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s skipping ropes f1121: skippingropef1122: and this ain f1121:
when you and and skippingropef965: [laugh] m964: i mean
there are there are skippingropesongs f965: mmhm oh yeah
steve picks up the skippingropestarts skipping steve stops skipping
playground and party games skippingropethese always made an appearance
they would take their skippingropeto school f963: mm f965:
i ll take my skippingropetoday f963: mm mm m964:
shirras sheriffs raip an aixeropeand axe paiks deserts punishment
rade v rode raip nroperaither adv rather rase v
quile ember quine girl raiproperaivel to tangle ran dan
but the horse was aropea big long rope it
f643: and we used aropea rope m642: and put
uh huh m642: rope m608: ropeaye m642: so when it
she shoots out a catropecat rope m804: so is
rope spiderman s got aropehe climbs i- up a
the rope it wouldnae theropehung right straight doon just
a rope a big longropeit was aw right like
uh huh m642: and theropeit wouldnae the rope hung
bit m608: uh huh m642: ropem608: rope aye m642: so
we used a rope aropem642: and put the ledder
out a cat rope catropem804: so is cat- is
either plain or wi aropepattern a rope pattern was
wi a rope pattern aropepattern was affa popular in
hands that s spi- aropespiderman s got a rope
ye pit them on theropethrew the rope up tae
on the rope threw theropeup tae me and i
she then pulls the bellropeafter two or three seconds
she then pulls the bellropeand waits ringan soon arrives
men nanse pulls the bellropenanse ah think we l
yeir grace queen pulls bellropewhaur that loun unsteik that
help she pulls the bellropeye r aw wrocht up
apart and tied the clothesropef641: oh f640: from one
runnin so i got theropei tied a wee bit
i got i got theropejohn and tied it tae
the end o an orangeropetied tae an underwatter peg
that says jonsar eck aropewis tied on tae jonsar
they were rings of strawropea wee bit less than
strae straw strae rape strawropestraik cylinder of wood for
bed provided with a bellropethere is a bookcase in
its feet wouldnae catch theropeand it run doon the
out [tut] eh a batropem804: mm m805: and catwoman
cammy and dimps tie theropearound ed and doll steve
and doll steve naw nawtheropenaw mind the bairn dey
it was gonnae hit thisrope[laugh] m608: [laugh] m642: aye
stick like that in theropem608: uh huh m642: right
tae start and caw theropef640: can you remember any
and then [inaudible] f640: clothesropewhen you went through to
get hold of a longropeand fix a hook at
end to hold the tetherropeand swivel others were jist
f965: and you turned theropef963: yeah it was all
its feet caught in theropeit would trip up m608:
the use of the longropesouples as well as the
at the end of aropehad to be towed three
the ither end o theropeon the faur bank yince
the end of a bungeeropewhat has been cosla s
rafts an aerial runways anropebrigs across the burn canoed
ower the grevel as yaeropeman made across the neck
in those countries men haeropeenough to cairry through large
like a spider with enoughropespinning and wringing its own
there wi the big thickropepooin mah troosers doon bendin
chair wrappin the big thickroperoond mi young sandy waitin
sink wi the cla esropean never let you see
jist let it tak atropesaid ma faither hairse swyte
let oot so that theropewould be smooth and even
used tae dae a littleropeaa the wey through mither
s little to beat theropepulleys likely a labour savin
i had tae put aropeat the bottom o the
dey hurt wee micky naeropeburns stew tries to stop
or beaters were made ofropeand were longer than the
minorities just as the strongestropeis made up of myriad
ye could open wi aropean pulley the stock of
rail and gangway coils ofropeand playin wi the telescope
for e calfie wi eroperoon its hin legs like
he climbs i- up aropem1128: why f1127: cause he
me and i hauled theropeup and she was at
maybe hae tae tak eropepulleys as weel ye cd
only when ye stopped theropeyou had tae start and
skippin we had a skippinropeit was good fun and
into the sea with aroperound his waist and had
and if you stopped theropeyou had to be an
on the shaft where aropecould be fixed and the
what co- what could sheropeus into m944: [laugh] f943:
binder twine into a thickerropethey were rectangular frames with
to make a good hardropeweel it wis a gran
the bog a sleepy scaleyropei am adder the forked
oot a kinna crossed aroperoon em an ma faither
he replied i ve aroperound my screw we d
washing over the pulley theropesnapped with a twang the
whilst awaiting shots of aropeswing and it is now
bet for it wisnae aropethat wis caught roun his
played tarzan by tying aropeto the rafters with a
if you are operating aropeyou do not operate it
with binder twine or spartieropefurniture cottar houses contained just
the ceiling like hangman sropesix slender lines of steel
door swung and here theropecome aff and that s
and the fact that theropewas as often as not
themsels takin heiders aff theropeintae the deep watter or
near vertical scramble aided byropeor steel handrails our weary
on oor bank drappt hisropean dived in heid furst
gloves pooin pulling kiarr coirropespunder from verb to race
snack thraahyeuk device for twistingropetig sudden notion timmer teened

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