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decided to return to theruinsin the late afternoon sunshine
clear morning sunshine while theruinson the way had been
up immediately visible are theruinsof the once habitable cottage
rays illuminating the newly unearthedruinsbehind us the incans clearly
a newly discovered set ofruinswas being cleared the distant
craggy mountains and occasional incaruinsthe largest was another agricultural
a smaller island where theruinsof an incan temple of
gradually finally we reached theruinsof another hilltop fortress phuyupatamarca
at prehistoric remains and historicalruinschris remembered meeting him first
which stands on the ancientruinsof thebes during the 18th
a long way from theruinswould be perfectly acceptable that
the night stair from theruinsof the church and climb
royal palace at stirling inruinswhich even if it is
led the group to theruinsof [note: word missing here] five minutes walk
f746: because it kinda itruinsthings that you really really
down through more terraces andruinsat the foot of the
morning sunlight had illuminated theruinsof sayacmarca and by the
the hoscote rig ir theruinso ae hoose an ae
together but sitting amidst theruinslooking down the urubamba i
not cruising shopping or viewingruinsand churches at 12 20
winding road up to theruinsthe daytrippers were just arriving
end of the village theruinsof the officers mess look
efforts on behalf of theruinsat cramond and the members

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