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mealies work their teeth androsygums with what was pissed
o a kneelin shepherd arosyglimmer like the styoo o
brands o fear on herrosychikks the stickiness wisna skitters
pooers abeen tik a reedrosyshine til it seems that
steen far sunlicht steeks itsrosyeen back o a meldrum
kid if i d awfulrosycheeks in the cold weather
huge floury face with roundrosycheeks like two slices of
curls upon his croon arosyfuture at the feet o
it gied the fields arosyglow as hameward set we
halloween pare the aipple srosycheek gin yer true love
in the tulle of arosydawn and i am ready
but listen for wha wirosylips a glisten garrd lads
suddenly eh future seemed kindarosyveiled thoughts began ti form
however everything is not quiterosyand much remains to be

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