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moors it was serendib therootof the word serendipity as
do you know what therootof the word serendipity is
hauling out broomstocks by therootso it had to be
willow torn from its shallowrootin the last of winter
cultures suggests some earlier europeanrooteven if we dismiss this
one might suggest that therootmetaphors of a language will
language may also be revealingrootmetaphors of this kind are
which i thought might exhibitrootmetaphors with a view to
literature in this field callrootor conceptual or systematic metaphors
roosed angry rowle rule ruitrootsachlessness feebleness sae so saicont
ruif n roof ruit nrootsae adv so saikless a
in every syllable the primerootof herr heintze s shortcomings
weeds wir iver seen taerootan oan the trees delicious
on dormer windows trimming lawnrootout weeds toe ok today
a radical change between therootof all evil f1151: mmhm
dawkins himself compared to therootof all evil where he
no substitute for tackling therootcauses of truancy and child
we might we could notrootout the causes of failure
rice bay leaves garlic oreganorootginger 1 set oven medium
2 cloves garlic small piecerootginger 3 fry these in
me greet cut fae yerrootwhile in yer prime tae
drama lay also at therootof those powerful emotional fixations
seven different dyes liqu ricerootand jelly beans and oblong
addition o do tae thirootverb adds emphasis tae a
council should report on therootand branch review of the
mcdermott joined with brown androotat nigg to form the
mountain is almost certainly therootof mendick and may well
fleshy anemones tongue s antennaerootaround in their oozing anchorage
let s get tae therooto the problem let s
problem that is at therootof the trouble in tayside
manage data were at therootof this problem apart from
i call wee drew sixrootfour and a rapist where
terraces built for vegetation nitrogenousrootvegetables at the top helped
compost an howk up therootaugust anither week o simmer
in his dictionary as arootof the old shetland word
tree sapling which had takenrootinto the side of the
was reached that is therootcause of today s debacle
creative writing never really tookrootin scottish schools in the
does seem to be takingrootgenerally within and outwith the
range may come from therootcarn since there is a
in a healthy mind takesrootspreads creeps crawls till it
need to take steps torootout those that are involved
want to get to therootof the matter that is
leeing and cheatrie is therootof it all lilian then
which lie at the veryrootof true religion the fellowship
that must have the samerootas paible and eh donald
panting dog jigsaws towards aroota trout leap is a

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