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with tins of polish andrubbedand rubbed and rubbed till
of polish and rubbed andrubbedand rubbed till everything shone
and rubbed and rubbed andrubbedtill everything shone then they
of buchanan s learning obviouslyrubbedoff on his wilful charge
o cherry blossom boot polishrubbedon the wee bald spot
my ears an open razorrubbedagainst my neck an electric
patted our freezing hands togetherrubbedour ears gazed up at
nose camphor oil was eitherrubbedonto the chest or put
if its surface had beenrubbedwith rouge here from my
young mother wept inside somerubbeda vision of carnage on
what summertime does best windowsrubbedcobwebbed eyes a sheep sat
lamp blinding him momentarily herubbedhis eyes and shivered the
the pavement p c macnamararubbedhis eyes sleepily and stared
supposed to stay sane andyrubbedhis arm and grinned at
yi dimps you re gittinrubbedoot stew starts licking ed
him up i might haerubbedmy feet on him cause
the gutter i might haerubbedmy feet on him i
into the gathering dark sherubbedat the pane and saw
although it seems to haverubbedmike rumbles up the wrong
held my hand sadie anrubbedyer back probably hud tears
reluctantly involved in voluntary workrubbeddown gravestones and carted rubbish
while he got his backrubbedan aathing an then he
rub it i thought yourubbedit you better f1124: mam
little on your own cheeksrubbedwell in by mysie walsh
milk 3 eggs 1 tsprubbedsage line base of buttered
wis the first hing irubbedma mither s garlic paste

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