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is er runnin roond runninrunninaboot the hoose er chargin
katie s moose is errunninroond runnin runnin aboot the
moose is er runnin roondrunninrunnin aboot the hoose er
week free kicks penalty kicksrunninroon the park press ups
incredible in fact i keptrunninevidently i don t remember
this but evidently i keptrunninthrough the house it was
came back the line startitrunninoot an ee gied the
rosslyn green fu o ducksrunninroond in circles numbers on
[sob] f1117: is your noserunninagain missy f1118: [exhale] [sob]
tae g- if i wasrunnindoon the road oh heavens
banks broo da fokk wisrunnin an some grippit me
since eh blud hid stertedrunninfae ma nose again but
somethin tae keep him fromrunninso i got the rope
the food oh they rerunnindoon the stair wait till
she says the tears wererunnindoon his f- he was
o days at the seasiderunninaboot daft on the sand
goes ah wis up anrunninand when ah d finished
half finished not up andrunnineither but this close to
there was like girls screaminrunninabout m816: aye m815: man
it was like middle distancerunnini did in school m816:
they wir aw supplied wirunninshoes gies mair jack daniel
fearsome sight the sweat isrunninaff her brew her legs
i couldnae have you allrunninroon in the cold m642:
heids till thur gae nearrunninaboot silence tess then hoo
till they ve gone sadierunninan hidin gordon they still
adap- adaptions till get thumrunninreduction boxes wee propellors an
the wind the kids wererunninabout an bein happy an
sadie an they ayewis willrunninaway is no the answer
ti mi nae where nearrunninaboot wis ah then berna
they spent their whole timerunninaboot in cagoules an bare
f1043: [inaudible] fan ye wasrunninawa fae somebody or you
says right you re ayerunninawa so i got i
garlic but he s awarunnincannae see him fur stoor
watter afore it taks arunninjump an sweems awa a
jerk caused by eh swellrunninin fae eh bay noo
of running around m194: ahrunninaround aye and i mean
when ye the water srunnindoon the the gutter an
ditch is no really arunninf1027: water f1026: well i
jist soakin weet water wisrunninoot o the erse o
failure wi me aw thatrunninaw that sparrin aw that
moving back aw the timerunninbackward we wurnae paed fur
go right fine i mrunninaway [laugh] an i would
f823: ah well an themrunnina ower the place an
government doesna tak ower therunnino pets hospitals ana or
a reason for makin thingsrunninthings together for speed or
o man he ended uprunnina chip shop in ballynahinch
doll cammy mah patience isrunninoot why s stew si
aye passenger trains was stillrunninpast but they didnae stop
farr s aa the puppiesrunnintae oh dear they re
ti play dada pat himrunninoff never gittin in touch
but ye ken the therunninan spendin the money m865:
yins will be up andrunninby st andrew s nicht
way that the grain srunninm1048: i was in erm
to be quite successful atrunnincall centres and all kinds

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