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likk the metall he botruggithim aff tirrin the skin
flee an yon itherwardlie treeruggitoot its hale reets an
o her the merch winsruggitan rived the daffies powkin
chappin sae hard he nearruggitit affo its hinges aunt
mug tae the lees sheruggiton her dry mochles wippit
sainin an micht eith beruggitdoun inti the ill plece
corbie clean in twa anruggitits hairt frae its briest
intil a houss anither twasumruggitapen the duir o the
an fittin the young quineruggither dallie ooto her skirt
lang rigs the yokit horseruggitthe ploo ben the clarty
notion of the occasion bappyruggitaff the coke s ring
an a thick tweed capruggitdoon ower his lugs his
wis gittin gey sair hertruggitemotional an aw o ae

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