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an a pair o minaturerosesan soon the scent o
established all round the houserosesand carnations orange and lemon
where the stalls burgeoned withrosescarnations and lilies under the
were dusty millers pansies carnationsrosesyellow marigolds with black centres
terrain supported pine trees rockrosesand rosemary whose scents combined
their own scent honeysuckle androsesthey had scents too at
clump of bluebells among therosesand i think we pulled
a clump of fairberry sroseshe then stated a fact
air scented with pine rockrosesand rosemary as we climbed
scrub rosemary pine and rockrosesscree it seemed important later
has moved in with himrosesin bud are climbing high
ae thing fit aboot yourrosessusie screws up her face
stone lions stare at theroseswhere a greying pair sit
pink as the petals orosesa mou that wes as
lay on a bed orosestae be feted aa petals
went to see guns nrosesbut the prodigy were on
f813: i love guns nrosesf814: mmhm m811: and like
no f813: his guns nrosest shirt his skull and
here like drowned wreaths ofrosesthe blood red moments float
gumming the sticky view cutrosesbloom in the ward their
the wedderburns daughters would berosesthey would bloom in the
drookin emily gray s peonyrosesin recycled special brew wis
a sea o mud marosesniver ken the drooth that
the garden play ring arosesthen have a mud fight
wi gairdens fur bringin onrosesor rhubarb meanwhile granny bruce
got an affa bigake therosesbushes fifteen o em were
neat rows of bungalows growingrosesleeks and cauliflowers the post
lassie awnswered i hae poukitrosesan my haunds were stuggit
pink an whyte haunds likrosesan rice cake caups fou
dell ring a ring aroseshere we go round the
ring a ring o f1118: rosespocket full o f1117: posies
a ring a [inaudible] m1090: rosespocket full of ros- f1089:
exactly a bunch o reedrosesbut a the same it
tattie ingin leek frost pitsrosesin yer cheek geans an
f812: can just imagine m811: rosesthen f813: oh i do
they clear the lot marosesoch a ken black spot
long verdant gardens plentiful withrosesand fruit trees and gates
is kinna connachin e peenyrosesere s nae muckle o
muckle pruives its micht theroseso the mornin blumed fae
a bedraggled waefu sicht anrosesfade ower sune the simmer
and red than doves orrosesare whereas the active sex
were quite nice wee paperrosesand these wee silver ball
ve had some very nicerosesi think they got what
oor wheesht ken thorns haerosesand when ye gang fae
it didn t stop therosescoming up the greenfly were
flowered again they and theroseswere here already also a
way i also bought fiverosesfrom a chap in the
the lan o tea anrosesmochy corridors bat keech glaurs
flower between some of therosesand i think its called
it is there are somerosesbut i think they are
they are not loved likerosesthey have not got the
care the charmed the charmingrosesrich and rare he tinctures
get the woman with herrosescomin in usually f631: but
wasn t it f1104: briarrosesand her sixteenth birthday she
yeah the guys sellin therosesf689: up in sleazy s
fyvie s chunty pots trampinrosesan shallots roan the howes
the world [censored: forename] liked therosesand was pleased about the
will have buds so unlikerosesthere ll be no baby

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