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had in weeks of ordinaryroutinework in 1942 mr will
my side with all theseroutinecaring gestures finished i am
experience james follows this fairlyroutinedescription with the interesting rule
enters dod a well practisedroutinehi angel angelica lo dod
andy usual all too familiarroutineshe gives a two finger
filled your bowl the dailyroutinewas fairly well fixed rising
that the parliament supports theroutinescreening of middle aged men
in the physics double periodroutinefirst half of monday morning
a minimal part in theroutineof living if living is
ve aw learned the sameroutinehow tae cross examine the
wind emerges i resist theroutinetemptation to give him a
down morning brought the sameroutineimpotence the silent nurse thrusting
feels safe enough in herroutineto lose himself in his
voice ach ye re jistroutinehe ll hae his brakefast
changes in editorial methodology orroutinethe possibility of using word
bills we should have aroutinesystem whereby every two years
non stop performed a comedicroutinewith his sidekick on the
s back her loving wiferoutinedon t fool me then
police my parents the sameroutinegulag fashion worst of all
page 2 under the headingroutinescrutiny by other committees because
notices as a matter ofroutinewe heard about that in
i rely mindlessly on aroutinegesture by putting him against
really ken noo whit myroutineis going ta be but
dad back in the oldroutineit was really good to
veesit uisin the auld claesroutinean cairryin fishin rods throu
s consulting room for aroutinecheck up i m delighted
get away from the deadlyroutineof that office you had
him daein this fuckin heidmaisterroutineand i was aboot tae
stair gasping his pathetic beggingroutinedimpsy son it s me
and made it into aroutinebranding some scottish authors as
brither wull tae scuil sroutineye wir ill fitted they

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