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wes mebbe ah m owresafthertit but ah ve never
she s aye been asafthertit lassie ah uised ti
sae grey or bald orsaftthat some ither warm hertit
saturday 4th temp 15 15saftaffa saft is the win
temp 15 15 saft affasaftis the win fae the
the feel o the saftsaftnylon slippin up her legs
sexily the feel o thesaftsaft nylon slippin up her
win intae us dis blawsaftbit roch maks the day
bonnie cuirs an grunnin thesaftplasteik agin the roch glidders
11 rainfall 4 16 rochsaftwin blaws fae the sooth
tongue skelp ontae isie ssaftplump haun isie menzies ye
isie bit still hid asaftspot fur minnie jewellery ay
princess opent a pair osaftbonnie broun een an luikit
but thay keepit aye thairsaftbroun een whan thair faither
hir een war broun ansaftshe wure nae cleidin on
wi gowden broun hair ansaftvyces for the liltin an
the grund sabs an issaftagain gae heicher an finnd
ben the mukkil necklace osaftglisterin paerls she wad finnd
kis thay canna finnd asaftsaet but the burds flichter
hung ry grun yit ifsaftflush lint wuz chancy for
yird it bene beilt onsaftgrun we yokit ti the
a steam haimmer till esaftgrun wis as firm s
neen cauld fine warm ansaftsaturday 14 temp 8 12
feet be plankit nor asaftwarm back yet still an
his bare feet throu thesaftwarm sand as he gaed
an warm bit affa affasaftwednesday 25 temp 3 10
2 16 ere s asaftwin warm an rare for
10 20 blustery win saesaftaye an het better simmer
thursday 12 temp 2 6saftblustery win the hale day
in thon place nae simmersaftan braw there winter reigns
neuks snaadrifts o clouds slidesaftthegither in archetypal simmer weather
some mess a clood osaftess wid rise an coat
thraw aff the coat osaftfur he wure onlie in
the warmth in the affasaftblast en of coorse a
an lichtit fin gloamin fellsaftan grey like a widda
anaith his feet felt assaftas a cloud o fethers
his back i like asaftbed nae mair cauld feet
hid her face in thesaftpillaes o it but syne
telt her om she chantedsaftsyne lood syne looder still
dr bandara s quinie chantinsaftsyne lood syne looder the
ll find yer bed issaftat nicht they ll feed
oot in the hey ssaftbed dreepin inno ma lug
he gied hir a fynesaftbed til hirsell sae she
bed wi its bowster osaftrose silk he taen hir
some peat mosses is atsaftat ye canna hae legs
faither s that fushionless ansafthe canna pingle wi him
sun in autumn touch saesaftan smile sae janty kiss
piggy for a wife saesaftsae fresh sae fair o
dees at thae words thesaftherted auld geezer felt the
left elbae diggin intae thesaftsand so s he cuid
an her designs an yonsaftfair hair that swung doon
kieran wis fair wi asaftsappy mou an twa eebroos
his heid wis twice assaftas his hert he was
seems ti be a bitsafti the heid she weirs
maist o aa ane assaftin the heid as jed
mill a feel o onybodysafthairtit fur a laddie wi
wishes war tears that draptsaftas the rain i d
the linn tells fit thesaftrain did yer lauch reels
alang the balcony twis asaftquaet nicht nae a braith
money onywey it wis asaftstill july nicht an wad
the fire place an souchinsaftan slow anent the rowan
the lamps war lichtit asaftgutterin lowe an the fire
the snaa hid laid asaftfite bowster that wis criss
adv soul saet n seatsafta soft sain v bless
t v wis forgotten abootsafthe muttered i could hae
mouthfu whaur the gress grewsaftan green an cushats passed
a green byler suit ansaftshune that were no even
aw winter the wedder wessaftan waarm fur the tyme
fur a laddie wi whitesaftbank clerk s hauns musician
frae the muirs like asaftdusky plaid slidderin its lang
lang watter o yangzi seesaftmay ye rin a weary
altho the wather s uncosaftan westlin wins yer feathers
flooers on the table naesaftlichts backgrun music nae waiters
a kettle thur is whustlinsaftnae tune mind elsewhaur whustlin
ambulance sirens skreichin ower thesaftair the driver says she
soun comes ower strang orsafts ye cannae hear it
we lost wi bein owersafttaewards oor opponents suddenly the
we cuid juist hear thesaftmurmur o vyces abune the
glen wes aw cuivert wisaftbrounie gray fog an thare
polist the lectronic etin wisaftclouts suin the bricht lemes
a pluffer powkin oot esaftfite intimmers wi a handy
dingin on rale faist ansaftnoo wi flakes the size
sing thaim ti sleep wisaftsea muisic an whan the
dinna unnerstan it wis asaftkinna black it made ye
a fusper jenny gied asaftskreich the unborn bairn wis
sayin onything ere wis somesaftspots on e road ye
flissy bruck frae windows mootenedsaftas muck he titivated herd
frae italy they re bigsaftbruits an as quait as
sprig o scotia s stocksaftcurls upon his croon a
an turrets glinkin in thesaftemerant licht o this unco
airm the mukkil necklace osaftglisterin paerls an it skinkilt
ti ryde it alang thesaftgress bi the syde o
o the toun cam thesaftplaintive cry o the whaup
roun the back there weresaftthuds an a clink o
an beguid ti caird thesaftwoo ti git it reddie
doun leibral lik an asaftgray wheichit awaw the lave
son an at that thesaftherted lassie brast oot greetin
a shoe makar tae maksaftleather sheen for weemen an
wumman ah m mebbe nosaftbut ah m no haurd
a nettle i m assaftas heavy metal i staun
coups snaw tae shaw hoosaftshe is spring claeths hur
he was lyin kirnin amangsaftsoap pease meal corn floor
you ll look for thesaftroute the funny thing is
a bastard breed unlike thatsafttongu d melody which now
the mountain taps explore insaftjuly the showdin hey is

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