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chopin and george sand luissalvadorand vyborni catalina homar and
biography of the archduke luissalvadorbut she shakes her head
engravings by the archduke luissalvadorengrosses me then i wander
to the calle archduke luissalvadorgerman and english tourists predominantly
of salvador s names luissalvadormaria jose bautista domingo raniero
property of the archduke luissalvadornot far from the music
street is calle archduke luissalvadorpresumably it was the theological
madrid etc etc and luissalvadors father leopold ii of
two scillies descending from luissalvadors grandfather carlos iii of
mull over the litany ofsalvadors names luis salvador maria
sight of something astonishing luissalvadors second visit to mallorca
the day when archduke luissalvadorsailed into the port in
terraces overlooking the sea luissalvadorsurveyed his tremendous territory the
life of the archduke luissalvadorthe old man had installed
headed for calle archduke luissalvadorto meet luis and liv
sea in 1914 archduke luissalvadorwas asleep in a hotel
according to several informants luissalvadorwrote after his visit to
homar was the daughter ofsalvadors carpenter at son moragues
insisting that catalina homar wassalvadors great love when none
baptiste corot was no moresalvadors mistress than catalina homar
fact that catalina homar wassalvadors mistress the truth of
catalina homar here catalina enchantedsalvadorwith a song but long
s another archduke myth thatsalvadoradopted mallorca as his home
other illustrations for las balearessalvadorand vyborni the archduke and
in the archduke s absencesalvadordescribed this later in a
father leopold ii of tuscanysalvadorhas quite a pedigree as
the grand duchess of tuscanysalvadors mother finally visited mallorca
the grand duchess of tuscanysalvadors mother finally visited mallorca
madrid barcelona and chicago thatsalvadordepended on catalina for the
any foundation to this fantasysalvadoreven called catalina the madonna
phloxera and in april 1905salvadorlearned of catalina s death
on so it was withsalvadorafter vyborni s death it
yacht was commandeered to transportsalvadorand vyborni on a journey
care striding towards the theatresalvadorand watislaw vyborni had been
astonishing rock of sa fordadadasalvadorbereft of vyborni was listening
enraged salvador threw vyborni outsalvadorbrought forward his plans to
las baleares from the setsalvadorproduced and published first in
vyborni was the passion ofsalvadors life were an esoteric
other and i wonder ifsalvadors secret memorial to vyborni
his confession at miramar enragedsalvadorthrew vyborni out salvador brought
miramar to this day forsalvadorvyborni was the beautiful boy
volume of las baleares whensalvadorwas away now the general
off from miramar and mallorcasalvadordied at brandeis castle the
been installed at son morroigsalvadorlived at miramar the herreros
settled on the miramar coastsalvadorno longer needed the alias
scandal the brilliant days ofsalvadors miramar had ended with
seem almost within reach wrotesalvadorwhen he reached miramar increasingly
life after he bought miramarsalvadorwrote to his mother come
with enthusiasm for ramon llullsalvadorhad made vives his secretary
in his stead vives accompaniedsalvadoron trips to the mountainous
the idea of following insalvadors footsteps i decide to
the prospect of slavishly followingsalvadors footsteps through the whole
follow more or less insalvadors footsteps with his prosaic
libidinous vives made advances tosalvadorwho was not however interested
llull s day as insalvadors the route to palma
the enigmatic figure of llullsalvadorsoon read his book of
its grounds to begin withsalvadorwould model himself on llull
an early visit to mallorcasalvadordiscovered that his childhood friend
mallorca volume tells me thatsalvadorgot around mallorca in els
journey took almost a yearsalvadorreturned to mallorca accompanied by
information i m gathering aboutsalvadors life in mallorca intrigues
studied the fine illustrations insalvadors mallorca book my visual
his first visit to mallorcasalvadorwas studying in prague matilde
out for the mountain coastsalvadorhad travelled there four years
had become smugglers lairs assalvadornotes they travelled simply cooking
returned to s estacca whilesalvadortravelled on to the riviera
was dealt with swiftly insalvadors absence on july 27th
the part he played insalvadors life in the absence
that first morning in palmasalvadorpresented himself at the house
cuitadella de mayorque which bysalvadors time had become palma
and write the last thingsalvadorwanted was a mistress but
tadzio in death in venicesalvadorcalled him amigo salvador deprived
venice salvador called him amigosalvadordeprived of intimacy and love
s sudden death in 1877salvadorthrew himself into improvements and
journey taken with several ofsalvadors set after the group
round of affable social activitysalvadorcontinued to visit other parts
round of affable social activitysalvadorcontinued to visit other parts
the carthuja at valldemossa certainlysalvadordoesn t mention their visit
nomad without fixed residence wrotesalvadori circle the seas driven
wrote it is unlikely thatsalvadorknew about the couple s
tragic death it preyed onsalvadors mind for a long
themselves were pleasure domes oncesalvadorbought a slave to entertain
with the hour of sunsetsalvadoreventually bought son morroig his
of the matter is thatsalvadorwas gay and surrounded himself
son of a venetian gondoliersalvadorchose antonietta lancerotto as his
was verdant in spring whensalvadortook the route towards son
the two men had alteredsalvadorhad become possessive to the
hermits caves which long beforesalvadorput down roots had become
brought a sort of freedomsalvadorordered the construction of nixe
march they were in athenssalvadorcollecting data for a book
in his book s arxiducsalvadors homosexual affairs there were
superior of the players insalvadors life i m frantic
fascination with the undercurrents ofsalvadors life swamped even after
and the mirador temple whichsalvadorconstructed to overlook his sea
its breath above the seasalvadorwas guided by the proportions
later years sculpted in 1952salvadoras objet d art reminds
later it would be hissalvadorsensed intuitively that this particular
rubens later immortalised astonishingly enoughsalvadorwas the tenth generation descendant
settled here called enchantment likesalvadorand every northerner who has
winning grace from then onsalvadortook an interest in educating
the sofa his madonna defiledsalvadortook refuge in anger and
time or another members ofsalvadors european set and even
a small party of thesalvadorset on a trip to
the 24th of july 1877salvadorset sail for the mainland
became a tarmacadam road forsalvadorin the 1880s after jaime
watercolours and engravings the expensesalvadorlavished on his undertaking after
in 1245 which even insalvadors day had undergone many
the immolation of matilde yetsalvadorwas to suffer again even
would be a thorn insalvadors flesh for a long
from the sculptor dupré butsalvadorwas gone by the following
in torrents frae his pensalvadordali aften eese tae craw
frustrating but the gist emergessalvadorhad found his paradise the
chafing against his dependence onsalvadorjuan march notes that at
put at his disposal andsalvadorleft a calling card with
reminder of his beauty forsalvadorthere was no escaping this
and nine years younger thansalvadorwho first filled his master
hotels lacked any decency butsalvadorpreferred to rent a house
apartments of our own timessalvadors favourite house in the
tarmacadam road was built insalvadors day 1880s the area
take to the road againsalvadorthat pioneer of balearic tourism
fifteenth and sixteenth century whensalvadorarrived the monastery had been
families to support the vineyardssalvadorhad established now under her
sleuth it s obvious thatsalvadorhad more guises than most
the end of june 1871salvadorhad written to señor herreros
effort i soon realised thatsalvadorthe aristocrat had terrific advantages
objects and was another ofsalvadors penchants the centrepiece of
completed only four years beforesalvadordied and other houses in
like byron s don juansalvadors mental turmoil might be
in my own imagination alsosalvadors spirit might hedge against
now i might discover whysalvadorused that pseudonym count von
quarter my first outing withsalvadoris proving successful many features
confinement in the hapsburg courtsalvadors generation was the first
exploits in the near eastsalvadora descendant of napoleon was
in binniaraix no matter likesalvadori was just passing through
pitti palace in florence wheresalvadorwas born in 1847 and
and travellers to the mountainssalvadorwas made president of the
among this photographic gallery ofsalvadors ancestors and relatives fernando
i inspect an engraving ofsalvadors beloved steamship nixe which
finding the painstaking translation ofsalvadors biography in catalan frustrating
a collection under glass ofsalvadors books a map indicates
provisions for bastard offspring insalvadors will such stories are
but no person emerges fromsalvadors written text the number
guardian to oversee s estaccasalvadorstarted constructing the ornately styled
be my last foray intosalvadorterritory montegazza s declaration read
ribes and two portraits ofsalvadorby erwin hubert there is
two men were in corfusalvadorwriting and researching each morning
do people continue to whitewashsalvadorto make him less than
storm stopped singing and approachedsalvadorwith a natural winning grace
monastery of the carthusians fascinatedsalvadorwho describes its primitive moorish
license in my hypnagogic statesalvadorcombs the forsaken valley of
in the cells in summersalvadordescribes the place as abandoned
that sloop beaugeste a contemporarysalvadorin the soller library i
eyes the ones borrowed fromsalvadorstrip things back to the
but why did the youngsalvadoradopt the desperate measure of
their broad and familiar accentssalvadorat the age of nineteen
shackles of court and mannerssalvadortasted freedom caverns measureless to
of the hapsburg era forsalvadorthe harrowing event contained the
to us both ever sincesalvadorand i conspired my consciousness
a concrete forecourt at fornalutxsalvadornoted 903 inhabitants and 265
approach to the bridge wheresalvadornoticed fertile vegetable gardens irrigated
intuitive certainty that to choosesalvadoras a travel guide a
ageing sforza unable to accompanysalvadoron all the trips connected
and drifting off to sleepsalvadorturned up elegantly dark suited
lay empty perhaps because assalvadoreventually observed the sun didn

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