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on speaker s corner therugi am swypin the rug
rug i am swypin therugi bocht last wikk in
a meal bag finished theruga cleekit rug was another
finished the rug a cleekitrugwas another name given to
whalp on the hearth siderugan nou for ower eleiven
scattering cushions on the hearthrugfor god s sake lass
it lies on your hearthrugin front of your fire
and runs across the hearthrugwith a joyful shriek to
doon at the dresser taerugoot her ribbons an caimb
caimb tae her heid taerugthe tousles oot her lang
i staun hairt strings taerugtae gie st valentine a
the line sae that arugwad roose him waukened ware
dub f1105: stand on therug[censored: forename] stand on the rug
rug [censored: forename] stand on therugyou re gonna fall into
the rods were stuck twistrugan tug the bloomin things
stop sliding aboot on thatrugcome on i thought you
wallop fite as skurries hippensrugon winny days nummer 12
and snug in the tartanrugfrom the grey street raw
arms wrapped in a tartanrugm608: ah dear f643: and
if you stand on therugis that jam or something
jam or something on therugm1106: eh f1105: there s
there s jam on therugnow look m1106: mum that
net the nou a sherprugshuin freed the net frae
dentist pullin teeth at ilkierugin his lang black lug
going to jump on therugf1105: right jump on the
f1105: right jump on therugone two three four m1106:
ve hurt yourself on therugm1106: [laugh] f1105: on the
his head stand on therugm1106: well i m going
m1106: [laugh] f1105: on therugnow the the floor is
mony s the hairt arugthe ither wis the quaeter
the quine fur sikkin taerughersel ooto the glaur she
name given to a ragrugtoys few toys are remembered
buits dunt snaa abeen therugthe fermer s dowpit doon
thing that lies on theruglooks up at you wi
slippin forrit in anaith erugan e antrin fedder flufferin
steppit aside frae the mainrugo ma story yon veesit
ma lego frae aff therugoh fan div i get
girls crudities a thick bearskinrugthe flickering light from a
gonna be unner the therugthere he is and erm
on the goat skin herthrugher hair faain ower the
cover a faalt up traivellinrugower e tap o an
ll hae to move therugower m1098: so f1097: the
as frankenstein gaes ower therugwi chynes that makk an
we ll gie it arugan wi luck we hae
the speen doon on therugan restit her haun a
aa playin fine on arugootside lettin emsels roll doon
ma wires an heid arugtakk me lord frae cooncil
ring o rikk inno therugo the clammy car its
hauf a hunner socks taerugaroon ma gollach s queats
in e nyeuks o erugmakkin aathing snod an it
bar s three quarters pissedrugis skyrie reid an firey
he tripped on the turkeyrugand stumbled into the seƱora
watching him sitting on arugor his blazer under a
it s just cause therugs thingyin on it f1102:
onraivels ivverie fankil wi aerugthe schep at sauls up
the fishie bi the gillsrugthe knife alang its belly
bleizin an he stertit tirugan ryve at the onlookers
east toun lost property therugthe march past bus journey
is standing there beating arugpompitie approaches reluctantly he is
various stages he gifted arugand scarf for guild funds
fella whole business was arugpulling me arse over tip

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