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sure that this subject willrunand run it would be
s run f1112: let srunand see see if it
steve stew ed did yirunaway did yi run away
yi run away did yirunaway dimps naw ah didnae
oan ye micht need taerunbeth i can t run
probably plenty water let srunf1112: let s run and
they run see how theyrunf1116: i ll press the
run faster f1095: mm m1096: runfaster and want to watch
[running] f1095: watch now m1096: runfaster f1095: mm m1096: run
i can run i canrunhe changes to a gallop
act but when he didrunhe would run not to
i can run i canruni can run he changes
every so often i canruni can run i can
this subject will run andrunit would be extremely useful
he did run he wouldrunnot to hide but to
i m sayin oh dinnaerunon the railway dinnae run
run on the railway dinnaerunon the railway m608: so
the elderly today they haverunout of excuses and run
run out of excuses andrunout of time today is
run beth i can trunsadie almost in tears pit
blind mice see how theyrunsee how they run f1116:
all over he must haverunaway again he would be
he ll never need torunaway again when we d
understand agnes i want taerunaway agnes an whit aboot
that s how he wouldrunaway an cause aa sorts
no no f1105: no m1106: runaway f1105: chutes away m1106:
t suppose you ve everrunaway from anything in your
earlier a slave woman hadrunaway from her master and
and he would erm evenrunaway from home in falkirk
m1007: and i suppose yourunaway from school f1009: mmhm
t make concessions he llrunaway he s a bolter
way through he has torunaway if he gave her
orange sometimes of course irunaway just now i can
case i ve got torunaway [laugh] m941: [inaudible] right
an eh i ll justrunaway m942: [laugh] it s
and i m gaun taerunaway now m942: it s
hard and ye had taerunaway oot roond there tae
come home m608: [laugh] m642: runaway right doon tae the
we go on a arunaway up round straiton nick
actually going to have torunaway we could not go
beaumont lilian general excitement rowlandrunaway with him it s
mmhm m1008: dogging m1007: ehmrunaway would be playing truant
door an eh laugh anrunaway ye know ye d
an ye had tae awayrundoon the middle o these
we re going away torunyour bath you can actually
and cammy play handball allrunaround shouting at each other
erm they don t quiterunaround shouting och aye the
fred s in afternoon nicerunaround then tea fun at
and then they had torunaround touching somebody else it
people boys f1018: mm m1022: runaround well the slums trying
want to go out andrunaround with people f963: yeah
walk around saturday 16 smoothrunhome a1 all the way
of around 100 papers willrunin three parallel sessions from
car nipped around him nearlyrunus down 21 sunday we
was remove her housecoat andruna comb through her hair
through a dummy cammy dimpsrunat each other steve throws
maist actively encouraged through competitionsrunby thi burns federation an
effects on me if irunmy hand through my hair
o some o theirs wouldrunthrough an then f638: i
on right on you gorunthrough and pee oh wait
the other team had taerunthrough and shout aleevo and
buses were the first torunthrough arbuthnott in 1947 the
and i was plannin torunthrough erm a few scots
[cough] [child noises] i m gonnarunthrough it f1105: no m1106:
would like to take arunthrough soon to visit you
so to speak until werunthrough that test we will
to go in one doorrunthrough the house and out
the children yelling as theyrunthrough the playground on their
and establish whether any strandsrunthrough them official report justice
would you like me torunthrough those revisions the convener
put down the glass andrunthrough to pick her up
exploded into abstract collages headsrunthrough with computer circuitry his
shouts through to hall gordonrunup an check they upstairs
f641: [laugh] m642: doin thisrunwell we came back through
margaret ah m gan taerunawa agnes ye re whit
sadie so s she widnaerunawa but she did she
mile doon the wuid itrunawa every day that horse
heid case ah wad haerunawa frae a wyfe lyke
followed by sanderson boyter johnnyrunawa impossible sanderson they ll
see how he used taerunawa m608: uh huh m642:
tell me that he llrunawa that ll be richt
f1115: ow oh they rerunawa the dogs ran oot
awa f643: he used taerunhome m642: and this wan
della hope he s nohrunoff again della awa krista
wis awa on a busrunwi haein tae drive maist
council tax relief for businessesrunfrom home affected by the
wednesday getting lined up forrunhome 23 thursday everything goes
when we gave them arunhome f1104: no her she
forbidden wall and daren trunhome to mother her hands
cry baby who wants torunhome to mummy i m
be seen she must haverunhome wis it sair the
at 3 30 pm goodruni am home at 11
when we gave them arunno- home nae him [inaudible]
the water brocht in aruno fish five o us
water boils up and theyrunon s- they make steam
i m gonna go andrunthe water in the sink
the bottom water pipe andrunthe water off from the
right wait a minute itrunus off some water cause
and we ll go andrunyour water and you can
i m gonna go andrunyour water m1092: mummy i
aboot if we go andrunyour water you can pit
worth it in the longrunf1150: it s funny you
nhs millions in the longruni was shocked when i
as expensive in the longrunrobert has been saving like
improvement agenda in the longrunthat should start to intervene
save money in the longrunthe 150 million cost of
mass 4 in the longrunthe canon law analysis was
smoke and in the longrunthey re a damn sight
reorganisation lead in the longrunto the adoption of a
save costs in the longruntoo often we only consider
techniques would in the longrunwork to the benefit of
it aa because the busrundoon aa doon the east
she s jist a bitrundoon georgie peely wally chrissie
tae gang when the pitsrundoon i think the miner
she s a wee bittierundoon i ve gi en
dreich bedsit somewye amang therundoon mids o the toun
ice comin hame fae arundoon tae glesga it wisna
against a comb to torundoon the back tae thin
catch the rope and itrundoon the wuid like that
i might slip down andrunafter andy too he is
on the guidance of arundown agony columnist who when
the f1109: well why yourundown an- will i come
in a little farmhouse veryrundown ehm farmhouse in the
s 25 year campaign torundown glasgow notes with concern
sandra white government campaign torundown glasgow that the parliament
grange rd we are nearlyrundown in borough rd car
spring the staff in therundown inner city primary school
as it has looked ratherrundown over the past few
which has been trying torundown scotland into a recession
of the nationalist party torundown scotland quite so much
housin estates that were sorundown that the first work
a window tears began torundown the glass memories whit
we used to have torundown what three flights flights
the rabbit once it hadrunit down brought it back
very useful indeed we haveruna bit over time but
it will be important toruna sustainability slide rule over
heavy brown metallic rings whichruncircumference to circumference over the
sandmill to inchparks croft torunon the flat over two
so attentive so they totallyrunover and i was like
her life first she wasrunover by a car secondly
into the road and beingrunover her life is still
zen tannac over the ratrunroad a jcb is straining
comfort to those who haverunsuch initiatives voluntarily over many
like grandad at the feastrunthem over to edinburgh monday
the place would be overrunwi animals wi nae owners
could think of was irunafter you and i catch
a nice picture i couldrunalong to his house and
tie s- it could verunbut it was gonnae hit
many other quotes from labourruncouncils that i could use
date discontinuity problems which couldrunfor a while in the
and the mills we couldrunfrom its power a whole
except that er you couldrungreat lengths you know at
circle but if you couldrunin and kick the can
that will continue and couldrunin parallel with the european
no idea the insect couldrunlike that he ll make
whatever and then you couldrunloose again f963: right f965:
was glowing that cafe couldrunseven days a week given
they could not afford torunsuch a campaign on their
she was here you couldrunthat ower ma smalls while
as the boys including merunthe gauntlet i could hate
that we believe could conceivablyrunthe service we have inquired
they had the you couldrunthe the eh the right
needs to go out andrunabout f963: mm f965: he
out fur ye bot yerunhim ower than thai aw
t know he says wellrunout and ask if if
beaumont simultaneously deana my dearrunout and ask kirsty to
[censored: surname] which was fantastic superlativesrunout enjoyed a good traditional
she lets me go irunout into the garden and
aye [inaudible] f1053: when werunout o card so attractive
the typing paper i verunout of air mail stuff
garden for birkie i verunout of coins ring me
believe that one has reallyrunout of ideas and you
i think they must haverunout of inspiration cause you
ask a question but werunout of time i am
i do not want torunout of time we can
to laugh we d torunout the close so they
okay then like if werunout then i ll share
out think truth ye kinrunroon in circles but it
and out [laugh] f1049: [laugh]runsalsa lessons in the living
is not the way torunthings the people out there
them out encourage them torunwatch as they blow the
ball faster than andy canrunweaving in and out of
boring secrets andy can trunas fast as geordie or
on bit ma pen srundry naebody can say we
f1121: okay [inaudible] oh quickrunf1122: [shriek] can i feel
on her back he canrunfaster than fiona for she
he knows that he canrunfaster than her fiona starts
pre school staff who canrungaelic nurseries thus ensuring that
you can actually go andrunit f1112: i don t
greyhounds and whippets that canrunlike a rocket a dug
need to pee you canrunto the toilet quick okay
before mother breaks into aruntoo but before she can
ulysses her boat can hamewirdrunwechtit wi honours aa its
you like and just justrunwith it then you can
then you can make themrunyou know f963: mm mmhm
throu the clachan o gaitsgillrunalang by the burn cheke
metal hoop was made torunalong the road by using
shop in aberdeen that wasrunat one time by an
part time one that isrunat weekends by heriot watt
small cafe near her instituterunby a co operative which
and sax the place wasrunby a cooperative the entrance
offices sub post offices arerunby agents under contract to
than pretending the store isrunby and for 17th century
take advantage of the schemesrunby banks to facilitate the
30 a social club wasrunby david maclean there were
concession schemes such as thoserunby fife council to do
hostels various sheltered housing schemesrunby housing associations and bed
groups on implementation which arerunby local authorities we have
and similar bodies owned andrunby local people support the
dubliners fatima house isn trunby moonies is it well
minor injuries clinic which isrunby nurses i owe them
groups on my patch arerunby older people often for
group structures which were hierarchicalrunby presidents vice presidents and
offices and as such arerunby private individuals 2 consignia
and bed and breakfast establishmentsrunby private landlords with 30
the four centres across scotlandrunby scottish centres are not
middlefield is the learning houserunby scottish enterprise which is
of all post offices arerunby subpostmasters they offer a
exempting the homes that arerunby the abbeyfield society for
ca i re project isrunby the carers they decide
house in edinburgh which isrunby the church of scotland
of the eight care homesrunby the church of scotland
centre is unique it isrunby the community for the
you doing your bit campaignrunby the department of environment
1993 further education colleges wererunby the education authorities 19
is from the hospice hospitalrunby the monks at newhall
only be projects that arerunby the scottish executive or
young people s health congressrunby the scottish parliament s
taken on but the risksrunby the source should be
are never released from campsrunby the united nations high
are also businesses that arerunby voluntary committee members which
east dereham on a quietrunby winding road monday 11
enterprise to promote new businessesrunby women and disseminate best
a strategy for promoting businessesrunby women s1w 33986 jackie
years the project has beenrunentirely voluntarily by local people
nicht whan there wis aruno fish for by the
the complete failure of arunof salmon was raised by
and emotion by creating arunon line between lines 6
by the beach the trainsrunpunctually the human cargo packaged
allotment we then had arunround the hills by the
the meantime both those objectivesrunside by side ross finnie
a programme of work irunthat by the committee so
gas industry is largely dollarrunthe people displaced by electronic
is an attractive female creaturerunup by dad yes rugby
monies to charities in therunup to christmas supported by
than her fiona starts torunagain her fat legs moving
f902: than than your usualruno the mill whit dae
allowed the previous session torunon for longer than scheduled
who better than catalina toruns estacca intelligent educated responsible
scotty dog is cheaper torunthan an electric blanket it
was well american gardens usuallyrunto little more than grass
get is being forced torunabout in the cold you
being consulted one or tworunenormous businesses the convener we
i wonder whether proprietors whorunfishing businesses are really being
what programmes are currently beingrunin each prison for prisoners
any possibility of arguments beingrunin the courts on that
of how the party isrunis being streamlined the irony
eleventh viscount being unfit torunthe estate there had not
generalising nature its creative powersrunthe risk of being reduced
we ll just make arunfor it [laugh] [inhale] so
hasna f1095: then we llrunhame we ll get changed
we- you re wantin aruni ll get ye a
how tae mak things fairrunlike clockwork dad ye ll
and sook or i llrunlike two rivers oh oh
i ll get ye arunso we was twenty mile
i reckon that it llrunto about 170 pages typed
on idderwise it ll juistrunwi damp onything in shetlan
door andy breaks into arunand makes for his desk
has not really tried torunbefore mother breaks into a
time hundred and fifty mileruncame back into keswick outskirts
20 monday to barrow nicerunget into work afternoon nice
him he breaks into arunhis head up and his
to lobby we have alreadyruninto cases in which there
10 reach morpeth at 4pmruninto newcastle sunday traffic get
alluded to the 90 daysruninto that period we have
however we would then haverunthe risk of falling into
hen got oot o erunan ontill e road ay
we wis oot for arunbit es een wis something
got a vampire oan therunflushed oot an a fearty
oot for english tho anrunfor ye re ootnumbered ten
clear i stoppit in erunin an climmt oot tae
faced that the beer hadrunoot at his dochter s
mah patience s startin tirunoot lee ah think yi
bondie an gin ye drunoot o eesefae thochts ere
tae [inaudible] m824: and thenrunoot o space [laugh] f606:
class though if you everruna class elsewhere i would
heavy f1025: in order torunabout i would have thought
would they would they wouldrunat a line of people
aerobics club would have torunat the same time or
would imagine someone tryin torunf1026: it is heavy f1025:
it would kill you torunf1054: yeah f1026: with that
we were on a niceruni would be very happy
haloes i would like torunlike a crab sideways under
and and eh they wouldrunsome o some o theirs
of three or four wouldrunto open the gate to
undercover officers or agents wouldrunup to surveillance targets to
it would kill me torunwithoot that on f1024: [?]like me[/?]
anything else but oh gorunhere comes the mowdy you
go for a six milerunwhat s a six mile
been mair like tae haeruna mile insteid for wi
o pee her da srunaff tae the queen s
doun tae a braw bitrunan there he was a
days he made his errandsrunan widda scoffed tae tink
tae gang on a busrunas he wis waitin at
tae gang throwe e hensrunbe ill chance he let
italy tae attend a schulerunbi the deil fur them
m691: an we used taeruneftir that an get get
baith peerie grice hed tarunfur dir lives tae dir
tae be gaun for arunin the car fit div
time tae gang for arunjonsar eck shook his heid
m sayin tae mysel dinnaerunon that railway for i
seekers in for tae helprunorganisations on their own if
blue the truth s binruntae earth nae perth bit
the eh dover tae calaisrunthey still m608: mmhm m194:
cum wi his motor taerunus hame says she quite
brilliant f606: mmhm f1039: theyrunaboot six feet up the
roadside after a hit andrunaccident and they seem frail
accidentally every so often theyrunadvertisements for tobacco products will
show because they had alwaysrunevery licensing scheme because the
it is see makin usrunf832: they said that last
the two systems of enforcementrunin parallel they will clash
blind mice see how theyrunm1106 : blind mice [humming] [laugh]
they are required buses thatrunon an hourly schedule in
steam cause i think theyrunon steam you put coal
apön upon eence once rinrunpeerie lttle dey they aert
they took the decision torunthe line in the landward
that they were going torunthe show because they had
wha kenned hou they druntheir race airted each ane
blind mice see how theyrunthey all ran after the
are prepared for the certificaterunthey are prepared for schools
free you they had torununderneath your arm f965: do
[laugh] they did offer torunus f122: easier [laugh] f010:
it is then forced torunas far and as fast
the shop and then eitherrunit himself or lease it
indeed quietly to mrs beaumontrunoff then she was entirely
gritting a snowplough does notrunup a trunk road then
year of disabled people toruna project however even though
sort of a- access coursesrunaccess is for people who
enough trained deaf people toruncourses on deaf awareness in
it is elderly people whorunlunch clubs for example that
have talked to people whorunpharmacies in my area about
neither are the people whorunthat organisation does the minister
for elderly people in therunup to 1 july 2002
we had only time toruna few errands like getting
he had an ambition toruna hotel on the isle
them but the colour hadruna wee bit i didn
uncle john had a paperrunand m635: aye m636: i
mmhm f965: person had torunin and if you stopped
ane o the mcgintys hadrunthe gauntlet o butterfingert byllies
for school so had torunthe rest of the way
relatives and black eyeliner hadrunto coalesce in inky globs
scan examinations tests had alreadyrunup a big bill until
that the sqa did notrunits usual concurrence checks in
what s a six milerunlike and we did it
emotional casualties i did notrunwith the pack i did
with us to enjoy therun26 sunday frustrating day to
still his exploits with usrunhe knew the lasses bake
know thery re makin usrunin like the snow and
how many local authorities currentlyrundirect payment schemes s1w 28477
how future congresses might berunimproved information re the national
hou quait the sprots autumnrunsalmon leaping stealthily how still
wee lassy who used torunabout playing at angels in
cases the two women whorunisea have children with special
to learn however those whorunthe system should also learn
who urges her page torunwi speed for her mother
radio scotland which has recentlyruna scots language week in
was for a line torunalong the coast boyter which
medicine which is making himrunand said if it got
the provision of local authorityrunanimal centres if so which
route there was a similarrunat 2 p m which
which ken barlow decides torunfor the presidency of the
and administrative centre which wasrunin the arbuthnott farm and
writing competition which will berunjointly with the burns federation
belong to the family whichrunthe hostal es port she
top of a scottish cuprunwhich took them to the
and all her bills andruna car [laugh] [inaudible] f809:
skinny so he starts torunafter her he starts to
railway and you were gonnarunefter her and i m
a fly wee dram irunabout the decks like daft
was like the occasional likerunin but it was never
you close whose dreams willrunlike rivers round your frills
quick grab whit ye wantrunlike the clappers love oan
uh huh f1148: [laugh] likerunround to er like buckingham
when the rabbits began torunyou heard a rumble like
the prison was very wellrunand that everyone involved including
seen to deliver a wellrunevent for all the visitors
well you know the firesrunon coal [laugh] he said
the choir does well nicerunsing song on return to
was well organised and wellrunto some extent the change
actually need to cut andrunwell that s f1038: yeah
easy see he tries torunhimself but soon gives up
so i stop crying irunto pick up baby beastie
minute the police are gonnarunup and grab you f812:
a spider and lets itrunup his arm takes it
a red silk hanky somerunup the mast in strictly
my coat and i gotrunup the stairs [laugh] this
and community care has torunup the white flag and
from personal experience in therunup to achieving the rosyth
past few months in therunup to the exams round
be taken up during therunup to the introduction of
play ground he tries torunafter geordie but geordie is
in a sodger he michtrunamuck wi his sword or
he won t want torunhe s never been happy
right he d a countryrunm635: [inaudible] farmers and we
back fi an early morningrunsweat soaked bit glowin pause
to chester p m goodrun3 monday see house thirlmere
a treat to see themruni have also given you
eats is tattie stew henrunsee oor ella she s
the problem of trying toruna major teaching hospital such
and arranged for it toruna short piece in its
velodromes are not cheap toruna sustained revenue investment is
it was considered normal torunabout in bare feet in
t have much time torunafter a two year old
decommissioning scheme is expected torunalong the same lines as
2 b to establish andrunan office within the constituency
dangerous to take a quickrunand jump at it the
but you re going torunas soon as you get
otherwise secured in perpetuity torunat interest and the interest
ui vowel is said torunbetween mount battock and skateraw
church of scotland does notruncare homes to make money
such rules often seem toruncounter to natural usage in
been raised that does notruncounter to the other concerns
was gaunae perc- perceived torunfor the next three or
that the financial year shallrunfrom 1st september to 31st
6 million funding package torunfrom 2003 04 to 2005
inter school sports was torunfrom the top of the
it has to establish staterunhotels similar to the spanish
authority tenants are empowered torunhousing services in their communities
and the business that iruni hae to drive things
i went to the henrunin the hope that fiona
to talk about having arunin with the casuals in
vessels is very inefficient torunit uses an old fuel
compared to that from therunoff from agricultural land i
of it perhaps you verunoff to edinburgh to clean
remarked ruefully encourage somebody torunoff with him suggested a
passengers to auchenblae an extrarunon wednesdays and saturdays left
regional members concerned a torunonly one office in a
f1107: jess is trying torunower postman pat is she
a loaded cart riv hensrunrive to tear burst roch
planning system will continue torunsmoothly in the event that
assessment for higher still torunsmoothly this year david eaglesham
this paragraph in order torunsuch an office provided the
hospitals nhs trust annually torunthe community thrombosis service in
that councils cannot afford torunthe important principle was stated
hats enough feather boas torunthe length of the river
construct a mill wheel torunthe mill from the burn
the authority will continue torunthe scheme in deficit and
football team and tried torunthe school we done wir
we used to have torunthe tuck shop we used
march we were able torunthe various first procedures of
bodies within its responsibility toruntheir vehicles on liquid petroleum
held and the intention torunthese again when required to
to have the time torunthis service m608: uh huh
the events that it hasrunthose were designed to alert
said scotland s budget documentsrunto 264 pages this year
the ground della and kristarunto help lori lori nae
the bad stick insect shouldrunto his own house but
not ron tuck the computerrunto produce the statement of
parts but was likely torunto ten or twelve more
and scream for mummy irunto the bottom of the
comin so we d arunto the bus stop and
a hunted fox will naturallyrunto the nearest earths and
shift assuming that all busesrunto time refers to the
of programmes that you willrunto underpin social justice across
seasons to allow them torunupriver during the spawning season
1 to dollar for arunwith cath glen a fine
d find another crowd torunwith jennifer ainsley s mother
students and staff and weruncourses and workshops in literary
infrastructure events straightaway we mayrunone before 29 february and
february and we will certainlyrunone early in the new
couples wish that we nowrunregistration and there are approximately
we ate at the familyrunrestaurant next door the waiter
ensure that the office wasrunsmoothly depending on demand we
rural study the kin totalsrunfrom 0 6 representing the
berthed from 1943 the milkrunfrom larne was switched from
auspices of argyll county councilrunfrom lochgilphead on the mainland
from oz all the riversrunit was on saturday evening
f1140: [whimper] f1139: you cannarunaboot and play wi them
your clocks it s saidrunwiddershins three crouched monkeys sit
you and i said justrunyour name past me [laugh]
ca i re project isrunat the eric liddell centre
an ready for its shooglyrunback till e craft ye
o mysel and let justicerunits course caird aye that
simply that a project hasrunits course is no longer
its entrance lest my imaginationrunrampant for might this not
the rail industry should berunon the basis of maximum
the rail industry should berunon the basis of maximum
the rail industry should berunon the basis of maximum
in public that ethos shouldrunthroughout the whole european union
that car decks should notrununinterrupted for the length of
wi t an wid getrunower for ey ve got
good idea a wee trialrun[laugh] f1026: [laugh] f1027: mmhm
off the chair never mindrunwi it on f1024: [laugh]
it lively sunday 15 csmarund o e park at
football i d a paperrunm608: mmhm m636: yer dad
wi ye an make itrunalong it was great f1011:
ve ever seen wi pearlyrunan crystal puil it wimpled
creels in waury geos anrunhis dorro boddam deep wi
ve enjoyed having another prolongedrunat the phd i must
produced only when the certificationrunis complete the problem was
you keep on when yourunm642: the worst thing that
huh f1054: do you doruna lot o words together
jaikets an ithers still freshrunbaurs o siller there are
ane o the images thatrunis the crabs twa partans
o be a hit andrunm1108: aye f1107: oh my
an full o bits orunmetal at e fite eisels
burns aither because the lastruno seatroots were spawned an
the sicht o the furstruno simmer grilse loupin an
one just three inches theruno the prefabs eh f643:
a flat roof in aruno three inches m608: uh
was f963: mm f965: irunafter you and i catch
you want it ti berunah l no middil oniething
you mind fin ginger wisrunower on the main road
mistress the houss wul berunthe wey you want it
at nicht wheekin intill erunin at a fair lick
shifts es bein a kinnarunrig village e twelve patches
just him doing the schoolrunin his gas guzzler are
agencies and bodies a alreadyrunlpg powered vehicles b are
are an obituary for councilrunroad maintenance bruce crawford i
on the right plays arunof any 5 notes going
reik smoke richt right rinrunrinkit encircled roch rough roosed
a n right rin vrunrones n gutters rowe v
phone an electric companies wererunaff their feet efter a
and the seminars that wererunas part of the consultation
and gig coach tours wererunwith a horse drawn coach
countryside it was a familyrunaffair and the major decisions
frail and elderly pensioners andruna specially adapted minibus s1m
what s it doing m1092: runabout f1091: mmhm and look
the post office network isrunas sub post offices and
give operations staff a clearerrunat the higher still and
between local authority and independentlyruncare homes regrets the exceptionally
scotland s network of locallyruncommunity radio stations and what
during the next year professionallyruncomprehensive drug treatment rehabilitation and
during the next year professionallyruncomprehensive drug treatment rehabilitation and
f643: and ye made itrunm642: i never done any
first player has played anotherrunof 5 slow notes and
mind and visit the henrunthe lounge that is i
no wan single slap wisrunfrae jeemie took da rodd
richt fine day for therunit wis still gey cauld
live flee floatin doun therunlife wis guid an weel
st dukes st asalphs irunc f evening 23 sunday
all quite kind of democraticallyrunf810: i didn t think
ourselves at loggerheads again inruna good camp but no
cath mary not a badrunbut too many roadworks take
a lunch club a volunteerrunhealth club for the residents
different way because it isrunin a different way lewis
2 16 train a nicerunkids excited baby likes the
a pheasant that hid beenrunower on the road ae
a series of examinations closelyruntogether pupils might have sat
grin ere s a bigruntuesday 30th temp 6 14
ained bi the state anrunfrae embro jed she skreiched
be aware the railings thatrunbeside the river kelvin on
victoria s amused the servantsrunon electricity antigone in memoriam
disaster there is nivver eneuchrunon the reef an afore
f1135: got it don trunnow look at that flowers
arrive rosyth 5 15 goodruntom kate have held the
an early scottish sociolinguistic surveyrunalong the lines of labov
accessing council funding the labourruncity of edinburgh council will
feel alright m1106: yep f1105: runnow shut the door m1106:
necessarily interfering with the usualrunof committee business maureen macmillan
depressing experience wednesday continued therunof fine weather women s
ancillary staff somebodies mixed withrunof the mill nobodies in
the regional members concerned mayrunone additional office because that
grun lael mirren an ruthrunoutby ti the allourin an
sands whaur the waves haedrunowre thaim the fairies cuidna
ryss lik confettae the gryssrunsquilein doun the peths anerlie
quastioun the suddron truips owerrunthe mairchis thai pit it
sneck latch ball throw rinrunthe mellishon the devil dunna
in the pain of havingruntwenty six point whatever it
or more deprived urban areasrunas private businesses sub post
news release 2002c gaelic rootsrundeep in glasgow scottish executive
ill in victoria hospital kirkcaldyrunmrs [censored: surname] family in tuesday

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