thocht
loch s foun wippit tichtroonher queats they war like
kurn commuter hames war biggitroonthe closs the gutsy toun
back by cloan the circuitroonis easy dune on a
div the cars ging gladysroonthe back bessie there s
street singers they would comeroonthe back courts singin songs
the part time saw millroonthe back f643: and they
aye had the saw millroonthe back we always had
frae embro zoo a weerooncake or a pirn taed
the first 40 year rinninroonin wee circles to pack
wee curtain that comes chugginroonthe coffin at the end
silly you could have comeroonhere and potted something else
the neest time you comeroonhere s my order you
wife if ye d comeroonon sunday gie me a
a lane grey bawd teetitroonat her frae the neuk
frae the fishwife that trampitroonthe ferms on a wednesday
something else they d walkroongovan by theirsels blood brother
i d three fower menroonme at the time i
i says i d gingroonone efterneen and collect them
or sometimes she d gingroonthe class askin us a
her right haun twistin itroonas she spoke and ah
aside her door mair tidemerksroonher bath than the qe2
as cat s sookins plaisteredroonher broo she tirred her
her buttons minnie noticed threeroonpurple merks at the tap
moment and took a lookroonbut sorry to sae the
gairden again when ithers awroonhae surpassed it a pick
oh you hae to getroonthe cushion to go there
it s warm aw yearrooncoast of africa i think
ken aw that berna gaithiridroonthe sparkin flames efter a
think truth ye kin runroonin circles but it ll
arithmetic and she would goroonthe class ye know and
see that that caur wentroonthat coarner oan three wheels
mibbe see when ah lookedroonthere was nothin there ah
wind it all the wayroonhere m1090: [inhale] [exhale] f1089:
it s the whisky everybodyroonhere likes a drink i
gird fowk steer like waspsroonhinneypot here in the simmer
in a refuge second timerooncarolanne he must have found
would say will we goroonand get auntie [censored: forename] and
history towrists heeze like beesrooncastle fraser s hinneyjar ile
sklaik drew fowk like fleesroonsharn despisin the gossips yet
rikkin like ganges ghatts passroonthe cancer gie s a
s and ties its fleeceroonthe ootlinn yowes arena very
in mines and turnt itroonso his palm faced upward
his his on the screenroonthe f1054: [inhale] f1024: [laugh]
corbies craa winter s wytinroonthe neuk shakks his wizzent
ll maybe need to lookroonfor a new man efter
twi- mam ll twirly wirlyroonokay [?]beside[/?] better that s
church meetings she would gingroonthe hooses shovin them through
oscar papa quebec romeo sierraroonthe rafters watch them swing
calm you blin drift furlsroonthe steadins nowt chaw their
bagpipes skirl up the steepleroonthe yew tree tak their
s a merriematanzie cars birlroona reaper roosts doonpitten in
a lonely glenmuick shieling weatherroonbanchory whins there s blustery
everyone for a few milesroongot a share of the
wrapped a great big chainroonit but he canna pull
ein a family seein abodyroonme dyin aff it s
passin curiosities i ve beenroonnoss in a smaa boat
shair as a snaw ringroonthe mune mairrige is weer
metta caunles kinnle kin rikkroonthe shrine a quine s
i say the win isroonin the east sunday 8
you say round we sayroonyou say about we say
noticed that afore he turnsroonwhen he hears me comin
s curse held guid luikinroonat the timmer door open
the warld s bree sweelsroonoor sturdy herbour quey doos
fa heard the bagpipes skirlinroonthe fair on aikey s
soarin hawk winter s wytinroonthe neuk widdershins the breezes
there is i m ganroonto angelica s exit lights
did aye we ve beenroonthat [throat] f1053: i m
aye we will midgies vampiresroonthe campfires heeze heeze heeze
tinker gaelic cant or romanyroonblairgowrie chasin the tune rypin
couldnae have you all runninroonin the cold m642: have
temp 3 5 win veeredroonintae the sooth wast feels
gien the teuchit storm howlsroonthe barn the parks are
free kicks penalty kicks runninroonthe park press ups you
wallop wallop the ither nichtroonthe park yin vampire sortit
was not rolled but scushledroonboth of these items came
[censored: forename] ken [censored: forename] that comesroon[censored: forename] [censored: forename] had pumpkin soup
twirl princess and ah birledroonon wan leg laughin they
have got it aff usroonoor wey which is quite
container for turnips etc scushleroonto shuffle round search milk

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