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shid taken me dimps fucksakeabuse kens nae boundaries fi
in judgement here dimps fucksakeah dey wanti ti hear
made me his mrs fucksakeah wis ten yur auld
side holds him dimps fucksakean eppy they turns gee
dimps sits up dimps fucksakeaw this pish aboot secrets
be coming here dimps fucksakebites his nails cammy paranoia
jerkin aw that jumpin fucksakebites his nails cammy shut
come fi dimps dimps fucksakedey gee um mah real
faithir sniffin efter um fucksakedimps lies down curls his
hackin bits oot his fucksakedimps struggles to get up
vulnerable wounds still weepin fucksakego easy ih so help
pushes steve away dimps fucksakehe s gonnae take an
endeth the lesson dimps fucksakehow long s this gonnae
ur mingin dimps dimps fucksakeironin mah socks tell yi
drink since dimps pause fucksakeis this an aa meetin
like were they fuck ssakekeep your voice doon margaret
hisell scotty scotty dimps fucksakelaughs it s the fuckin
sucks his thumb dimps fucksakelong silence stew oanythin fur
love in mi pause fucksakema pause efter yi went
oot terrible much fuck ssakemurray was guffawing now this
ironing the sheets dimps fucksakepause where the hell s
oan the beach dimps fucksakesilence dimps if ah d
deep scars dimps fuck fucksakesteve crawls to the door
gittin stronger every dimps fucksakestew let mi grovel in
thit him an me fucksakestew part o the abusers
yursell through this dimps fucksakestew you re the yin
to stop silence stew fucksakethis therapy dictates this therapy
group therefore ah dimps fucksakewhat happened ti the confidentiality
the what is the fucksakewhat s gonnae happen ti
cammy mr mi5 dimps fucksakewi cannae jist letoany body
come on charlie fuck ssakeyou must remember him mind
scars enter stew dimps fucksakeyou re a nutter cammy
shorter than that for goodnesssakeand i think it was
handle that sadie fur goodnesssakebeth say somethin speak beth
people f963: oh for goodnesssakef965: came and went and
event f963: oh for goodnesssakef965: of an invasion and
to say oh for goodnesssakegive him the watch and
expect so sadie fur goodnesssakegordon widnae touch your money
do sadie oh fur goodnesssakehave you got oney money
f606: [laugh] f831: for goodnesssakenaebody understands a word ye
me f963: oh for goodnesssakeyeah f965: and i said
report an ainly for thesakeo clarity each will get
report and only for thesakeof clarity each will be
be representative and for thesakeof clarity it is also
highlight those areas for thesakeof clarity part 1 of
done the convener for thesakeof clarity which of the
clothes off for heaven ssakeanswer me that seriously you
subject of for heaven ssakedid you not see deana
sadie oh fur heaven ssakewant a mop ye could
thought oh for heaven ssakewhat s aw they white
off lilian for heaven ssakewhit are ye thinking o
know [laugh] m1048: christ ssakego and look at clothes
s family fur christ ssakemarion he spluttered seriously frustrated
na na for christ ssakena malcolm ah dinna think
s wedding for christ ssakenaewhere better in actual fact
m 44 for christ ssakewhy can t i smoke
it aff fur christ ssakeyir seriously disturbin me here
in church for god ssakeagain should be in my
smash plates for god ssakeand most of them are
in nappies for god ssakeand right away there was
a horse for god ssakeand the radio person gave
to me for god ssakeanswer the phone and i
be serious for god ssakebeing serious at this i
o love for god ssakecome doon tae earth an
come from for god ssakeda da da he gurgles
fictional character for god ssakeehm and the justice minister
was like for god ssakef1154: [sniff] [laugh] [cough] f1155:
rest yer hans an godsakefin ye sit doon for
murdered him for god ssakehe he f606: [audience laugh] yeah
a politician for god ssakehe must be well aware
sort of for god ssakehe s like you re
john john for god ssakei m chokin the anger
mine said for god ssakei think she got sick
yeah f1155: for god ssakekind of thing [cough] but
hearth rug for god ssakelass later he said glancing
his seat for god ssakelet s get oot o
like sweeties for god ssakelike bibles at a missionaries
says babe for god ssakem1014: what what was it
same pew for god ssakeperhaps the unspoken agreement is
out dad for god ssakeshe counselled why give yourself
shut up for god ssakeshut up shut up i
gatecrashing oh for god ssakestop looking so shocked you
with condensation for god ssakestop that whining i m
before and for god ssaketidy yourself up a bit
s sadie for god ssakewhat gordon she s got
me said for god ssakewhy don t you just
me alane for gaud ssakeand dinna hairm me whereupon
me alane for gaud ssakedinna hairm me whereupon pantagruel
iz alane for heivin ssakegoes off with the pram
sees beth oh fur oneysakecarolanne guides beth s unsteady
enters sadie oh fur oneysaketo gordon look she s
are only human fur guidnesssakea ken the line abune
m here fur gordon ssakean that s aw there
buee sit doon fur oanysakei dinna kein ralph cum
lee fur the mathieson ssakekennin fo little the bruces
care o them fur mysakelassie sweir it an afore
slow doon fur peety ssakenae need tae batter on
aw wantin thir prezzies fursakeo the bairnies we ll
snib da door fur mercysakesure enyoch hit wis ony
enjoy studying for their ownsakeand then just see what
pursue them for their ownsakebut perhaps this is the
enjoys just for its ownsakef1150: yeah f1151: i think
more stubborn for its ownsakeshe is seen to be
her around for its ownsaketo the possible detriment of
wul be for hir ainsakean no for yours knicht
on aboot it for oniesakesighs aweill the sojers wul
thorfinn for yeir dochter ssakeye wul hae the chaunce
thing for the lassie ssakegeorgie i dinna ken chrissie
kind ghost for pity ssakeactions more than epithets can
proposal for her mother ssakeafter an improvised marrriage ceremony
one included for form ssakealthough one hated to waste
me a leatherin for masakeawa you an sleep says
coming deana please for mysakeaway outside and join the
came home for lilian ssakebeaumont how s that jack
maybe he stayed for yoursakecontinued the old woman he
is t for heivin ssakecries chebutykin the baron haes
ti fleitch him for masakedid ye never think o
need to bide for mysakegladys to peggy she taks
it for little david ssakegood job opportunities reasonably cheap
have art for art ssakehe clearly hasn t been
will live for johnny ssakehe ll make a thing
ask me to for hersakelilian oh no i can
begged me for betty ssakenot to reveal anything that
can be civilised for hersakenothing is civilised when my
jack it was for thesakeo betty all the same
hjoland [laugh] but for thesakeo [exhale] ehm postal address
sae fair jist for thesakeo the lucky fyew is
think it s for thesakeo the siller i m
ye maun thole for thesakeo yeir faith gunlöd thorfinn
must be protected for thesakeof all of us 15
continues mr ingram for thesakeof argument if the scottish
midwives different but for thesakeof ensuring that the nurses
consider doing that for thesakeof having a debate but
meditatin on it for thesakeof it i m talkin
differently from westminster for thesakeof it it is worth
it here not for thesakeof making scots nurses and
re smiling piously for thesakeof mourners you hardly know
the papers enlarged for thesakeof our eyesight and so
what is happening for thesakeof our young people please
or sometimes thought for thesakeof politeness when offered something
so it s for thesakeof the community that you
them up higher for thesakeof the double decker m608:
make that point for thesakeof the next debate in
yeir bletherin tung for oniesakequeen doun ablo the green
gin it wisna for dysakequo profunditas a d knock
tree for his dochter ssakesae the island haed a
pain orm for peitie ssakesay nae mair orm ai
them angelica for pete ssakeshe s in the kitchen
rab says for goad ssaketam caa canny wi that
his enemies for religion ssakethat those are his m608:
that bankin for heiven ssakewull no doun here ah
jist for aul time ssakeye ken change of mood
an that for ma puirsakeye ll clip an cleid
it s for freinship ssakeye speak says shi jin
lyke a hero for hirsakeye winna dee a skellum
the queen hir mither ssakean wesna she the prood
in the sieve lord ssakeladdie quo the fairmer s
it m1098: [sob] no f1097: sakem1098: no that s too
tae dae it fir thesakeo ma girls ma lassies
i stood still fir chrissakeandy we ve nae time

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