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faur afghanistan th america yesaeadmired the braw new warld
efter that day turns ootsaeaffa braw tuesday 15 temp
temp 6 20 braw daysaeaffa warm an het aye
braw as jock s wyfesaeah wad sae ah tryit
awa oot comes the sinsaebonny an braw as nicht
blast country side dries upsaebonny an braw my forecast
6 fine tae see sinsaebonny an bricht braw day
sae braw see the parkssaebonny an green ere s
til hirsell whitna peitie thatsaebraw a lad soud gae
duncan leal banquo he issaebraw an bauld he s
18 this day turns ootsaebraw an fine richt fae
that strang an guid ansaebraw an whan ye gaed
festive mood in festive claessaebraw as tae the glitterin
be midday sin comes ootsaebraw bit it disnae tak
hear thon twa that screivedsaebraw cry wistfu ower tae
a gran day wi sinsaebraw doon be penann yalla
an jollity scholar sodjer poetsaebraw fareweel tae grace an
an jollity scholar sodjer poetsaebraw fareweel tae grace an
an jollity scholar sodjer poetsaebraw fareweel tae grace an
at nicht wi some sinsaebraw friday 5 temp 2
iron and slag ran ootsaebraw i continued there with
ye ll maybe nae looksaebraw in the mornin above
the bonnie fields the woodssaebraw it fairly taks yer
this lan hame or embrosaebraw leopard an lion it
same time ere s sinsaebraw noo i wid say
guidman hissel see hes bairniessaebraw sae hou is the
up later on wi sinsaebraw saturday 20th temp 3
wi a touch o sinsaebraw see the parks sae
comes the sin an shinessaebraw sunday 13th temp 10
dis come oot an shinessaebraw sunday 18th temp 8
foxglove in bloom it lookssaebraw sunday 2nd temp 5
day lang ere s sinsaebraw sunday 3rd temp 12
sae het wi the sinsaebraw sweat like a burn
the hous see o beautiessaebraw swith his een ay
in the efterneen wi sinsaebraw syrup o figs jonsar
noo she s a wifesaebraw tae a pirl o
ma runner beans are nosaebraw the pigeons had them
taewards nicht ere s sinsaebraw wednesday 17th temp 7
sin comes oot an shinessaebraw wednesday 18 temp 0
ower wi sun an wavesaebraw yet aa ma hairt
bit the day turns ootsaebricht an braw saturday 5th
wi weskits braw an patessaebricht but the lassies bak
the twa sin cornes ootsaefine an braw august friday
temp 5 5 mornin issaefine dry an braw rains
hous wad ye be fraesaegao the braw peyed his
frae onie airt at aasaegao the braw yokit in
18 aye this day issaegran an braw plenty o
en oot comes the sinsaehet an braw thursday 14th
see hes bairnies sae brawsaehou is the seggans ay
tick let alane a heidsteensaenoo i ain a braw
plumage the audience wis brawsaequaet ye cud hae hearkened
braw on ane o thaimsaeshe wappit the wab round
15 20 anither fine daysaesinny an braw aye at
please says gao the brawsaethe chaumerlan tuik him ti
telt us awthing macbeth ansaea did an a gaed
lest luik at gowd treesaeae forenicht he gaed inti
ti loss onie o itsaeaff she gaed but here
hei didnae haundle him richtsaeaff watt gaed doun tae
hed come ti the bitsaeane doorman gaed skelpin in
gaed jag jag jag jagsaeat lest he set out
the lassie til the knittinsaeaw gaed as afore an
it seemed coud wauken himsaeawa gaed the guidwyfe back
ferlie trout in the walsaeawa she gaed ti the
ti mak shuir ye kensaeawa she gaed til the
in gowd tree s bewtiesaeawa she gaed til the
she loued hir mither weillsaeawa she gaed wi a
nyow uinifurm oniegates a wesnasaecrouse whan a gaed ti
sic a steir ye tinksaedoun gaed the barman an
meet the maid that wessaeeydent an hir mither gaed
tae be gien a kidneysaefaist efter his kidneys gaed
the sheriffdom or stewartrie tounsaehe gaed aa about it
hir page as a messengersaehe gaed aff on his
the lave o his dayssaehe gaed awa til the
ma ill chaunce the daysaehe gaed on his wey
dae as he wes biddensaehe gaed oot ti the
here it gaed on fynesaehe mairrit hir an thay
me an a communist disnasaei gaed doon tae the
the chiel s character arichtsaei gaed ram stam aa
cam on a wee teahoussaein he gaed fund hissel
here an aa wad hesaeintil the waatoun he gaed
he gaed ahint the powniesaeit wis i the derk
or filmin he micht daesaejed an brian gaed fur
tell me ma richt namesaemadam gaed awa round the
auld maister gaed awa bensaemither an son thenkit the
in the evenin there wissaemuch talk fin jimmy gaed
saicont month o the springtimesaeout his chaumer he gaed
can speak on it mairsaeowrancer lu gaed nae mair
he gaed his brither scotssaequick tae save their kirk
ah felt sic a swynesaeseik o masell ah gaed
the pyock tae the millersaeshe gaed awa tae see
didna ken whit ti daesaeshe gaed awa ti spier
ye tell me quo ruthsaeshe gaed doon tae the
wuids the war naebodie abootsaeshe gaed inby an here
cribbie thou s twae ansaeshe gaed on or she
we ve got worries wirselsaeshe gaed tae her granny
we ve got worries wirselsaeshe gaed tae her granny
tak him for aw thatsaeshe gaed til the henwyfe
tak him for aw thatsaeshe gaed til the henwyfe
roun the back ti looksaeshi jin gaed ti the
gaed ti wauken the bairnssaethat thay an the streinger
ti inspeck the royal bairnsaethe auld carl gaed richt
byuss chaumer aw til itsellsaethe days gaed by an
l mairrie ye wi pleisirsaethe forenicht gaed in the
anither wird wad she saysaethe keing gaed awa wi
dine at the palace marischalsaethe marischal gaed out ti
she gries ti mairrie yesaethe prince gaed ti see
sheriff on the policy sidesaethe sheriff principal gaed straucht
the queen loued hir weillsaethe tyme gaed in brawlie
nest sleep s teller 1saethe wee hen gaed hame
bi a cannie auld drauchtismansaethe yokin gaed forrit bonilie
some wee bits o ballantssaeti the dramshops we gaed
the glint aff their skinsaewe gaed tae the watter
wouldna gang near his faithersaeye gaed in his place
the licht o the muinsaedoun ti the cleuch thay
gin habetrot didnae help hirsaeeftir thay haed stertit thair
whan thay ken ye irsaefekless but mysie juist leuch
the place thay didna kensaefinn an the jynar the
it dis thay caw himsaefor he lykes naething better
his ain thay haed thatsaenou thay haed a guid
haed thay no keepit himsaeor the princess set him
louder thay raired an skellochtsaethat puir mhairi wes lyke
taen guid care o thaimsaethat thay never wantit for
kent he wes sair mittiltsaethay aw ran the fester
siccar naebodie can win outsaethay baith lay doun ahint
an the burds coud speiksaethay coud whan it wes
can richt luik eftir itsaethay did juist that an
lat us see whit befawssaethay did juist that an
a wey inti the keepsaethay did juist that an
coorse beiss that he issaethay did juist that an
no quicker in the makkinsaethay ir an ir we
thay ir but tuim wurdssaethay ir whit wul ye
the lave o thair dayssaethay laired the driaglin hogney
said she wes seekin sairvicesaethay pat hir intil the
never wantit for oniething mairsaethay war aw behauden til
thair bairns an thair plenishinssaethay wul rin oot yeir
ma dochters wul be lostsaethay wul the kaims for
hoose mebbies twuntie acre orsaethay wur weil kent til
wurth the kennin we divsaeye daft tawpie but thay
wes gracie in hir thochtssaea maun bid ye fareweill
wey o peyin ye backsaea maun e en dae
wes aw strowed an tintsaea maun entertene ye wi
siclike an it maun besaea rare ploy says yang
pugguilt ah im fair forfochensaeah im but this maun
man in lyfe an daithsaeah maun gie back yeir
ti mairrie wi the princesaeah wul an ye maun
8 12 crocus dis looksaebonny an bricht maun admit
maun forgie me for sayinsaebut ah juist canna thole
ma shouders or ma backsaegriefs like bairns maun fa
birk up an dinna luiksaehattert ye maun be blyth
bappy wis a man bodiesaehe maun hae a man
burn is the richt anesaehe maun prie thaim ti
s aa that i haesaeit e en maun dae
the girnal is amaist tuimsaeit is an ah maun
paip at commandit him aysaeit maun be an he
ocht it wis gey souplesaeit maun hae been still
an dreich an dowie ansaeit maun hae dane them
an ochone syne again ochonesaemaun a lass greit whan
if ye can sing thensaemaun i fechtin birds as
chrysanths i the hairst timesaemaun it be see for
life and ane was deidsaemaun it be wi oor
ticht the sizzens cheenge ansaemaun we bit fyles wi
sae thrang wages are scarcesaemony maun gyang far fur
haun maun eik his bandsaenae son nor oe o
aith ye hae dishonored yeirsellsaenou ye maun dee lyke
he here ti serr yuesaenou ye maun wurk ye
we lea yir senselie ruitssaepurifeit maun be whan for
sae sall a or thesaesall a nane at maun
she kent she maun diesaeshe cawed the keing til
whit neist ye maun daesaeshe gat hir sowp o
winna gang ah maun speaksaethat ye faither winna gae
thai aw maun bi praisentsaethe maitter cuid bi haimmered
a thing ah maun daesaethe saumon soumed awa fell
the nou at a distancesaeti speak we maun mak
he taks the hail clanjamphreysaewe maun hae a warld
deil taks the hail clanjamphreysaewe maun seek social justice
wadnae hae suited the ithersaeye maun bigg yer dyke
it binna finn the wycesaeye maun follae me this
im pittin glaumerie on yesaeye maun forder on whuther
the company ah like bestsaeye maun leave me aw
macbeth makes an effort ansaea wul ma luve an
m fair seik o itsaeah im enter ferapont wul
ah wul dae juist thatsaeah wul an here it
but ah wul help yesaeah wul in monie things
owre the heid wi thaimsaeah wul morag o mither
wul gie ye a haundsaeah wul open you this
wul gie ye a haundsaeah wul open you this
ye ootby on ma backsaeah wul sae ye can
leather ye blek an bluesaeah wul she catches sight
o ma haund til yesaeah wul shona livid with
ye a haill gowd piecesaeah wul the bakstar wes
tyme ah l gang owresaeah wul ti speak wi
mair ivan romanych chebutykin tenderlysaeah wul toozenbach aw this
again ah l kill himsaeah wul whaever haes taen
be wantin ma siller backsaeah wul wutch dinna you
ti ruif it fur yesaeat the auld meinister wul
me wi hir be insaebonnie ye wul rue aw
glamis haes murdert sleep ansaecawdor wul sleep nae mair
iain an wul ye besaeguid as ti cum wi
faither an ye wul besaeguid as ti gie me
fowk wul be lyke yousaein twa or thrie hunder
the derkest plaid o hellsaema sherp knyfe wul no
wul speak but the aincesaemynd weill ma wurds yeir
wul settil awthing for ussaeon ti war they all
be lauchabil an it wesnasaepathetic ma mither wul hae
we wul speak thegither ansaeshe did but the puddok
shuirlie kill me this tymesaeshe wul but the auld
an she wul kill mesaeshe wul she disna lyke
hou wul it keep itsellsaesmertlyke ransetsu 1654 1707 the
is whit ah wul daesaethe ill hertit siller tree
wunner at sae ye wulsaethegither the yungest lassie an
whit ye wul gie mesaethink weill on t ma
whit ye wul gie mesaethink weill on t ma
whit ye wul gie mesaethink weill on t ma
ah wul can gae insaewhitfor no nou sae whit
ma back sae ah wulsaeye can breithe the caller
nou wutch sae ye wulsaeye wul but juist a
o breid an aither maetsaeye wul hae rowth this
see sumthing ti wunner atsaeye wul sae thegither the
ti gang hame nou wutchsaeye wul sae ye wul
it wul dae hir guidsaeye wul shuirlie obleige me
ti anger it wis aasaea meditation staff micht warsle
airm aboot ma shouthers brithersaeah micht beir ye up
fill it up than craetursaeah micht gang on ma
yid liggin i the carsaeat hei micht hae his
cheil malcolm ye micht thinksaebut jek s a rael
micht be a göd ideesaedat generations i da future
the tyme micht naw beisaefer aff n whan juidgin
micht a sailor mak yetsaefor colin the crew an
americay gin fowk hidna binsaegreedy oor climate micht be
oot hir airms ti callumsaehe micht tak the paerls
the stakes micht no besaeheich i this novel eftir
hame fur the sabbath daysaehis mither micht wash his
been proven in ither countriessaeit micht be best juist
cartoons tae keep them quaetsaeit micht be easier nur
tell ye micht no haesaelang yersel an whit s
wis daein thon i feltsaemaisterfu i micht hae bin
like a bit o jewellrysaeshe micht makk a guid
fyne saft bed til hirsellsaeshe micht sleep the nicht
tae lee tae the bairnsaeshe micht win awa easier
that baet me aunsir mesaethat ah micht believe ah
yeir pinkie throu the kieholesaethat ah micht kiss it
fairies ettilt ti claucht iainsaethat he micht play for
see hir faither the keingsaethat he micht thenk him
gittin quut o his guidsonsaethat hir ain son micht
the micht o hir airmsaethat it dang the mukkil
he birlt roun tipper taessaethat rab micht see his
hir spinnin bi the wattirsydesaethat she micht breithe the
the ettin hae stown hirsaethat she micht spin for
the sie keing is lordsaethat the keing micht finnd
aith stoppin at ilkie linesaethe halflins micht chant it
wi aa his micht ansaethe twae set aff again
churchill said he hid taesaethe warld micht be free
his littlins tae his roomsaethey micht takk their leave
selection o five diffrent anessaeye micht be leukin at
duin as mukkil for himsaea wad from the chinese
thae louns forsay thair guiltsaea wad say macbeth did
wad warm ma lugs ansaeae day when a wis
s wyfe sae ah wadsaeah tryit it on ane
be gled ti obleige yesaeah wad but ah im
mosquitoes here vershinin is thatsaeah wad hae thocht ye
even twa hunder an fortiesaeah wad say that twa
awfu fond o ma mansaeah wad toozenbach to soliony
hir fuit he wad mairriesaeaw the leddies o the
but yeirsell wad hae beensaebauld ye can jalouse hou
thocht the tinks wad growsaebig they re shuir ti
bawbees in a bevvie houssaecarl wad lear o maitters
certain or aa s bysaeefter this naebodie wad daur
mercat like yersels on buirdsaefaur we wad be gey
fowk wad lee includin mesaefit s perversion queen tricked
for weavin wad ye besaeguid as ti byde hame
thaim an ye wad besaeguid as ti cairrie thaim
road hame wad ye besaeguid as ti flie roun
saftlyke an ye wad besaeguid as ti gie me
ye please wad ye besaeguid as ti gie me
craw pie wad ye besaeguid as ti mak twal
road hame wad ye besaeguid as ti obleige me
the timmer on ti tammassaehe cuid wad the rid
ither wad pleise the queensaehe promisst an suin the
nor ye a sicht bonniersaehe soumed awa an wad
wad skinkil lyke the sunsaehe stuck the needle wi
auld for gittin cried upsaehe thocht he wad cry
wad be shut bi thensaehe turnt aff the kingsway
wad speir at that ansaehis mind made up he
etten nocht forby lentren maitsaehou wad a no be
mony mansions if it werenasaei wad hae telt ye
this whit a brawlyke placesaeit is it wad tak
here the day tho leirsmansaeit wad be grand thing
skinkil lyke the sun itsellsaeit wad here ah coud
that greenock men wad stoopsaelow to strike wi sik
deed auld jude wad getsaemony thoosan as lang as
fou whaur wad he cadgesaemuckle siller hou no juist
for it what ye desyresaemukkil ye wad hae richtlie
lyke hir sisters she wesnasaeproud an wad tak help
thocht it wad faa outsaes deep amang the rashie
weimen wad fecht they aresaesair doun dung malcolm aweill
lug had wund the linesaethat a rug wad roose
tourie o his best bonnetsaethat it wad skinkil lyke
wes a frein o hirssaethat jennie wad nae langir
lyke a gaun about bodiesaethat naebodie wad hae kent
on oor wee dochter ansaethe bul wad never ken
it wad be weill duinsaethe perr o thaim wrocht
fur gweed or ill ansaethey wad anely pit in
think ye a richt chairmersaethey wad even the best
ti hear aboot it pompitiesaewad ah broun ogre ay
that kills thair faithers ansaewad fleance tae a ve
big an me be insaewee pepper ah wad hae
plack nor bodle frae himsaewhaur wad we seek the
a bawbee in hir poutchsaewhit wad the lykes o
boats tae cross the oceansaewi a steir wad deave
bairn malcolm ah wad howpsaeye mean oor bairn shuirlie
anither an it gits lichtsaeaerlie the sun juist poors
l be lyke ti feinishsaeah l juist awa nou
verra room ah byde insaeah ve juist made up
juist tell me this issaean a l gie ye
ah l juist awa nousaeawa doun ti the grund
the keing did juist thatsaeblyth wes he ti hae
the place ye cam fraesaecallum did juist that an
wey the feet winnae sinksaefaur in thon wis juist
tae mak that ferm tounsaegleesum ay it s juist
bank while ithers mebbe nosaeguid juist swam twa strokes
is a byordnar guid bairnsaehe is we l juist
cannae heid a gowf basaehe juist drappit like a
ll juist affront big liusaehe juist hed ti bid
wis set on him playinsaehe juist hed ti lowt
gate oot o his weysaehe juist hid tae stell
on ti hir no himsaehe juist smirtilt at hir
juist lift some o tsaehe lowsed the sash giein
tak the cup an preesaeilka ane juist tell me
ye dinna mynd me sayinsaeis juist yeir imagination an
this this is juist awfusaeit is enter koolyghin koolyghin
back o the clock facesaeit wis stickin up juist
a guid dochter til yesaejuist haud you yeir wheisht
on the river ayr nousaejuist watch hou ye fish
his siller says owrancer lusaejuist you lea da auld
is no made up yitsaejuist you sleep here the
when wir been away forsaelang it juist gets completely
ye kyth in this warldsaelate cummin ti me juist
aw turnt oot ti besaemonie haivers juist a lot
five o the wee libbetssaeno juist daurin ti gang
askin this dochter wesna juistsaeprood as hir aulder sister
at ye ti come juistsaes ti cleik ye for
we affront the lord clerksaesairlie juist lay yir misdoutins
horse cums back again ansaeshe did juist that an
ti open ane o thaimsaeshe did juist that she
is lauchabil this castle issaestrang we l juist lat
we juist lea ye gaesaethe auld ane tuik his
see whit ye sal seesaethe princess did juist that
s hous for a shitesaethe servitor juist cudna help
a chyce politicisation or survivalsaethis isna juist a moral
byde in thare for shuirsaewe l juist hae ti
d owrelook his failins eldersaewe ll juist hae ti
seen things wirna juist rinninsaeweill an wir jinkin about
wumman whan ah ken hirsaeweill mercie maister juist yestrein
juist ferr owre prood awthegithersaeye ir nanse princesses haes
a sale or return basissaeye juist hae tae pey
sin was strong bit ilkysaeaften ere wis a fleein
nicht bit the sin comessaebonny an bricht friday 20th
tae nicht ere s sinsaebonny aye days like this
is the day wi sinsaebonny shoor or twa o
nicht sin comes oot shinessaebricht saturday 17th temp 7
in the mornin tae sinsaebricht think tae mysel it
the edder sin ye haesaedune ah ban ye abune
air oot comes the sinsaefine an rare friday 12th
en the sin peeps throosaefine an rare friday 19th
en the sin comes ootsaefine tae see later on
en oot pops the sinsaefine tae see monday 24th
win dis blaw comes ootsaefine wi some sin ana
fine mornin wi some sinsaefine wid this i winner
sin bairnheid bot nou wessaeforwandert at shae begoud ti
18 here s a daysaegran wi plenty o sin
16th temp 15 26 daysaehet wi the sin sae
fine an fair sin naesaestrong gran day eence mair
true nicolai hou ir yesaeabsent myndit the day a
veisitors ah feel fair shysaeah div hou ir ye
ir we no that hungiriesaebake you bannoks for us
l forgie me for sayinsaebut ye ir a bit
ir that the r naebodiesaefair naewhaur in aw the
a kenna whitfor ye irsaeill on me ah hae
ir fair stervin wi kempinsaelang an sae haurd for
for me tae min tsaelang ir maybe nae richt
fyne but hou ir yesaelate man it s eftir
tenderly ye ir sae palesaelousum yeir fauch face seems
rowth the ir o thatsaemhairi wrocht awa but the
to irena tenderly ye irsaepale sae lousum yeir fauch
sydes but hou ir yesaeshuir it wes shona that
knicht leuch sayin ir yesaeshuir ma bauld laddie ah
loud voice haein thair dennersaethey ir they r haein
tae they r that kyndsaethey ir walks off ah
the anes ti help yesaewe ir but never a
whyte an lookin fair bonniesaeye ir a clock strikes
malcolm sae ye ir shonasaeye ir but the branks
mebbe a wee thing deleiritsaeye ir it s awricht
ye r owre prood awthegithersaeye ir nou ah m
mistress in this houss malcolmsaeye ir shona sae ye
nor aw ye r worthsaeye ir there is a
a sicht for sair eensaeye ir this is a
ir a wee thing forritsumsaeye ir we dinna even
ye r a cankert bruitsaeye ir whit ails ye
wantit hir for his wyfesaeae day he says til
tyme o day wi hirsaeah div ah l never
tyme o day wi hirsaeah div pompitie ah l
heid poued aff hir shuinsaeas no ti wauken hir
puirlyke craitur sae ah imsaeas ye l ken hir
wi the aix this morninsaebeatrix wes brocht til hir
whan she soud hae beensaeblyth sae mysie telt hir
o hir ain but nosaebonnie as the keing s
streinger cam in she luikitsaebonnie in hir caller blue
an faither loued hir weillsaedid awbodie in the kinrik
kis hir dochter haed beensaeeydent or ti greit that
tell me the haill storiesaefergal telt hir aw that
lat hir ah m nosaefond o fashions quo she
hir naething about important maitterssaehe askit hir ti luik
coudna beir ti lair hirsaehe laid hir corp in
saw hir in the morninsaehe lat the wurfs gyde
ane o hir front feetsaehe taen hir til a
hir the same gait ansaeit wes that the saicont
a bittie fornyawed an hairsesaejohn telt hir whan scotland
ye need ti torment hirsaelang faither whit guid did
wes laid up no weillsaemeg pat on hir bonnet
soud hae been sae blythsaemysie telt hir whit wes
til the kirk the daysaerashiecoat pat on hir coat
a waddin o z ainsaeruth telt hir mither o
traivil for hirsell at awsaeshe aunsirt hir mither sayin
bairn seeminlie thocht sae taesaeshe bangs aff hir knees
for hir ti gang inbysaeshe did sae syne she
hir dae she did thatsaeshe doukit a tassie int
ye whit ti dae neistsaeshe gat hir milk an
mak the denner for hirsaeshe pat on the coat
an she wes unco feirtsaeshe ran ti finnd hir
shut up in a nunneriesaeshe sat doun wi hir
grein ti see hir guidmansaeshe sent aff hir page
gie hir wurd o himsaeshe spak ti the saumon
the be in that shuirliesaeshe stak hir pinkie throu
the puddok chynge his myndsaeshe turnt hir steps for
thaim hir bairn seeminlie thochtsaetae sae she bangs aff
burds liltin amang the shawssaethare she sat hir lane
cormac s hert fair meltitsaethat he telt hir awthing
fair gat roun his hertsaethat he wantit hir for
meg mendit hir daftlyke weyssaethat in the hinner end
div lyke a sentimental sangsaethat s hir deid we
mou an hael hir tungsaethat she coud speak aince
frae the huntin the daysaethe yungest lassie an hir
wey hir mou haed turntsaeugsum she tryit ti tell
on a fat green puddoksaewhan hir dochter cam hame
kempin at hir spinnin wheelsaewhan hir mither saw ane
ah telt ye o ansaewi the bairn in hir
warld better nor hir evensaeye can be shuir she
that is yeir wull maistersaeye winna see hir again
houanever awthing s awricht nousaeah can relax for a
nou pompitie div ye thinksaeah daursay ye r richt
mind t it an crawsaecrouse hark nou ye ll
hae yeir paerls sauf nousaedrink for ti freshen yeirsell
dae as ye bid mesaefinn steered nou this airt
that wis bigger nor mesaeit nou can be said
him here ti me nousaemen wir sent affhaun ti
whit scots wants fae govrenmentsaenou a come tae ma
her husband doen t hearsaenou ah hae ti spend
pyne o this stourie warldsaenou he wants to quit
lassie befell this ane taesaenou here wes the puir
contert it an fyled itsaenou it dings ye doun
be duin in wycelyke tymesaenou ma thenks ti ye
a saet sits down vershininsaenou ma wyfe haes taen
cam frae thair plauntins asweillsaenou thai thocht ti pit
mass agin this unchancie smitsaenou the pest s clean
graithed ti mairch for scotlandsaenou we l gang thegither
banquo banquo ay ay macbethsaenou ye hae it aw
an murderin ma son moulasaenou ye ken faither that
burn whaur he wis bornsaenou ye ken ye puir
fauts frae nou on mindsaeprofunditas gat up claspit his
wi that morag ah howpsaepuddok quaet nou staun still
sic things nou macbeth issaeroosed at this report he
an wantit him for hirsellsaeshe did but nou he
forby she wes nou feirtsaeshe said wi feim in
in the haill warl orsaeshe thocht weill nou tyme
road nou for a msaesteep t in bluid bi
haes stown awa an fledsaethey are nou suspekkit ross
in sae whitfor no nousaewhit did she dae but
meinister complete wi whyt neksaeye ar awauk nou ar
s awa wi t nousaezhu wu speirit at them
quut o his guid dochtersaeae nicht whan beatrix wes
made a guid bit biggersaeas tae cut doon the
dreels it maks fir warksaeeasy noo richt guid it
masell or hauf sae guidsaefar as a can tell
up ye git than brithersaefor a guid whyle baith
but it s no nosaeguid as it wes the
see ye ye wadna besaeguid as ti gie me
ah mean ye wadna besaeguid as ti pass me
ma yungest lyke laddie ayesaeguid at finndin nocht ti
luggit strae shuin at ssaeguid for sclimmin bens or
the lord cam past ansaeguid morning god say i
better than masell or haufsaeguid sae far as a
dance she s been eversaeguid shiney black bits tappin
bit click it birls aroonsaeguid tae yaise tis far
goot ma hearin s naesaeguid they days cam claise
me richt it s nosaeguid this time o nicht
his frein s guid fortuinsaehe held his tung an
his gress wuid bei snedditsaehei bade yid guid day
m a guid reader sandysaei ll mak it plain
ma gentil frein wi honorsaemonie promises gret guid fortuin
makkin o guid claith forsaemukkil a houss an haudin
wis aa in guid fettlesaes he d be able
up a wee bit mairsaeshe cuid git a guid
blek puddens war rael guidsaeshe flang the threid doun
she s a guid lassiesaeshe is the hollow sound
a guid education aabody saidsaeshe sattled fur playin at
a guid dounsettin yonder ansaethe twa mither an son
gied them their needfu fendinsaewi her twa guid dochters
sumthing lyke that ah thochtsaeah can see it aw
wantit ti git aheid lykesaeah made oot ah wes
ah didna lyke masell aithersaeah needit a favorite dream
a wee bit lyke lermontovsaeah ve been telt takes
dae ye hae ti besaecoorse lyke ye ken wi
heid aye guides his hertsaehe s no lyke ti
lyke thair maisters haed beensaehe tiggit thaim tae wi
l be roond here lykesaemonie bees aboot a hinnie
rinnin aboot the gairden lykesaemonie butterflies an ah didna
lit up an lowin lykesaemonie gleids but the ooter
aye soonds ti me lykesaemonie jeuks quack quackin in
gloamin the rain wes lykesaemonie silken threids throu the
we hae been smoored lykesaemonie weeds in a gairden
a soond lyke a thunnerclapsaethare she wes weill awa
crakkin thegither lyke auld freinssaethat caermoulis fand out awthing
lyke his brither syne hesaethe licht an cam til
sumbodie frae the same tounsaeunexpekkit lyke eagerly ah mynd
wark ye look sae yungsaewaesum lyke a pause irena
lyke we can help yesaewe can brave lad that
lyke ti favor merciless macdonaldsaeweill supplied wi kerns an
frae yeir wark ye looksaeyung sae waesum lyke a
mirren suid byde i dernsaea bed wes brocht ben
the fluirs wes aw rottensaea howkit thaim out bot
a wes seik o tsaea retoured ti wirkin in
forleit a wes ane alienarsaea sloped aff afoir thai
mainage ti veisit ye thansaea tryst wes gried for
ti see whitlyke it wessaeae nicht whan awbodie wes
the ruims wes apperandlie tuimsaeaw pairties wes fell astonist
aneuch for awbodie ti daesaeawbodie wes eydent aw day
gied ye truibil that wesnasaebad wes it malcolm a
pit his dochter ti daithsaebeatrix wes taen ferr inti
mysie s fiers that warnasaebonnie as she wes finndin
wes mukkil behauden til thaimsaecallum raxt oot his haund
weill hou did he gitsaecauld yestrein he wes fevert
skarcelins onie support a wessaefeirt at the biggin wuid
wes nearer it wadna besaeferr awa an as it
a queen again an mairsaefor siller tree wes the
at john suid convoy mirrensaegif shae wes arreistit the
it wes the yill taukinsaehe bocht anither roun ti
wi the gait s hertsaehe wes feart ti say
cairrie hame til his guidwyfesaehe wes feelin gey blyth
bene sicna kemp o scotlandsaehe wes happie ti gie
daunced an sang in itsaehe wes naething ferlit this
the wal o true wattirsaehou wes she ti finnd
thegither 1st murderer it wessaeit please yeir hieness macbeth
bot tammas wes ower waiksaeit tuik a hale ouk
steids mair ootlin nor dreamssaeit wes that callum sklam
aw oor leevin days ansaeit wes that the perr
fend for itsell again ansaeit wes that this verra
the fisher lad for hirsellsaeit wes that whan she
but mair wes ti cumsaeit wes the neist mornin
tae whit they hed nosaelang syne at wes restrictit
ootby but ai she wessaelittil uised wi darg that
efrika he wes wantin kinsaema mither an faither adopit
o border ballatrie lang synesaemirren wes gien a cushin
elm tree in the forestsaesaid alasdair wes ah no
me thir days the mairsaesen breinger wes killed he
ebenezer a draucht at wessaesharrow at it hauddit hiz
wes a fairie nae doutsaeshe prays an greits an
wes a weaver ti tradesaeshe says the morn ah
up aye she wes hungiriesaeshe taen anither pudden syne
year shuirlie she haed orsaeshe thocht an awbodie wes
near the wutch she wessaesherp an wyce aweill said
that afore ah wes neversaeskunnert in aw ma born
an thaim lauchin an yatterinsaethat mhairi wes verra near
that ah wes never bornsaethat naebodie haes ever heard
counsail to autoreise the skamesaethe biggin wes selt an
the clouse frae the lochansaethe burn wes nerr dray
wes reduced ti a whuspersaethe fowersum set roun lik
wes the man she sochtsaethe gangril wes gien the
hear mair or lang gaesaethe guidwyfe whan she wes
at daw awbodie wes sayinsaethe hert o the princess
causies cuivert wi smuith tarmacadamsaethe journay embrowan wes eith
frizzel hed ti lauch ansaethe wes griement thai set
believe in masell ah wessaewaek syne ah thocht on
smaw fendin ti plenish thaimsaewhan the auldest ane wes
simmer whan awthing wes greensaewhan the guidman cam hame
m tammas wes yit onawaurssaewhan the k nicht snekkit
nems wes gied out einsaewir faither thocht it wyce
fair taen up wi murdosaeafore verra lang he brocht
sleepin ah im fair duinsaeah im ah dinnae think
m fair worn oot awthegithersaeah im ah m aw
m fair depressed the daysaeah im ah m dowie
m fair cheerie the daysaeah im ah m in
day ah m fair blythsaeah im goes to the
ah m fair worn ootsaeah im listens olga whit
fair fur ye tae staunsaecomely there a think ye
puir lassie wis fair faimishinsaedoon she sclims an dunts
yon snod lawn bit nanesaefair as thon three graces
xmas star dae ye shinesaefair jist for the sake
wife sae saft sae freshsaefair o whit a chynge
the air richt bonny daysaefine an fair sunday 9th
temp 3 12 anither daysaefine an fair wi a
temp 2 6 april beginssaefine dry an fair bit
enter macbeth and banquo macbethsaefoul an fair a day
the air hale day langsaefresh an fair saturday 3rd
doon how can ye bloomsaefresh and fair how can
for a wife sae saftsaefresh sae fair o whit
fair sae green an fairsaegreen an fair oh the
braes are green an fairsaegreen an fair sae green
a hae turnt fair weirdlesssaehe hunkert doun on a
and prolonged kiss ye haesaemonie veisitors ah feel fair
jist no fair tae peysaemuch frae here tae there
my piggy for a wifesaesaft sae fresh sae fair
o men cut aff ansaethe buik o kennin fair
purpose he s fair flieinsaewe durstna lat oniebodie gae
mither wi her bad turnsaewe re fair behadden ti
had his fill o carksaeaa ae simmer lang while
wi kempin sae lang ansaehaurd for ye mair bannocks
eftir siccan a lang whylesaehe made fergal a yerl
no rintoul ay ah doutsaeit s a lang wey
meltit whan she hard thaimsaeit wesna verra lang or
mynd this road be insaelang afore a hae turnt
o hauf the warld forsaelang ai but asyde this
a wumman liggs in jizzensaelang anerlie sall he be
in it for ye banquosaelang as a loss nane
want said callum oniething avasaelang as ma lassie gangs
ti tyme ye r groweinsaelang as men can brethe
time an keep ithers waitinsaelang aye doctor a m
been dreamin aboot it forsaelang day an nicht but
wrangs yer fellow man ssaelang endured in chains an
o keepin the secret fursaelang fearin that gin she
but you usually kept itsaelang it was rotten afore
brethe or ein can seisaelang leives this an this
been keepit kickin yeir heelssaelang ootby but ah didna
sat furth in ullans nosaelang syne but a m
wisna chaip fin it tuiksaelang tae gaither fin aa
june his been a sayinsaelang tae say that jist
as a shelt s tailsaelang that she cud sit
kent they wadnae steyd theresaelang withoot n they d
wi zhu wu an themsaes in ane lang time
lang s ah can staunsaeshe ran ahint this prince
here for he kens aabodiesaeshi jin wisna lang o
bends then lang straucht milessaesmooth ye d scarce ken
in the lang simmer dayssaestill an hot the oak
at he duin lang synesaethai wesna autentyfe or ein
couldna bide awa lang noosaethe final fleerish wig whistle
in the lang wunter nichtssaethe knicht o the riddils
anaith galumerie an haes beensaethis monie a lang year
lang damp wi a mistsaeweet blaws throo a win
be keing in his steidsaeae nicht she says til
coud ever want an mairsaeah hae an til this
birth til a breirdin warldsaeautumn draks the nectar o
wutch but she s nosaebad she s walcum til
s the son o mansaebrawlie saint tae be til
til yeir hert s contentsaedid fergal no hyst the
fergal kentna whaur nor housaefergal bad fareweill til his
ma sowl devauls til entropiesaehaes it been for fower
fae a curn rocks nearhaundsaehe crasp up tentilyke til
til himsell as his guidwyfesaehe said ah canna help
the keing spak the trruithsaehe spak back til him
dae til a quyne ansaeit cam aboot that mysie
we hae tae staun alanesaeleal til ye that nae
are and wham we sairsaeleal til ye that we
you this dure ti mesaemhairi wunnerin til hirsell opent
til the guidwyfe s hertsaeshe sat doun on the
tammas med raifts o msaethai flaited douce lik til
the craig til the forelaundsaethat oniebodie that wantit coud
this til ye dearest wyfesaethat ye wadna loss the
for staunin up til himsaethe ae an ane thing
takkin tent til yeir wurdssaethe keing o the ootlin
gledlie gied thaim til himsaethe yungest laddie set oot
at ma fuit l macbethsaewhat haes happent til the
hingin about says quarto wangsaea cam strecht ti the
nae benignitor ti bield ussaea didna gang there we
nor ti binnd they warsaea heartell enter macduff here
the damish ti the foundssaea hed ti howk up
bene smoured fur the nichtsaea hed ti lay asyde
re ither wechtie reasons taesaea l hae ti murn
is baith by wi tsaea m for gaun ti
kin o thrang wi warksaea m no up ti
nae mair profunditas wis bleizinsaea m no up ti
sair ti chap thaim affsaea speired at broun ti
for ti mak inti claithsaeaerlie neist mornin owre she
wyse me ti the forestsaeaff he an his sairvant
she moula ah dinna thinksaeah m stertin ti wunner
a wee bit broun ogresaeah need ti hae ma
want ti dae at awsaeah said ti masell this
director shaved his mustache affsaeah shavit mynes aff ti
ti be queen o thesaean ring owre sic a
hes he a wadna thinksaean ti his henchmen he
whitever he needit ti kensaeas quick as fyreflaucht finn
lat thaim awa in peacesaeat lest she said ti
comin out ti hinder themsaeauld jin an his dochter
sorraes he retoured ti bedsaeaye stervin wi hungir john
the brae on the windsaeback ti his chaumer he
aiblins she l no besaebad aince we git ti
ti say rats is nosaebad aince ye git ti
that even rats is nosaebad aince ye git ti
this ill dispensation an remeidsaebrocht ti the commontie the
inpit a mukkil concrete leksaebroun hed ti bak cum
ceivil o ye ti saysaebut ah ken fyne ah
leuched at me fur beinsaecude an telt me ti
ane wi this saikless lyfesaedear ti me a wee
thriven laund eenou ti mesaedeir cauldrife an courin fae
ti cairrie out sicna threitsaeebenezer telt thaim at thai
ti the sheriffdom o stentsauchtsaeeen tho marischal gao sens
syne ye se no besaefain ti jouk our cumpanie
upon yeir luve are yesaefeart than for ti match
want ti be sindert ayesaeferr frae ye ma goun
awfu day ti bring yesaeferr maister rintoul rintoul ah
gled malcolm ye canna besaegled as ah im ti
aither that ye r nosaegleg as ye uised ti
he says he s nosaegleg ti gie this ane
mither wis on the mendsaehe buskit hissel ti be
sumthing ti shaw for itsaehe bydit his tyme an
ti send for a doctorsaehe roused his twae prentices
as the sklimmar haed saidsaehe set ti wark first
tak misdoutins i the chapelsaehe skelpit back ti the
dinna you apen thae yettssaehe speilt the lether ti
be the wey o tsaehe tellt his fowk ti
them ettlin ti kep themsaehe tuik a creepie frae
muisic he loued ti hearsaehis mither cryit him inby
ti learn the thrawart craitursaehou no gie him a
the ootmaist wey ti leevesaei come greetin ower your
wumman ti gaird ma treisirsaeill ti mak ma bairn
be hairt eident but ginsaeit s ti be a
the forenicht an gray derksaeit seemed best ti the
ti gurgle doun the kazzysaelat s declare oor holy
nae limit ti their girthsaelat s fecht fecht fir
ken hou ti kill himsaelippen weill ti me fergal
contrair ti the gainest gatesaeluve an your ain fairheid
an mary spoke ti josephsaemeek an sae mild joseph
an hurrie up aboot itsaemhairi fell tae ti bake
ti joseph sae meek ansaemild joseph gaithir me some
twenes ti dyne that nichtsaemirren cuid leir o the
whit ti say ah thinksaemukkil shame ah kenna hou
z deid wyfe at duinsaemukkil ti bigg thair clachan
the kintra he aince duinsaemukkil ti heize up didna
awa led a dizzen orsaeo his governmenters ti owrancer
hed come ti the bitsaeout the simmer hous he
frae yeir baunk instrukkit mirrensaepuir tammas hed ti hypothecat
ah felt mair blyth ansaerelieved sumhou ah wantit ti
ti chant aff his chairmssaes he ll can forder
wis stertin ti owretak himsaes he stauchert an snappert
bounds there ti be demittitsaes the lieges o the
sic a gret kinrik ansaeshe gried gledlie ti mairrie
pittin a fingir on himsaeshe haed ti cum hame
nae tyme ti win awasaeshe hid hirsell ahint a
monie flouers that grew tharesaeshe ran doun ti the
hert wesna unco sair owrelaidensaeshe thinks ti hae sum
out at he hed benesaestupit as ti likk the
whan the richt tyme cumssaetak tent ti whit ah
a sojer ti be seinsaethai approched the staitioun tentie
mirren birled the horss rounsaethai cuidna pit hauns ti
ti mak ae lest bannoksaethat ma guidman can swallae
mandat ti gubern the kintrasaethe bew bunnets an saltyre
ilk ti frichten the titherssaethe faither telt thaim ti
sent them ti the palacesaethe prince thenkit him ance
tak me ti that stepsaethe sairvant taen his maister
bricht mune begude ti risesaethere wis shi jin sittin
out ti bid them walcomesaethey gat doun frae their
ti be their flesh merchantsaethis is the kin o
nivver as strang i scotlandsaeti hae thon skybal skechin
suid believe in sic thingssaeti redd his mynd o
bit keek at thae demonssaeti the abbeymaister quo he
an be dune wi tsaeti the lord clerk he
that ll mebbes dae itsaeti the sheriff principal he
been daein for ti gitsaewabbitie an wabblie an weepie
ye been daein ti gitsaewabbitie an wobblie an waebwegaen
s ti come awa insaewang jin bade the auld
ill quo the auld bodiesaewang jin gat ti his
wiss ti caw it dounsaewe biggit ower the tap
wee whyle god be thenkitsaewe hae ti leave again
for game wi aa thissaewe haena onie by ti
kythin clair as ye lyksaewe telt the maister ti
the strenth on the hillsaewe thocht ti gang ti
ll can come near himsaewe ve ti owrelook his
the verra man that fochtsaeweill ti set me free
naebodie was speak ti himsaewhan een cam on he
ti the day hed dawedsaewhan naebodie hed seen them
doctour hed ti be soumandsaewhan the lad s faither
a m ti apen itsaewhaur s the hairm a
shame ti shaw a hertsaewhyte there is again a
end begins ti dwyne ansaewi men the bands o
the siller ti pey zsaewir twa cumpanies tuik him
ti forres wha are thirsaewuthert an sae outlin in
cum ti be wi yesaeye hae said the princess
ti be wi ye moragsaeye hae ti tell ye
git ti yeir bed aerliersaeye soud irena is bobik
prick yow ow ow needlesaeye war gaun ti keep
sae bricht day comes ootsaeaffa sinny an het och
m a gey puirlyke craitursaeah im sae as ye
sae ai ah div howpsaeah m sair missin it
new broun ogre ah howpsaeai ah div howp sae
or anither queen ah howpsaeai ah div howp sae
wi thunner plumps an lichtninsaebricht day comes oot sae
brither sae far frae hamesaecauld in bluid the tune
life ma love ma joysaeclose sae dear a cannae
love ma joy sae closesaedear a cannae tell ye
vyce is sae dour ansaedeep ruitit that gin a
aye sae did yer guidfaithersaedid aw edinburgh ye ll
syne ye kent him ayesaedid yer guidfaither sae did
that in masell vyce issaedour an sae deep ruitit
there s nae remeid brithersaefar frae hame sae cauld
an göd fun as weelsaefar sae göd noo normally
fun as weel sae farsaegöd noo normally a boady
biggest breidth sae they werenasaeill for faain apairt fin
bird sae it is teltsaeit is said fin he
up plumes like a birdsaeit is telt sae it
touch sae saft an smilesaejanty kiss sae sweet and
freshly slowtered maet an whasaekibby or sae whick at
sae ai ah div howpsaenanse ah m shuir she
are thir sae wuthert ansaeoutlin in thair claes they
as sun in autumn touchsaesaft an smile sae janty
sae wearie wi mishanters ansaesair dounhauden the re naething
lees kennin naethin o thesaesall a or the sae
she s a wee bewtiesaeshe is natasha sae the
an smile sae janty kisssaesweet and words sae tender
gang inby sae she didsaesyne she turnt roun for
kiss sae sweet and wordssaetender gentle man my gentle
ill uise me this gaitsaethe knicht said sae ye
bewtie sae she is natashasaethe morn ah l be
stratifeet across eir biggest breidthsaethey werena sae ill for
sang bonnie the harebell dauncinsaethrang wages are scarce sae
murderer an a m anithersaewearie wi mishanters an sae
an wha sae kibby orsaewhick at still hedd cast
gait sae the knicht saidsaeye can speak ye randie
milk an turn it broonsaea aye gie in tae
door macduff a l maksaebauld as gie him a
gie ye by this lasssaeboaz and ruth were weddit
me du s got sillersaegie me da len o
an owrancer o the wardenriesaehe dochtna gie onie direck
river an as he didsaehe said ah l gie
a l no gie insaehere ma shield afore me
leal gie us a heftsaeleal that we sall nevir
o trial they will notsaemuch as gie a bark
neuks tae gie ye flegssaeshe waukit on till she
wings he bandages partans shellssaesurely a vet can gie
isna or the 15t novembersaetae gie aw the schuils
out the ryaltie o inglandsaethe border gairds wuid gie
the layin on o haunssaethe elder cud gie the
gie a bodie wat trooserssaethey had tae let him
ll gie ye that ansaewis the pure crystal fountain
gie ye back yeir groatsaeye can buy yeirsell a
tither hoy hame at aincesaea can bouster up yeir
laist 10 15 yeir orsaea coudnae bot tent the
yeir cummin duncan nods ansaea l tak ma leave
yonder fur 50 yeir orsaean billy hes been doon
leddie mysie myne binna yousaebauld or yeir warm hert
leddie mysie myne binna yousaebauld or yeir warm hert
haed been guilty o ingratitudesaebyuss are yeir monie services
yeir skreives haes taen mesaeferr ootby masell a ken
aet ataw an hedna duinsaefur saxtie or mair yeir
yeir bed yestrein ye lysaelate this mornin porter losh
gunlöd haes the snaw fawnsaelourd yeir maimories haes been
mebbies fur ten yeir orsaemajor dunlop wis ae weedower
fur mebbies saivrel yeir orsaemrs stavert bade wi him
shuir it s no haufsaesair as haein yeir tung
yeir bonnie lassie is haudensaeshe is bi the ettin
yeir ranks an places heresaesit ye doun accordin frae
cosie hidie holl fur yesaesup yeir tay an whan
yeir faither brocht ye heresaethe christians wadna win near
no be needin yeir poulticesaeye can pit it awa
for ah was scuddy nakitsaeah coorit awa quo he
ay an wechts o jadesaebeir awa see the flouerie
tint virginity lassie kneelin theresaeblate wash awa it s
2 16 day starts awasaebonny an bricht dry an
hae passed awa a msaedwaibly an dune whit s
rin oot for a looksaee jist chaaed awa an
ava the yowe is naesaefaur awa ye ll fin
awa an as it issaeferr awa it canna be
2 9 day starts awasaefine an mild win dis
mowdie turned awa nae ladsaefine could mean her hairm
awa frae the leid ansaegiean it a chance o
thou need na start awasaehasty wi bickerin brattle i
an i wasna offert themsaehe went awa again chrissie
job wis on e railwayssaehe wis awa fae hame
afore the flee cam awasaei went back up tae
kept awa frae nuptial chainssaeilka day was aa his
denner can wait the daysaeit can an awa she
was it wi him awasaemuckle loretta oh i didna
tae keep awa fairies naethinsaenochtie as fairies na tae
sand fae bein washt awasaequick big rab taen a
twa sons alsweel her guidmansaeshe yede awa wi her
it jouks awa intil eternitiesaethat ah canna finnd it
they birled an chantit awasaethe javons larned wi neither
awa leavin nae royal bairnsaethe officiars o policy an
a soft merk ye seesaethe queen sailed awa athort
badger s deid an awasaethere s nae herm in
they war sent awa airliesaethey cuid cry in for
awa in the universe ansaethey sent oot their missionaries
has come tae show defiancesaethrow awa yer tory drum
ah hae dreamed aboot yesaeaften an this mornin whan
for lack o a witnesssaeah cam ower for you
oot ah can see yesaeah can an ilka tyme
oot ah can see yesaeah can whan he hears
but ah im cowpit owresaeah canna cum weill than
byde at hame the nichtsaeah canna please cum koolyghin
i setsill on the bladsaeah cognosit for ah in
bodie that can help ussaeah dae littil bannok ye
fiord lest spring thorfinn undisturbedsaeah did messenger ye reived
him queen maister rintoul aysaeah did nanse he s
the side div ye thinksaeah didna ken ah m
hae connacht ma haill lyfesaeah div howp this wean
chairge o a battery heresaeah flittit oot here ye
want o me the daysaeah hae cum ma brither
chynge sic names intae lallanssaeah hae lat them bide
stammik onie mair raw anessaeah haed the ithers fryit
a wee bit feart masellsaeah hid masell gey smertlyke
ah m sair aw owresaeah im green leaf dae
as the best o thaimsaeah im syne eilidh sent
as dry as a sticksaeah im this is gey
ma frein orm ai aysaeah im thorfinn orm ah
awfu joco thorfinn joco aysaeah im valgerd to thorfinn
mither moula ah dinna thinksaeah m that taen up
redds up ah redd doonsaeah rackon ah m in
eesit for daygoon alsweel cloaksaeah walit mantua for ruth
is it ye r nosaeauld as ah thocht gin
an the booze is nosaebad an whiles ah ll
wutch but she s nosaebad as ah thocht she
up wi diarrhoea queen nosaebad as that but ah
ah didna ken ye warsaebad queen imperiously did ah
ye daein orm orm nosaebad whan ah can win
dinna ken hou ah feelsaeblyth in ma hert the
days you an me warsaeblyth thegither gin ah leeve
pepper a a ah thinksaebroun ogre ye l be
an if it wisnae haufsaedear ah d stan ye
at me gunnar ah imsaedisjaskit in speirit but sit
maid jennie an she wesnasaeferr anaith ma statioin ah
aw at aince ah feltsaehappy an ah thocht o
yeirsell believe me ah msaehappy that ful o luiv
hou is it ah msaehappy the day it s
o yours olga laughs aysaehe dis ah think he
wadna be sindert frae himsaehe said ah l cum
again mair lanesum nor aforesaehere im ah back on
best word ah ever heardsaeit is enter shona looking
m no masell awthegither thorfinnsaeit seems ah m hearin
gaen hame irena ah believesaekoolyghin kisses irena s hand
in years but ah kensaelittle for aw ah think
mither dae ye no thinksaemeg ah hae seen waur
o teeth moula ah supposesaemeg awbodie kens a fee
yon but whan ah seensaemonie fowk ah coudna help
ah im ah m dowiesaenever you heed me laughs
bobik is no weill ansaeoniewey ah dinna ken an
claes ah thocht he lookitsaeplain an dowf ah stertit
m prood anaw but nosaeprood as yeirsell for ah
wauken morag ay ah thinksaepuddok ah m awfu cauld
me weel ye shouldnae besaerash tho ah wis jist
that eilidh ah m nosaeshuir aboot that aiblins she
for cummin back wi moulasaesuin ah ve been coontin
dernt in ma tuim chaumersaesyne ah burn a pikkil
fand it on the commonsaethat s whit ah did
warld shuir an ah imsaethe sklimmar taen the reivar
follae eftir ah promise yesaethe yungest quyne raxt oot
bergain quio the green wummansaethoums war wat ah se
face na ah dinna thinksaewe l finnd oot for
uised tae be ma teachersaewe scattert an ah skelpt
book awthing in it seemssaeauld an obvious but whan
the ithers fryit they warnasaebad whan they war weill
ay maist fowk is nosaebad whan ye ken thaim
realised that you were yousaegreat an true whan thae
hogney whan he saw himsaehe made up his mynd
facit whan he waukens upsaei hae brocht his troosers
total aboot echteen months orsaesax month whan hame on
whan aw said an duinsaeshe pat on sum auld
ill at this the mairsaewhan aw the princes peyed
frae the warld o mensaewhan gress breirds baith blyth
in the kegs ran doonsaewhan he deed a year
bi mortal men the mairsaewhan it is played on
wi his day s warksaewhan murdo gat back frae
or did in his cumpaniesaewhan the draiglin hogney spierit
at hame aa the mairsaewhan they fand oot he
tho mebbe ye winna thinksaewhan ye hear it an
it wis an edinburgh holidaysaea hid the day aff
s gaun again the mornsaeaff he goes despite it
ye couldna want tae meetsaeaff she rins tae draw
an nae smell o fishsaeaff they went the three
maybe i ll no rinsaeaften if they lay aff
ll tak your finger affsaeclean ye ll ken naithing
ain maisters an ett themsaedichtin humankind frae aff the
an again some split heidssaeeven withoot a tip aff
white boat lyin aff shoresaefiona an sue wha made
bane and by unglowerin godssaefired that he lauched aff
cheil wantit tae hear ansaehe rattled it aff like
switch aff aa the samesaei likit the quaet o
fae the warld s merrimataziesaelichtsome i ll step aff
3 8 mornin starts affsaemild again bit taewards nicht
hid been strippit aff insaemony places at ere wis
aff for the promised lansaemoses wi his kith an
tak his mind aff thingssaethare he wis sittin at
bairn an cuidna be shiftitsaethe men buddies skyved aff
wis drappin aff tae sleepsaewe decided tae gae doun
temp 12 20 anither daysaeaffa warm an fine cood
temp2 10 richt fine daysaebonny an bricht affa close
temp 1 14 gran daysaebonny an fine wid this
bit the day turns ootsaefine an bricht thursday 21
the hale day dis blawsaefine an dry bit a
4 8 rainfall 2 16saefine wither this i canna
o oddities cam tae lichtsaei likit fine tae be
9 16 richt fine daysaemild as weel taewards nicht
we ll get on finesaethe haill companie cudna help
fine pleaset tae be eresaewis e dutch lad i

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