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a feller puzzin an ahsalgie ye a gowpenfu gowd
puzzin in t an ahsalrewaird ye wi a neivefu
intil a wee bottil ahsalgie ye an we sal
we sal see whit wesalsee an whan at nichtfaw
ye sal see whit yesalsee nanse seeing the puddok
ye sal see whit yesalsee sae the princess did
sal gie ye an wesalsee whit we sal see
ma bonnie ane an yesalsee whit ye sal see
ma bonnie ane an yesalsee whit ye sal see
tane sal wun the tithersalshare aw oor leevin days
thegither an whitever the tanesalwun the tither sal share
said the needle syne ahsalshew yeir sleeves thegither an
no needle aweill syne ahsalshew yeir sleeves thegither an
auldest guidson ae day ahsalbe queen masell an ah
auldest guidson ae day ahsalbe queen masell an ah
behind her pompitie nou ahsalflie hame for ma tea
his door pompitie nou ahsalflie hame he turns to
hir houss dure nou ahsalflie hame thocht pompitie but
n season saitin n satinsalv shall sanct n saint
ferr awa ahint masell whasalah look til on wha
amang the green bens ahsallauch quaetlyke ti masell ma
jag an said nou wesalgang an hunt for the
ti help hir nou wesalgang an hunt for the
an the neist day wesalbe mairrit ah can promise
whit maitters nou the lavesalfollae eftir ah promise ye
wesna me needle nou wesalset oot for the houss
in this houss but yesalken tae whit ti be
o the gret sea whitsalah send him for a
of ilk parochyn to landwartsaltax and stent the haill
no an ye dinna yesaltraivel the haill wyde wald
a book but nou ahsalfinnd it ill ti keep
git me that an yesalhae yeir bonnie lassie awa
wauken ye up an yesalbe fed the bairns did
hir the morn guidwyfe ahsalfesh ye a hantil lint
dyke the morn we baithsalkneel an lay tae rest
till soft low cal fruitsal2 3 segmented oranges 1
no git the chaunce wesallock ye in the chaumer
nit an see whit yesalsee keep the ither twa
burg hill be brunt housalah leeve as suin as
ashet gin ye dinna ahsaldee an fient anither wird
the guid denner that ahsalmak for ye that wey
ye winna loue me ahsalpray for the pouer ti
haes been a lee ahsalsacrifice the respect ah haed
r nae fasherie for ahsaltak him up on ma
riddil o ma ain ahsaltell him that ah m
wul in monie things yesalsee but first yeir fuit
innocent sair severe sairie sorrysalshall sant disappear sauf safe
you wi me an wesalsee things an steids mair
wul be keings banquo yousalbe keing macbeth an thane
in the flesk an awsalbe weill aff wi ye
are an cawdor an yesalbe what is promised ye
three witches first witch whansalwe thrie meet again in
frae this day forrit hesalbe cryit prince o cumberland
the beginnin for that causesala man leave his faither

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