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dowe v decline dowf asaddowie a dismal drak v
v n doubt dowf asaddowie a sad drak v
doverin v snoozing dowf asaddrak v soak up drave
dowf a sad dowie asaddrak v soak up dreid
pepper but it is asadan waesum storie ah m
pepper but it is asadan waesum storie syne pompitie
vyce voice wad would waesumsadwae wan sad waff odor
would waesum sad wae wansadwaff odor waird guard walcum
waek a weak waesum asadwal n well walcum a
wae n sorrow waesum asadwalin n choice wap v
sad f1091: aw he lookssaddoesn t he m1092: and
aye okay m1092: look lookssadf1091: aw he looks sad
what s happened m1092: himsadf1091: oh he s sad
face f1122: can we [inhale]sadf1121: a sad face mmhm
we [inhale] sad f1121: asadface mmhm she is sad
sad f1091: oh he ssadhe doesn t feel well
f1038: sad it s actuallysadhow f1037: absolut- f1038: obsessive
sad face mmhm she issadisn t she f1122: aye
it s f1037: [laugh] f1038: sadit s actually sad how
so sad why s hesadm1092: cause him birthday the
but why is he sosadwhy s he sad m1092:
dout doubt dover doze dowiesaddozent stupified dreich dull dreid
flowe bog disjaskit downcast dowiesadkail vegetable broth wale choice
wae krista della lori ohsadis the fortune o aw
away krista della lori ohsadis the fortune o aw
silence lori sings oh ohsadis the fortune o aw
wis brocht on bi thesadnews a wikk or twa
ma heid wi the afasadnews o the daith o
his pass t on thesadnews o the daith o
very sorry to hear yoursadnews we remember meeting doll
pompitie starts to tell hissadstory there is an unexpected
think she s got asadface f1122: as well f1121:
a happy face or asadface f1122: sticking out her
hollow sockets moon wears asadface like a woman i
wood reads it in asadand trembly voice it is
began to talk in asadvoice about what it was
i don t feel sosadsilence jilly if yid jist
kanglin an killin makin yisadthey all laugh loudly silence
talk about happy times andsadtimes i regret not seeing
happy who s george [laugh]sadwoman [laugh] bet this is
gentle person it is speciallysadat this time of family
the royal family in theirsadbereavement affirms the great affection
still going about it issadwhen the family circle gets
feel them hot through thissadblack jacket my old boy
but erm i was reallysadf631: mmhm f634: you know
go though it s reallysadin a way i m
nope f643: you re asadold sowl really aren t
funny well it was quitesadreally is that aberdeenshire has
really in the conversation thinkingsadthoughts she avoids speaking to
then after things went reallysadwith him and carol tut
that s that s quitesadf1104: i haven t got
it quite it s quitesadwhen erm cause i i
gies the orders oot butsadly a dae aw the
did because i was sosadabout that you know that
ruled the corridors and mistresssadfedor not a miss because
f1113: that poor teddy ssadlook because it s raining
for him because of hissadserge uniform and his pitifully
slammer and because of thesadway he described it it
meh f1113: oh is hesadis he cryin f1114: yes
oh i think she ssadlook she s got a
imagine that were a verysadand sorry day in lerwick
me an you but aesadday ayont the fence we
talked of this being asadday for the scottish parliament
it could go wrong thatsadday it did go wrong
snp is it not asadday when we come to
con this is an oddlysadday when we say goodbye
basil s very cold andsadinside as restoration has hardly
through him oval green eyessadas all tomorrows wid ye
saw him chewing during hersadstory it would be the
didn t only make mesadit scunnert me he was
got gardens too f969: [tut]sadto say i don t
that happened here that wassadwisn t it m608: aye
ambulance [yawn] he ll besadwon t he m1096: aye
in welsh if he ssadhe sings country and western
he could reconstruct his worldsadill disillusioned and living with
an he sang it richtsadlike till ye near thocht
tae rig whit lay insadneglect he tottered up a
f965: which i think issadin a way f963: mm
like one of the ehmsadboxes i think that would
i think i think thesadthing about that is er
takes her time which issadanyway i should be seeing
bow or aureole trist issadcrickets are crickets but in
cheerful 45 it is asadepilogue that the embittered limping
is crucial it is asadfact that even if one
the motion it is asadfact that the good work
is and bade me asadgoodnight crushed i began to
made but it is asadindictment of our society that
information that is the backgroundsadis it not having sat
english friend she is asadlady with a sometimes appalling
we find ourselves in asadsituation today quality is not
to the proposal it issadthat less than 80 peers
stone s sentiments it issadthat we are involved in
an getting encore aifter encoresadto say one young lass
conversation folk go m842: mmsadto say some o it
the days his eyes seemedsadand soulful though i knew
on his stomach like asadbeached whale a hockey puck
autocad called elena southers asadfat cow that s his
a sly fag with hissadteacher mates in the garden
well maintained but it wassadto see in some instances
left her right in thatsadnew world poor ruined california
new thrissels grushie highland gatheringsadpibroch laments new thistles thriving
she returns with a rathersadlooking hen s feather which
tübingen and she ll besadto leave there in august
london it s been asadend to 88 on a
laytex laughathon with an ultimatelysadending it seems there s
be long now it ssadi ve met so many
it will be rather asadseason for you alice had
at ye it s asadstate o affairs andra whit
ye ken f643: it wassadwe d a young we
one man who i amsadto see did not make
a the vowel in hatsadback etc au the dipthong
just lay down like asadeyed little puppy and let
ma eyelids and ah feltsadfor a moment as ah
that that makes me asadperson but i do not
[sucks air through teeth] f1115: there s asadsnowman and a f1116: [sucks air through teeth]
incessant sprayin sam speugie ssadsong a saw a speugie
rest yoursel for a langsadtale i hae tae tell
intae that would be asadwaste noo if there was
s worse f1025: that ssad[laugh] f1023: yeah if f1024:
berna pause funerals mak misadthen then ah tak the
situation er that was maybesadyou know out would come
vows for they will breedsadstrife o hold your tongue
chuckling with them over thesadtales of the birdman who
with their minds full ofsadtales of american tourists returning
telly alongside morag we aresadand puzzled and thirsty we
been took them to thesadplace the place they were
across e parks cheery orsadaccordin till e occasion i
sabbin til hirsell an liltinsadsangs the haill nicht throu

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