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ma heid the chaumer birltrounan roun insteid o betterment
the chaumer birlt roun anrouninsteid o betterment ah fand
for me an he birltrountipper taes sae that rab
katt on that thai birledrounan tuik thair gate fur
the drauchtins the gouvernament birledrounaw the local autorities an
bot mirren birled the horssrounsae thai cuidna pit hauns
the cumpanie o reivers birledrounthair ledar at wes luikin
the aibercorn graifyaird thai birledrounti dalmenie kirk ti vissie
oot the caur an crowdedrounthe back there were saft
road whan caur lichts camrounthe corner a polis caur
laddie gart his rung birlrounlike a whirlie an ti
heid watter rins ay aarounma hous a ll birl
gey queer whan baith birlrountung an mooth ootside the
bonnie princess luikit roun anrounabout hir but no a
princess the bonnie princess luikitrounan roun about hir but
clekkin o wurfs aw daunsinrounan roun glowerin at him
about him the marischal glowertrounan roun then frae the
baist cam on at himrounan roun wi gurlin an
wurfs aw daunsin roun anrounglowerin at him pyntin thair
the marischal glowert roun anrounthen frae the bamboo shaw
on at him roun anrounwi gurlin an wi gowpin
technologie wuid wun the vissiersrounan allou the counsail to
gin yeir dochter haedna wunrounme wi hir be in
wytts suin the ware wunrounthe thrawn auld yin cuid
ingaitherin maist fowk nou wunrounti axin me whit s
again an pompitie turnt himsellrounan stertit for ti gae
did sae syne she turntrounfor ti see gin he
gruppt like a vice turntrounheidfurst an gulped doun in
elbuk an whan he turntrounhere it wes the wee
his ain an he turntrounin dismay haw puggie he
the heid as he turntrountae tak haud o it
wes richt feinisht he luikitrounfor his droll veisitor but
flickt his tail an luikitrountae spy the wee troot
ilka bush i luikit aarounthe lord had gane the
stuck the word shuin gatrounbut whaur there s a
pled wi him an gatrounhim wi promisses that she
that weill she fair gatrounhis hert sae that he
an that the word gatrounhis poachin cronies gey quick
whan the thrie sisters gatrounti crakkin aboot the tyme
eftir it the sojers breingedrounbot whan thai apent the
wyted john pit hiz airmrounmirren fur thai wes nou
swaw bot thai cuidna luikrounsen the stewart wes eydentlie
thai sauled in hiz yattrounthe bass ti vissie the
m thai wes aye hurlinrounti mak siccar at aw
sitivautioun sae thai aw stuidrountung takkit an pleyed wi
minnie s an tirned itrounan about ay its mirren
durand the lang slaw troniesrounthe ingil neuk mirren leirit
pit the gowd pendil saufrounhiz craig ruth didna ken
a gowden pendice ti hingrounhiz craig than the offisher
hiz haun he gaed widdershinsrounthe houss ti the guise
taukin sae he bocht anitherrounti cuil hiz kin s
o drams an syne yonrounbricht mune begude ti rise
stert o d the gruiprounthe bricht lowe bene sae
an thunner an lichtnin aarounthe hills man twis bricht
muckle great eel wrappt tichtrounher neck like a hengman
oot its dowp a stringrounits neck an a weel
me pits a magic brechamrounma neck an chynges me
he set oot ti luikrounthe castel as he expekkit
luik if that bugger turnsrounthe nou an sees me
grey an as we camrouna corner i stoppt deid
twa or three guid puilsrounthe corner an ah don
rods an purns we camrounthe corner tae fin puggie
his fowk an sent themrounaa the twa thrie hunder
waas aa about it anrounthe waas a twa thrie
tottie caunils an thare sittinrouna burnist aik taibil war
movin or are we keekrounthe blinds we re sittin
ae day thay war sittinrounthe table in thair cave
the day ye maun gaerounbi the houss o the
fell sairpent ye curl yeirsellrounma legs lat gae o
touers an braw gairdens spreidrounaboot it aw set oot
wi her braw grey shawlrounher shouders happt she dreams
wi orange lines an brawrounlead weights huntin began greenies
an the back end camrounaince mair an syne the
wha shavit him clean aarounbut whan he cam ti
on an as it camrounti the forenicht sumbodie tiggit
bak en wes aw bourachtrounan about it fur thare
an the wyld burds wheiplinrounit in the sunlicht thare
furby the faimilie hed cawedrounti gie m thair crak
guid while tae bring himrounan whan he did get
sae guid as ti flierounbi the henwyfe s whan
the biggin wuid cum dounrounma lugs at whan it
it hed as reid aarounas champit chillie peppers wi
trig kailyairds hed flakes awrounti haud out the hens
wha else wad wrap usrounher finger shove us heid
wha wis best placed keektrounthe side o the tree
wes ti be a limnarrounabout ten yeir eftir a
freil o hir mutch wesrounan hir chowks war rosie
the cannie beiss wes keikinrounat hir lik it wes
whusper sae the fowersum setrounlik it wes a seik
meek s a lamb aarounaboot in the mirk there
humdinger atween the een aarounaboot the roles are switchin
the stravaig see reingin aarounthe cailleach s fair a
at his command rinkit aarounthe steidin shi jin an
m738: harpin in ilka countryrounthe warld aa manner o
his pouchie sash baith awarounan about him he gaed
brodstaffs bye doun loans anrouncorners the thriesome gaed or
the haas they gaed skelpinrounthe back ti look sae
but tuik the lang weyrouni dout gin ony cat
ve mebbes gotten a weyrounit tho at ye winn
lang o findin a weyrounthis juist byde ye here
the gowden girdil she wurerounhir bodie but the girdil
the gowd pendice at hingitrounmirrens thrappil an bene hir
yokit ay norlin a gangrounabout ma road see ti
yir gear a ll berouni da mornin ti mak
auld faither happit mair straerounthaim ti heize thaim an
an brither cellarer led profunditasrounti mak obedience ti his
panser dingin doun the dykerounthe fank plewin throu the
thikfauld ryss o sauchs awrounan about at gies the
o an eminent bank awrounsportsman an man o business
andriusha is awin siller awrounthe toun leave him alane
panser apenin aw the bunkersrounthe waws o the caibin
ruit that we d twistrounaboot in a slidin knot
wavin like hair then luiksrounaboot she s got room
north while amang the treesrounaboot were scattert the grand
by a roarin fire setrounaboot wi stanes wi ootstreitcht
aboot tae be mairrit paraditrounainster maukit in chocolate an
aboot ony nicht he srounas a barrel wi wee
a lang sech rowed hirsellrounagain on the silken bowster
a thrang o fowk stauninrounin a ring we ll
stroke o luck line fankltrounan firmly stuck auld saumon
dist auld leipit carles hurkiltrounthe ingil crakkin awaw an
a face on him asrounas a siller dishie he
thay follaed him rinkin himrounin a glaumerie ring he
andra whit says i turninrountae see him pyntin abune
as ye tak a daunerrounan fill yer hert wi
gret yukkie stane wi arounhole in the mids o
squar stane wi a naterounholl intilt liggin on the
were tae be as gethertrounwi boyish glee an smirks
the puil an wroucht itrounwi canny skill hingin it
but tam was slee anrounhis lug had wund the
a sairpent that twurlt itsellrounthe gray trunk o an
frae the coup a weerounhole caad oot its dowp
o hot trod wis sentrounfor his apprehension in onie
a rope that wis caughtrounhis screw but the end
dawin rab raxt his haundrounontil his back in the
his dochter at gangs singinrounthe dramshops they wadna ken
bit o a beast veerinrountae nor east hard on
tattie holidays up fae ainsterrounthe back o pittenweem splittin
claw sheepskin he d arounface muckle lugs a straucht
wrappt the heavy gut tichtrounmy haun afore he cuid
s cried the warld srouna wadna daur says gao
dreel the burn suppin lazilyrounsteppin stanes jinin the incumin
the chief brithers wir cooriedrounthe elder sayin ance afore
we went by we traversedrounthe knowe abune the thorntree
acoss the brig the naitiounsrounthe nor sie wesna verra
or gutters clooties wrapped looselyrountheir dummy fingers each faimly

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