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stramp out the flams anroupfur halp bot the rovin
jonsar eck arrived at theroupathing wis bein selt at
hid bin makkin ready taeroupooto tullynorth they hid selt
aff my fag coupons theroupit wis the middle o
in 1901 at a farmroupbroadcast sowing machine 2 12
pensioner that wis haein therouphe hid jist lost his
seein you are haein aroupi winnered if you wid
mannie fa wis haein aroupthis mannie wis weel ower
the weighing machine at theroupthe hunters came up from
that came from gideon sroupand that was mostly used
backet bought at anderson srouphe was the smith at
been bought at the curriedownroupi doot gey hullocks o
had been bought at aroupin the rothienorman district in
story da brucks o daroupby johnnie wullie ertie o
eyn resinous end shoemakers threadroupsale row to roll trundle
wid be tae hae aroupfin jonsar eck arrived at
pick em up at aroupthe davie broon tractor was
a plain kinno cloot therouphid laisted twa days a
a look doon tae theroupefter i m finished my
tae her desk fin weroupoot at mairtinmas da s
car park er wis arouptae be held ere in
alec an ned at theroupyestreen ay an a puckle
brownhill cam frae e samerouplike a lot of other

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