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heathland heather moorland bog androughgrassland and unimproved grassland means
arable land improved grassland androughgrassland arguably the balance that
move between improved grassland androughgrassland is an arbitrary 20
arable land improved grassland androughgrassland is controlled to produce
arable land improved grassland androughgrassland it addresses the present
have at the moment withroughgrassland making up 85 7
per cent or more ofroughgrassland robin harper yes stewart
organic a huge amount ofroughgrassland the eventual target could
of 808 793 acres ofroughgrassland to organic farming robin
able to move from theroughgrassland to the improved grassland
if the increase in organicroughgrassland were not related to
and c unimproved grassland androughgrazings 3 it shall be
not constitute improved grassland orroughgrazings 4 short title and
a staff and wore aroughhewn garment his executioners took
wearing a woollen hat aroughhewn jacket of black and
earth following a flight ofroughhewn steps into a subterranean
not by way of traderoughshooting falconry and dog walkers
legislation to protect falconry androughshooting interests it seems that
did not wish to banroughshooting or falconry pursuits in
and concentrates on the disadvantagedroughsleepers and drug abusers some
been clearly been used byroughsleepers broken alcohol bottles and
lying open and evidence ofroughsleepers has been found once
address the complex needs ofroughsleepers including health needs and
challenge funding nature of theroughsleepers initiative aligned with a
by the scottish executive sroughsleepers initiative and by churches
allocation of funds through theroughsleepers initiative to projects which
example to reduce teenage conceptionsroughsleepers the number of school
include provision for support toroughsleepers to enable them to
the oas payments go toroughgrazings and only 15 per
published under section 2 3roughgrazings means agricultural land used
mluri study the contribution whichroughshooting makes to the economic
want his bill to banroughshooting the bill as introduced
bill as introduced would banroughshooting which could have serious
the bill would ban unlicensedroughshooting which involves the use
need for people to sleeproughrough sleeping apart from being
for people to sleep roughroughsleeping apart from being a
meet its target of endingroughsleeping however recognises after debate
marwick linda fabiani s1m 1607roughsleeping in edinburgh lodged on
junior scottish ministers 7 tacklingroughsleeping in glasgow and across
homelessness the further back fromroughsleeping that we can intervene
f982: oh bha i dìreachroughbha i dìreach brònach uile
gu leor m979: bha eroughdìreach co às an d
tha sin cianail [tarraing anail] m979: roughdìreach f980: bhiodh an t
bha teas ann a bharoughan latha a bha sin
at first and live prettyroughdeana i wouldny fash about
nicer m819: it s prettyroughdenniston m818: aye it s
grew up in a prettyroughpart of it so f1150:
is the gala like prettyroughthen aye m1146: that s
one should have to sleeproughby the end of this
scotland should have to sleeproughby the end of this
records but the figures areroughand ready we included the
in convictions what are theroughfigures i do not need
of figures that give aroughidea of what the bill
chequerboard swards here and thereroughland harbours scrubby hawthorn holly
thocht the sea s geyroughan cauld saut water s
though the sea is geyroughan the hills are ower
think is the sea geyroughthis evening boyter are you
written on its side inroughred letters good job cuz
and paint it onto theroughred rock my recovering nervous
a shoved wide door fourroughstrides on a plush red
do need at least aroughidea i mean at least
least six feet in theroughseas he was consequently unsurprised
headland where the terrain isroughabove the sea fiddle at
from heller which means aroughor rowdy person a mischief
ve to cobble together aroughwritten proposal for him this
purr a bit of embrorougha cypriot sundial casting a
the carrot to david feltroughand hard deep hacks bit
games er were a bitroughaye for boys peevers of
never hud a bit aeroughbefore either carolanne looks up
the winters lang the simmersroughbit man has made it
fin himsel anither bit oroughfae one o the cooncil
word when a knife hasroughedges like teeny wee teeth
represents the gaelic word forroughor rugged describing the scenery
one end of a longroughboarded table in a steaming
dec 23rd it s aroughlife anyway i hope you
paisley style shoulder scarves androughworking aprons life must go
to work through words likeroughenough tough through trough we
or a letter or aroughdraft of a piece of
or to mump mope rowenroughground partridge living on it
affa weel or makin arough[laugh] or slow job o
s certainly again nae asroughor broad if ye go
are lies coorse is unkindroughor fierce tween is a
grass round it was veryroughthere were three or four
are even rougher than theroughboys here and the priest
he s well stoked feelingroughhere s plum duff with
much frae here tae thereroughroad ah ve an uncle
figure implies i made aroughback of an envelope calculation
he had made up anotherroughbed in front of the
poetry i ve got aroughoutline planned and i ve
stone with its interior leftroughand unfinished roofed by a
agnes oh carolanne you lookroughgood night out then sadie
kitchen eh did aa theroughwork an eh generally had
figure because it is aroughand ready estimate robert brown
behind her eyes her mouthroughas a badger s arse
besides the house had aroughcement kitchen floor but ben
scraan if he was aroughdevil may care character he
duncan said that at aroughguess the decommissioning plan equals
at just 121 rupees aroughguide to current exchange rate
away from me with aroughjerk opened the door got
i winted to ken aroughsob teenie o a body
acquascutum raincoat indicated an individualistroughtweed waistcoat linen trousers a
since the path can beroughunderfoot mackintosh architecture tour a
tell margaret smith that aroughwooing might be the way
the playground over there isroughgravel and some of the
it sounds fast it soundsroughold locals use it some
analysis of homicide than theroughdistinction between forethought felony and
s really sorta hard sortaroughsoundin m842: aye f831: and
for analysis and imitation byroughscots adam smith rhetorician as
to put up with theroughintimacy of graceless men like
encountered and the going isroughit is of course illegal
lamb time in the fieldroughtongued and tender mothers ewes
discharged psychiatric patient who lividroughwho couldn t and wouldn
of scarlet strawberries unwashed earthyroughagainst the tongue they eat
of havin seen the tworoughcuts of the the falls
father s knee the thickroughkhaki of his uniform bunched
duncan hamilton rightly described asroughwooing the level of support
as it is pronounced inroughthe o as in women
gonnae git hurt hurt wiroughstuff be aw black an
gress an stour staney anroughthe road atour the muir
kin o bread knife theroughedged eens fit s the
miss macgregor was required toroughout the material for editing
rive to tear burst rochroughrodden rowan rosit resin rositty

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