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a kind of wild briarroseas i ve seen a
f1103: no it was briarrosewasn t it f1104: briar
lub lub lub an owlroselike a ghost from silent
soundless the rose lintie theroselintie is the male linnet
soonless is silent soundless theroselintie the rose lintie is
sheetin far ere wis naerosebushes en covered the plastic
chip plaster from some shatteredrosebushes in the vicinity already
plastic sheetin roon aboot therosebushes of coorse that wisnae
and before your very eyesrosebushes send out shoots geranium
the grun fit aboot thisrosebushes snarls jonsar eck och
like the petals o theroseitsel fin it bloomed in
the advent of confetti laterrosepetals and confetti were also
down in the worm arenarosepetals tumble like aristocratic heads
for the needle rose androseagain as he pushed the
the driver for the needleroseand rose again as he
to that needle as itroseand rose and rose pleasure
needle as it rose androseand rose pleasure spread from
it rose and rose androsepleasure spread from my solar
attack again sayin nae bloominrosebush is gaun tae beat
lookin doon ere onywye therosebush it wis jist aboot
his airm brobbed be therosebush jonsar eck went intae
wisnae gweed tae dee therosebush seemed tae hae a
a secret world the artistrosefrom a silent queue of
said weir a terrible groanrosefrom his throat ye needna
as the urge to vomitrosein her throat the bath
in the lump my liferoseup in my throat and
to place a single redroseon the sarcophagus the desert
translators of a red redroseon the whole make burns
at all for that duskyrosered ring on which wee
red thai chicken salad aroses foreskin pulled back red
s like a red redrosethat s newly sprung in
music in a red redrosethe german translations draw attention
s like a red redroseto the raucous rhythmic tam
corrugated iron wearing a redrosewho d pot the jam
off memories of his auntrosea scottish island woman part
parkside with my aunt missroseoxley when my aunt went
professional footballers association mr martinrosechair scottish federation of supporters
professional footballers association mr martinrosechair scottish federation of supporters
rap on his door herosefae his chair an let
lilian hislop her half sisterroseup from her chair and
pastry elegant under a beautifulrosewood chair not for him
faas saaftly lays a wildroseapo dy granite face ___
the sheughs the wild fiterosewad be bloomin and the
mary morison a reid reidroseca the yowes an the
flooer as reid s arosecome back inbye twelve hooses
of those expectations christine grahamerosethe deputy presiding officer i
sheridan s amendment tommy sheridanrosethe deputy presiding officer is
a genuine danger ben wallacerosethe deputy presiding officer let
the european union ben wallacerosethe deputy presiding officer no
need the amendment ben wallacerosethe deputy presiding officer the
dorothy grace elder glasgow indrosethe presiding officer a case
mr mccabe now tricia marwickrosemr john swinney north tayside
call mr mccabe tricia marwickrosetommy sheridan glasgow ssp on
robson roxburgh and berwickshire ldrosetricia marwick sorry i am
at stage 2 from ronnierosescottish gamekeepers association tom parker
s crumbs central belt beltrosea rainbow fell a thunderclap
macmillan highlands and islands labrosealex neil central scotland snp
uk households with central heatingrosefrom 60 per cent in
mcleod west of scotland snprosemr gil paterson central scotland
gil paterson central scotland snprosesarah boyack members will all
i support tommy sheridan aroseby any name et cetera
must vote on mr stonerosemr davidson no mr stone
then chancel and chapter houseroseon the island stone flourished
fit div you mean jonsarrosefae the table shook his
be as the wee whiterosea joy preened tae the
a cold country even ourroseis white on cloning on
came slow the white scotsroselay stiff and cold be
as the raft plunged androseon the white water the
later in life such asroseand benny walker the founder
mistook for blood later raroseup to the heavens on
brass egg cup my sisterrosebrocht back fae blairgowrie but
s an aal farrant yallarosenae far fae e door
kate maclean dundee west labrosebruce crawford aye ye dinnae
andy kerr east kilbride labrosekate maclean dundee west lab
open the back door intorosestreet lane to make it
constitutes a fair representation cullenroseagain ignoring the goad my
timmer m for us heroseagain wie the soothfast wird
cleaning off and again heroseonly to meet the restraining
a wooden stamp like aroseand another with her name
the wording is perhaps aroseby any other name situation
it showed that its costsroseby about 3 million in
littlins be fair as therosein its lair in the
its iron groove the summerroseopens its dragon mouth foxgloves
but when a saw maroses fate its buds an
wi its bowster o saftrosesilk he taen hir haund
tier upon tier the galleryroseup behind him bearing its
its chill hand all therosewater theology in the world
same teacup wi its fadinroseyaised as measure same spuin
an auld burst leather cheerrosehips at the fit o
work that is in progressrosefrom 1 900 to 2
and 1998 seizures of drugsrosefrom 5 900 to 27
terms spend by overseas visitorsrosefrom 710million in 1990 to
the recess period the figurerosefrom 783 in 1999 to
bristow muldoon yes the costsrosefrom about 26 million to
patient vowed that when herosefrom his bed of pain
and 1997 domestic visitor expenditurerosein real terms from 1
like a wound and nothingroselike a god from a
flesher s eye a dogroseperiscope rises from the mould
of cigarettes from the ukroseto 1 52 billion in
those of the adairs kennediesrosethe same happened to their
bowed down like wheat menroseand fell like dust at
tubs and baths bring downrosecheek s youth to the
us down a doorpost uncivillyroseup and hit her on
in a green valley itrosearound her like a foetal
the girse like polished mahoganyrosehips bluid spattered the sheugh
screen s great lirkit curtainrosein ripplin silk like can
kind of inflamed righteousness whichroselike a barrier between him
like a luminous basketball itroseso quickly lothario was ready
t want that accident danielroseand came over to my
by my side my hacklesrosedon t ask me why
irritation swelled to anger androsein a lump in my
to prove it i actuallyroseto my feet and climbed
the spending commitments mr davidsonrosemike watson perhaps that is
up a heather brae thatrosefur miles an miles an
lang her ma an paroseup ae day an ran
didnae care tae hide butroseup in yer stubborn pride
angry upset raise up isroseup miscaa is insult abuse
anen stoaped wher the mountainsroseup taewards the clouds ther
by the nts king charlesroseup thon hinmaist morn twa
fleg a doo wee fiterosemay this the day ye
should be sold in schoolroseday is to be held
may one day yield aroseor a rotten mushroom filled
an unca thing a singlerosethat ilkie day flooered on
rls was to write arosecoloured nostalgic account of his
noo sorra kythes frae blissrosegairdens wither intae rue his
holding a posy of blushingrosereverend black his bible edged
the story got better danielroseto his feet poured another
possessing the unromantic epithet whichroseto his lips was jolly
this nicht an aa megroseat her mistress s tail
test flight thoughts and dreamsroseopens her velvet ear to
swanee river an the yellaroseo texas i hae nae
sie shell pink as arosean wi haunils o baeten
dropped as the death tollrosein human cost there are
oot intent tae spray marosewi muckle pride invested that
bit go here and therosef1103: mmhm f1104: cause it
it s a bit oroseisn t it f1103: aye
the lion 1165 1214 androserapidly into royal favour records
you if they stay maelstromrosestepped into the nightclub guinness
a gorgeous full moon slowlyroseafter a light lunch i
a quick smile to knightroseapproached the bar and launched
to escape to the mountainsrosebecame a respected academic in
tangie an a drink orosehip jeely an tae dry
whit dae ye think aroseis for can ye no
wis aince a belle theroseo glamis pued for a
haudin braith an whan weroseabune yince mair the cleg
stamp an scream afore werosean sang god save the
gray tea weel wattered lawnsrosebuss an mellow sun mossy
know just really beautiful sortarosegardens an pa- crazy paving
war pailaces o merbil orosepink coral an o coral
difficult but when the stackroseabove head height it was
the context of what theyroseabove and left behind whatever
been possible for me heroseabruptly and strode over to
cloaked copses undergrown with rockroseand rosemary seeing me turn
wendy rod and i allroseat 4am to drive the
call indian summer here iroseat 6 30 and was
and lifelong learning lewis macdonaldrosechristine grahame i will take
regulation and bureaucracy robert brownrosehugh henry unfortunately i do
but whatever it was itroseit and it blistered f632:
and dreaming of travel weroselate on saturday morning there
of moss the full moonroseon the right and lit
and delicate subtler than therosethe wids spikk oot we
ltd dumfries and galloway williamrosethis is organic inverness shire
played their interschool final voicesrosethrough the heat and drifted
of the rearing herd whichroseto 450 cows and consequently
one you can get tudorrosewhich is even cheaper and
the old man s voicerosehe is with me always
to scorgie co at 13rosestreet he was in charge
la paz to lake titicacarosefairly early on thursday morning
use of the standard formroseto 68 men on the
the greatest need susan deaconrosemary scanlon i want to
the film la vie enrosemm f806: mm f807: ehm
the air conditioning suddenly blossomsroseoo rev ian macphail s
afore the first kirk iverroseskeletons mortally woundit in duel
eat it look at therosestems sun looks through the
incidence of crimes involving knivesroseby 46 per cent is
executive or government ian jenkinsrosems macdonald briefly i will
springtime flooer or simmer sroseor flocks or herds or
weel i bet princess margaretrosedoes she s real modren

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