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thrush these are images thatrushforward heralds of the spring
thrush these are images thatrushforward when folk speak of
pillar enjoying my own nicotinerushfirst of the day first
tingling as the lovely nicotinerushmade her heart tender mellowed
a mud fight the adultsrushout dragging two girls each
round and with one madrushwere over the mud and
on saturday morning in arushafter oversleeping and headed for
we do not want torushbald headed into things and
wednesday march 1 friday arushas usual on 1st friday
to deal with the usualrushof phone calls also because
15 saturday usual saturday morningrushto rr v motherwell 1
each morning to avoid therushhour not returning till ten
cut short we joined therushof cinema leavers on the
bed but rest is uncomfortablerushin morning hardly any breakfast
this morning we ve arushorder on oh eh m
this evening i caught therushhour peak which meant furry
calling thomas s name thenrushto a place to look
n v slap skelter vrushskaum n vapor skiff v
items just in time torushinto mti and deliver the
you always in such arushmartha me beaumont yesterday you
through in england in arushthere is no chance to
bonnier the queen felt arusho bluid til hir heid
hand i felt a powerfulrushof warmth i think he
so every summer i justrushoot and buy ready made
daintily nae hint o arushwi her heid set weel
to no longer experience arushof adrenalin every time it
of it and i hoperushit through the bureaucracy it
the various check ins torushme through told them it
and that harmonised with therushof the car through the
and splay moss bounces fernsrushto genuflect rain and the
i ll just miss therushif i get awa noo
the cistern wi a mucklerushnoo ma budgie s jist
answer ronnie there s naerushye ken i was jist
e caase wis a sidewyesrusho water aff a steen
the tap she heard therushof water as she might
na alexander ere s naerushdiv you nae mind this
back to come in therushhoor wi nae change for
atten tae their ceevic dutyrushdoon tae asda an teem
e calf cam wi arushplypin doon on e strae
look i ll have torushi ve got to go
his line of 7s inrushthey look like a fence
today monday began with arushinto the embassy to borrow
four minute warning time torushout into the garden and
we did not want torushin without further thought the
spleet new split new sprotrushspurtle a stirring stick squaar
to be in a greatrushbut we ve had no
if you were in norushto get back either eh
think they re in anyrushto move f1155: oh right
had not been forced torushout its report perhaps that
as well i didn trushhim they re not oozing
and the familiar warm adrenalinerushenvelop him wendy seemed to
coorse o action wis taerushthem yince they had the
yes thanks i mutter andrushpast her across the stairhead
from a heavenly fissure wavesrushto my feet thick with
really going to be arushto be finished for christmas
tickets and causing a generalrushto the far exits those
said the need for therushwas to ensure that the
broom breet brute breezle hurryrushbreid oatcakes breist spad a
[laugh] it s that lastrushup the road m815: [inaudible]

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