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p e f1018: rubbers m1020: rubberm1022: rubbers rubbers always yeah
blooter somebody they d becomerubberlegged and hit the deck
distinction between being comatose paralyticrubberlegged they re all kind
you re paralytic you rerubberlegged you just cannae you
bowfin wi the guff orubberthare wis men an weemin
back the guff o therubberwis strang but he suin
toun uncle dougal meneged arubberplantation hyne awa in kuala
plantation comprising 17 tea andrubberplantations the tea is hand
wear rubber boots an arubberapron you dinna even see
you you had to wearrubberboots an a rubber apron
i think they were wellrubberrubber tyres on metal f1077:
f1089: aw m1090: even therubberstamp f1089: even his rubber
rubber stamp f1089: even hisrubberstamp is he m1090: yeah
think they were well rubberrubbertyres on metal f1077: yeah
an she d on herrubberapron an an oh my
and holyrood is not arubberstamp for an all powerful
insecurity made visible as arubberhose through gauze first meetings
mace an cinnamon tea anrubberfenugreek rice an rubies saffron
oceans overseein the milkin orubberfrae trees in hyne awa
little cowrie shells slipped therubberzoris she d bought in
should not just sit hererubberstamping sewel motion after sewel
down and does this noterubbergloves must be worn for
chrissie is wearing large redrubbergloves she has a bottle
cancels to those made fromrubbermetal and wood mr [censored: surname]
we just had you knowrubberboots to wear an our
till ah ve sunk somerubberducks she exits gordon mum
cd think bouncin like arubberbaa an aal freen o
in een o es modrenrubbercontraptions ir an aal style
his haunds wi the twarubbertubes fixed tae the end
front gas lamp and arubberpipe led the gas to
that f1122: it s arubberring f1121: is it a
ring f1121: is it arubberring f1122: mmhm f1121: [laugh]
thare wis a lang ridrubbertube fixed tae the end
of wood and strips ofrubbertubing train set spring operated
laces tied in bows prettyrubbershoes hair waving in water
richt ah ve tried yonrubbercollars tae but canna staun
quickly switched to tea orrubberthe british hired tamil workers
the tap spat on therubbersooker an stuck it back
and oil and leather andrubberhe wishes he could climb
flowery pedestal 5 jeeps burnrubberscaring away the game they
those other names which suggestrubbergoods or music hall jokes
from the end of arubberteat a seminal blot babies
gull trying to eat thatrubbertoy sowpin usque wi twa
to school you know littlerubberballs and you would play
after my usual pencil andrubberhow it is we ve
gutta percha which is artificialrubberyeah f1143: really f1054: yeah
as i could in myrubberbuits an keekit ower the
haipny he could buy arubberto rub out mistakes on
my telly a new yearrubberear let me start 2007
maze of glued up flawsrubbernipples plugged my infant mouth
i guess that s therubberas well isn t it
obey her but buckled likerubbera combination of wine and
a brief induction the obligatoryrubberplant sulked in its ceramic
and it slammed against therubberstopper on the wall it
watching fluck and law srubberdummies voiced by comics these

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