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and chilled the snarling trafficrusheslike a sea a sparrow
wrinkled ice the snarling trafficrusheslike a sea the machar
want longley want longley mumrushesforward picks up the newly
nicely creased ah hope herushesto the bag opens it
yi dae pat turns andrushestoward bj bj faces pat
um laughs steve jumps uprushestoward ed tries to grab
wis sit an greet patrushesat lee starts to hit
her throat potted heid robbyrushesat zeb and starts to
starts to hit her jillyrushesto lee bj pulls pat
he pushes stew away dimpsrushesto the wall starts banging
look gawn face yursell jillyrushesbetween pat and bj jilly
thomson carrying an opened letterrushesin from outside greatly disturbed
so he s bursting herushesto the bathroom and pees
she can get off dodrushesin dod milking the drama
father comforts him while motherrushesfor a cloth and bowl
tracts into her hands andrushesoff she unties the string
to the handle while andyrushesat her as fast as
knew he wouldn t herushesoff down the garden path
air straight from the mountainrushesin a calm orison a
are engrossed in as isabelrushespell mell into a seriously
at last suddenly mummy frogrushesout of the kitchen with
aboot stew unlocks the doorrushesoutside cammy goes after him
oil magnates jostle where tiderushesforward cold and coffin grey
the anger the self haterushesthrough yur brain let rip
and all his messages andrushesout slamming the studio door
t lock the door agnesrushesto shut livingroom door pressing
for school she says andyrushesoff one hand in the
rase v rose rashes nrushesraw n row rax v
be in a state sherushesout neil reading from the
the whole universe and thenrushesto his fingers they ve
got to pee so herushesthrough the big urinal where

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