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fiddlers come an fiddlers gosadlyan ma thochts turn t
old ass poor old asssadlythey bothered the poor old
sister she shakes her headsadlydod races in clutching his
flie meg shakes her headsadlyson ye dinna ken whit
ee aw ee aw eeawsadlythey bothered the poor old
a they wanted loretta gentlysadlydinna knock it peg peggy
and goes teenie sings slowlysadlyunaccompanied i ve had this
in scratty haunwritin slowly ansadlywe laid him doon we
wis spikkin poetry slowly andsadlywe laid him down from
mp in scotland phil galliesadlywe have only one conservative
it morag raises the swordsadlyand the puddok bows his
a richt they baith aresadlyjust young loretta aye i
i don t have memoriessadlyof like ever getting on
not nice meal bony bodyssadlythere worst enemies are men
[laugh] [laugh] f640: [laugh] f639: sadlyand eh f640: [laugh] f639:
the diva do here stuffsadlyas i walked down the
term was born and livedsadlyon this occasion the mother
who lived above me whosadlywas down s syndrome and
being at hame said moragsadlythen before she knew it
recently reported those figures aresadlyamong the lowest in western
she knew nothing about itsadlyi realised that i had
to speak foreign languages issadlylimited we must change these
ago business start ups aresadlyat an all time low
that was common long agosadlyerm because that was before
edinburgh from bristol barbara hassadlylost the baby was discharged
a scottish ban mrs warringtonsadlywe have lost our major
or embroider mary seaton leavessadlythe new lady in waiting
of his life in dumfriessadlyhe passed away at the
a big surprise to everyonesadlyi was a milk monitor
from government discrimination against themsadlyover the past few years
park entered from gibson streetsadlyprotest against such a massive
jimpin wis da description laekelysadlyowre true o da plight
weakly but not for longsadlyi gazed at the drifting
did a 50 eer synesadlyit s nae the same
1995 margaret john mcnicoll [note: photo: 'notice in mearns leader on the retirement of mrs innes, 1924.']sadlythe shop closed in december
for your loyal friendship marthasadlyah weel that s us
length of the ship wassadlyignored it is only in
regeneration of arbuthnott house gardenssadlythey never had any children
retiring they will all besadlymissed but they will just
s the case i llsadlysweir there s times they
our generation apart childhoods butsadlymany have vanished as a
goal did not seem inconceivablesadlythough it was not to
and flexible working arrangements aresadlylacking in some workplaces although
therefor reduce the overflow problemsadlysome residents are not taking
that reflects increasing efficiency butsadlyit also probably charts the
vast majority of members butsadlythe events that surround the
an equally inspired garden butsadlytoday all vegetation has been
night we bought pudding supperssadlythe family considered their options
heroes as virile and gulliblesadlywe returned to the neglected
oot o them fit forsadlyit s pairt o the
cannot be in the chambersadlyhe is dealing with the
in immediate danger of sinkingsadlyno tugs were available and
nationalist agenda for the parliamentsadlythe evidence for that is

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