See this word as a collocate cloud

no i found exactly thesameand i think f1038: i
holiday stertit juist exactly thesameas last may s july
those words is exactly thesameas swither after analysing it
see it s exactly thesameas the the english version
the pillows looked exactly thesameas when i arrived as
next door neighbour exactly thesameas ye would have in
i ve got exactly thesameas you to take part
we had a exactly thesameas yourselves the kitchen and
category would be exactly thesameat any one point as
trial elsewhere on exactly thesamecharges and has been dealt
the parliament are exactly thesamedonald gorrie this is broadening
it s er exactly thesameerm and erm so that
you re probably exactly thesamef1038: in a sort of
it s been exactly thesamef1155: did she give you
living in poverty exactly thesamefigure as for 1996 97
my son does exactly thesamehalf the time i don
or spittin rain exactly thesamei wouldn t couldn t
of power is exactly thesamein both situations a linguistic
question is on exactly thesameissue that alasdair morgan was
the follow up exactly thesamelittle series erm we re
a lecture on exactly thesamematerial i wouldn t know
not all be exactly thesamemy words were probably not
to a development exactly thesamerights as the developers pe208
f889: that was exactly thesameroad up past the [inaudible]
of the uk exactly thesamethat fails to recognise that
her ankle doing exactly thesamething the week before so
years time saying exactly thesamethings that we are saying
thing maggie i did thesameas him held onto her
thing she ended up thesameas me f807: like in
understands that one m1016: thesamebasically the same thing just
the red thing that thesamecolour as her suit and
are they like from thesameeh department kind of thing
of thing is it thesamekind of thing or f978:
kind o dances f746: thesamekinda thing f978: just ehm
the burn which was thesamepoor thing as ever its
that s a different thingsameski- sock thing that s
many of us do thesamesort of thing depending on
are intended to achieve thesamething although i sometimes find
suddenly it s not thesamething altogether mm m762: you
we want to achieve thesamething and ensure that it
register this is not thesamething as confusing youngsters by
superhero that s got thesamething as that i can
but it said much thesamething as the first letter
it s like the thingsamething as the gorbals if
to have to do thesamething as to say i
if it ll mean thesamething as what it does
ging tae visit says thesamething ay ay foo re
eddie oil rig oil platformsamething aye but i mean
auchterless i have seen thesamething being done but the
an my grandchildren do thesamething call me papa but
thochts intae scots anes thesamething can be duin juist
i said as well verysamething chuck it [laugh] mmhm
a horrible feeling that thesamething could happen in this
back on itsel an esamething deen again syne ye
o month back wi thesamething died in his airms
ye d a day offsamething f1054: ehm that s
suppose it comes from thesamething f1054: mmhm that s
or a kip yeah sleepsamething f1054: somebody re- somebody
f1054: do you have thesamething f1143: i do i
f832: they just wear thesamething f833: they don t
money did i [laugh] weddingsamething f958: [laugh] [laugh] that
of they all wore thesamething f963: yeah uh huh
it wes no aye thesamething for ilka fairie whan
in order to prevent thesamething from happening to other
houses we ll dae thesamething gin the tane fortifees
point i have seen thesamething happen to members of
and he says that thesamething happens in iceland you
queen again an again thesamething happent owre an owre
oh he s hazelnut justsamething he s off his
an i think they hadsamething here in tigh [inaudible]
s that s just thesamething hover m1012: but that
is someone who does thesamething i do and a
we re talking about thesamething i know you do
of marriage which signifieth thesamething in effect it may
of marriage which signifies thesamething in effect it may
won t necessarily be thesamething in english and then
father used to do thesamething in fact he used
native aberdonian to do thesamething is powerfully indicative of
augustine are probably saying thesamething it s definitely sinful
does that mean f1027: thesamething just as yer in
m1016: the same basically thesamething just if ye re
josh is talking about thesamething m964: mm yeah and
befaw again but the verrasamething ma queen is in
em i ve deen esamething masel in ma time
f965: and everybody did thesamething more or less at
of scotland but mean thesamething of course they do
they were one aboot thesamething really the aspect o
these languages it means thesamething receiving stolen property if
hiv seen her say thesamething she s sterved fur
monteith might well say thesamething that is probably one
oh right mm f963: thesamething that the word they
gets up agitated aye thesamething the r nae end
juist hae ti dae thesamething then says the praepositor
m finding it s thesamething this time i don
we try to do thesamething too but we can
are literally switched on thesamething was true when we
that attempt to do thesamething we understand what the
tyme ah wes rinnin thesamething wes in ma heid
s kind of done thesamething with a guitar m959:
him m944: it s thesamething with er [censored: forename] she
this morning we said thesamething you d be as
can have more of thesametype of thing but obviously
maybe it wis some esamewi sarah e ither thing
get yer botticelli m1108: [hits snooker balls]sameare like s- same likes
same are like what m1108: sameare like that s like
same likes fitt f1107: [inaudible]sameare like what m1108: same
[laugh] mm m959: same facessameas every other year i
s got to be thesameas that or the same
same as that or thesameas that you ve got
still the same m608: thesameaye m1163: but i- if
same time and on thesamebasis s1w 12283 fergus ewing
same soap see use thesamebubbles to do the next
the same time in thesamecompany and at the same
it s kind of thesamediff- er the same time
re you re [inaudible] thesamef1023: it s the same
same f1023: it s thesamef1026: yeah perth f1023: where
okay there s two thesamef1105: two the same m1106 :
[exhale] f958: [laugh] mm m959: samefaces same as every other
best freens same last namesamefernietickles same hook neb an
done the same the verysamegame out in their numbers
t the same quite thesamehere so there ha- the
same last name same fernieticklessamehook neb an jug lugs
same people moved round thesamehouses which everyone thought were
same idea it s thesameidea aye i ken [laugh]
f940: but it s thesameidea it s the same
nood it must taste thesameif it s the same
whooo it s jist thesameis it same kin a
same they all have thatsameit s a room not
of right now f834: yeahsameit s the same wi
jist the same is itsamekin a day as frank
dome an aye but thesamekind the same kinda m939:
but the same kind thesamekinda m939: that was in
o them wis best freenssamelast name same fernietickles same
[hits snooker balls] same are like s-samelikes fitt f1107: [inaudible] same
the same f1105: two thesamem1106 : when it s dark
assume it s still thesamem608: the same aye m1163:
it s away in thesamem741: mmhm m605: the same
had much in common thesamenight clubs the same restaurants
look the same with thesamenumber of boxes and units
continue to look after thesamepeople in the same ward
served as a councillor thesamepeople moved round the same
the same products from thesameplace every day andrew wilson
purchases and often buy thesameproducts from the same place
so it wasn t thesamequite the same here so
same sources or in thesameratio and finding out how
same time and for thesamereason i e being on
the same night clubs thesamerestaurants they had even gone
f1111: no cause use thesamesoap see use the same
probably just the same thesamesort of words that we
get their money from thesamesources or in the same
same if it s thesamestuff gladys aye but it
same company and at thesameterms as the schoolmaster bequest
speaker will not read thesametext twice in the same
they re probably just thesamethe same sort of words
eve the lads done thesamethe very same game out
all halls are roughly thesamethey all have that same
schoolhouse were demolished about thesametime and for the same
to all msps at thesametime and on the same
the same diff- er thesametime but it s er
the moderator had at thesametime in the same company
same m741: mmhm m605: thesamevowel m741: yep m605: and
the same people in thesameward the situation would be
in cornwall speak in thesameway and use the same
same text twice in thesameway which pattern do they
yeah same it s thesamewi my f833: but yeah
courses ought to look thesamewith the same number of
same way and use thesamewords and phrases as people
effect it would have thesameamount of time as it
can even hear grampa saysameas he did every time
stretching back in time thesamefeelings do not exist for
passed on verbatim in thesameform each time only becomes
at this time in thesameletter to grant he outlines
well they give me thesamemessage time after time that
account in relation to thesameperiod of time e that
was being paid for thesameperiod of time the diet
get id ed in thesameplace every time i go
in time tae share thesamesentence o a witch a
hennie at supper time thissamesister wis the first mabel
time bit jist did thesamethere he didn t go
eat and talk at thesametime 12 00 mr hamilton
ever before but at thesametime a place that is
of expertise and at thesametime a sound knowledge of
next hundred years at thesametime a succession of edinburgh
moffat what emerged at thesametime adrian wiszniewski mark kostabi
reading a book at thesametime along with his two
and existing tenants at thesametime alternatively we could stagger
musty but sweet at thesametime an then when the
to peel satsumas at thesametime and she became a
the time above my headsametime and the guys have
more or less at thesametime and we had come
linguistics 1916 at around thesametime another candidate for the
a metaphor but at thesametime another metaphorical pathway has
act of parliament at thesametime are we tae assert
the bus stop at thesametime as a blond young
motorcycle mileage allowance at thesametime as and in accordance
cycle mileage allowance at thesametime as and in accordance
of leaf forms at thesametime as being a kind
[censored: surname] will collect at thesametime as bouquets b sandwich
from the radio at thesametime as chatting to her
visit the prison at thesametime as clive fairweather s
hus tae begin at thisametime as english withoot this
do an inspection at thesametime as far as i
by the prostitute at thesametime as his ain mairriage
the papers at about thesametime as i did given
you know almost at thesametime as i read dickens
effective and payable at thesametime as it does for
the icc clout at thesametime as making the signatories
also the gravedigger at thesametime as mr mutch was
ye hear me at thesametime as oor ain boat
making it personal at thesametime as operating an internal
to be produced at thesametime as reports by the
girl was in hospital thesametime as robert young eileen
could be included at thesametime as the amendment to
school mlps however at thesametime as the base for
past 5 years at thesametime as the mailing of
born erm maybe about thesametime as the paper so
3 committee meetings at thesametime as the parliament on
a waulk mill about thesametime as the present mill
get the moon at thesametime as the sun i
bill also fell at thesametime as the uk bill
into public life at thesametime as they tackled the
eedie bonner arrivin at thesametime as us bairns on
going to scotland at thesametime as us if we
speech at one and thesametime associated with the parish
bit o exerceese at esametime at at s sair
twa three gaan at esametime at wye it wis
the english vocabulary at thesametime because words reveal so
that there had at thesametime been a compensation for
the live mike at thesametime billy said musingly dumb
fower fronts aa at thesametime bit s worth it
mm m1036: but at thesametime both my parents were
did not eat at thesametime but at 6 o
do enjoy it at thesametime but i just find
wis speakin rubbish at thesametime but i thought haiverin
sixteenth century round about thesametime [click] [inhale] i want
for hmos although at thesametime council committees are approving
an imbecile pause it thesametime crampin up wi every
heid an ere at esametime deein things wi yer
of being reduced at thesametime dialectal speech and literature
each other while at thesametime directing her reader through
mother tongue is at thesametime discovering the world around
in due coorse at esametime e strae cam aff
them aa up at thesametime either you can pick
wrap up well at thesametime ere s sin sae
played skippin ropes at thesametime every year m608: uh
person may have at thesametime examples of this are
pick aa them at thesametime f1103: i canna pick
i scare myself at thesametime f643: [laugh] m608: [laugh]
quite unusual but at thesametime f963: mm m762: what
younger people but at thesametime f963: mmhm m762: er
the siller and at thesametime folk were yattering about
of crime while at thesametime furthering our commitment to
make it quicker at thesametime grill the bacon or
dessert and cutlery at thesametime having handed over their
the cosmic yet at thesametime her poems have a
lugs aff an at thesametime his tung hid lairnt
a single text at thesametime however the challenge of
an alternative diligence at thesametime i ask the committee
that huge but at thesametime i had been his
to move but at thesametime i hope you ll
through my veins at thesametime i saw a figure
ma mither miss at thesametime i started to help
the rescheduled meeting at thesametime i took the view
re all limited at thesametime i try to step
scottish secure tenancies at thesametime if possible it will
get my pass at thesametime important this i handed
mm m762: although at thesametime in his loss of
four in tune at thesametime in the bathtub that
not been running for thesametime it came into existence
in it however at thesametime it contains an inhibition
the uk while at thesametime it has access to
staff since 1981 at thesametime it has increased its
against general level at thesametime it is acknowledged in
two hares running at thesametime it is understandable that
kinna strange but at thesametime it was actually quite
and happy all at thesametime it was like being
makkin winnlins and at esametime it wis e wye
s eyes tested at thesametime just in case an
voluntary organisations but at thesametime let us do all
and get a fab atsametime m1108: yes f1107: you
mars bar ains at thesametime m1128: are good f1127:
both learned reiki at thesametime m608: mmhm f643: and
flavoursome but harder at thesametime noo for a hogmanay
profoundest tribute and at thesametime not to rejoice in
sounding the horn at thesametime nothing nothing at all
mini crime alert at thesametime noting the number of
occurred and ending at thesametime on the relevant later
of language established at thesametime or is there a
have to run at thesametime or on a different
treating all sites at thesametime outweighs the possible risk
felled and processed over thesametime period s1w 16793 robin
self mocking yet at thesametime pointing towards the continuity
we are taking at thesametime research leads us to
and a freak at thesametime she was terrified of
on my bus at thesametime shrieking countless shrieking school
member s bill at thesametime since then i have
brother we learned at thesametime so he was f1148:
and some money at thesametime so i m considering
aboot geordie pyntin at thesametime tae the wee gaitherin
fillin hur jug it thesametime tess an robby uh
it m954: and at thesametime th- i was goin
closely intertwinit but at thisametime thae retain clear linguistic
come to uni at thesametime that i was coming
reached on them at thesametime that is all that
quite expensive but at thesametime that s it done
it be ensured at thesametime that the european dynamic
afternoon ms white yes thesametime that we come here
come into effect at thesametime the agency is developing
father brought him at thesametime the attainment of his
7 was there at thesametime the dother o the
for them and at thesametime the interconnected nature of
repair kit yet at thesametime the poignancy of the
must pay but at thesametime the public purse must
and cut services at thesametime the services that are
and stressful job at thesametime there is general dissatisfaction
to apologise but at thesametime there must be few
writing in scots at thesametime there s a more
no means but at thesametime there were elements of
to [censored: emailaddress] also at thesametime there will be drawings
the foreign language at thesametime they will by this
to visit egypt at thesametime to scout out the
can be replaced at thesametime we are not amused
of mail [note: photo: 'mrs anna karpinski.'] at thesametime we contacted the craft
or four targets at thesametime we could send to
ask sarah boyack at thesametime we do not have
a point but at thesametime we have to ensure
boy though not at thesametime we re both new
voluntary organisations concerned at thesametime we said that up
theories of language at thesametime we see linguists turning
executive christine grahame at thesametime we should also advise
and an msp at thesametime we should certainly copy
by the petition at thesametime we should write to
patrins right but at thesametime we ve also got
wi twa bairnies at thesametime weel you would wouldn
2002 also published at thesametime were explanatory notes and
i mean but at thesametime when f1150: oh definitely
m811: oh f812: at thesametime when you go to
chucking things at at thesametime which i don t
skelped and leathered at thesametime yeah f1144: [laugh] f1145:
know erm but at thesametime yeah i mean babs
re protected but at thesametime you can express yourself
do the washing at thesametime you see and before
was going along at thesametime you used to have
hesitant and wolfish at thesametime your two front teeth
of time lewis was thesamewherever you go the premises
the nint year o thesamewis a time o peace
to the acting position thesameactor can play thomas as
post who would receive thesameadvice as had been given
neest day it wis thesameagain as they started teemin
story everybody that s thesameage as me would would
not a dweeby third yearsameage as myself i can
that bappy wis jist thesameage in his heid as
[inaudible] f1095: that s thesameains as you ve got
fae look that s thesameains as you ve got
not of course taken thesameamount of evidence as the
might as well be thesameand i am sure an
i ll gie you thesameanswer as i aye dee
doesna gi e ye thesameanswer as i would she
bill as it stands thesameanswer would apply pauline mcneill
unstressed and virtually undifferentiated thesameapplies to representing the as
m jist a craitur thesameas a kittlin a dug
that a dwang is thesameas a nogging dwang is
two wine pints were thesameas a stope hanham 1971
he ll be a pooftersameas all hairdressers swears he
a deacon which is thesameas an elder in the
uh huh m1010: just thesameas as as eh as
na thay ir juist thesameas at hame aunsirt the
agnes look the ither weysameas awbody else battlin bertha
lose control an be thesameas bj mah faithir fawin
it could be used thesameas chuck or fling fling
that that is not thesameas closing the museum such
uk that is not thesameas deciding the exact nature
of population is not thesameas deciding the share of
just be ehm sound thesameas ehm [cough] like the
to be pretty much thesameas english dunbar writes of
scots grammar is not thesameas english grammar for example
lyfe wul be juist thesameas ever no onlie in
retiring there [laugh] m959: thesameas everybody else get a
yeah aye [inaudible] well thesameas everything when you get
yeah i know f978: thesameas f746: it is interesting
but the other is thesameas farrach energy in usage
erm m1078: yeah well thesameas glasgow mmhm f1077: as
that that would be thesameas going straight to the
bit actually m1017: much thesameas gordon but i ve
i ve just got thesameas gordon drizzle no reason
[inaudible] m1014: mmhm m1016: ehsameas gordon thingy nothin else
happen let what happen jillysameas happened ti dad tell
what if he s thesameas him the auld man
him whit he askit thesameas his brither sae the
man s name was thesameas his dad s so
and community care did thesameas i did she did
richard i didnae know myselfsameas i don t know
here you should spaek thesameas if i go sooth
two the scene is thesameas in act i it
the situation should be thesameas in the civic government
puk is not necessarily thesameas influencing scottish projects or
wantit for ti be thesameas ither men he greined
respeks ah m no thesameas ither puddoks ah m
life was pretty much thesameas johann lamont said nowadays
loaded gordon s loaded m1016: sameas kenny an gordon s
middle one m1017: sneakered justsameas knackered sneakered m1016: just
of service will be thesameas last year and that
waiting times would be thesameas last year the clerks
the dinner was much thesameas lunch the previous day
s she disnae speak thesameas m903: [?]then jeanie[/?] your sister
just more or less thesameas mary everythin that came
i everybody remembers davie murdochsameas matt black hard tae
mean anything in particular m1078: sameas me f1077: yeah but
think he was kinda thesameas me he was just
f1118: pink f1117: pink thesameas me red a wee
is troubled with hay feversameas me this has been
tracy bocht this wikk thesameas mine jiggle wiggle sally
aberdeen speech not always thesameas my own and down
elected member will be thesameas my own in going
fairly indistinguishable eh just thesameas myself a- and my
another language they are thesameas natural scots speakers who
green an new doon esameas past an present wis
alasdair morgan it is thesameas public private partnerships in
alasdair morgan is that thesameas saying that implementation of
it is it s thesameas speakin scots you do
therapy ih fuck me cammysameas stew baithe sit the
but this is not thesameas teaching grammar on the
aye f1104: that s thesameas that do you think
penalty notice would be thesameas that of a local
f1095: put them in thesameas that way so that
the words as bein thesameas the anes we uised
the teenagers would be thesameas the bilingual individual f745:
and it is not thesameas the criteria that puk
comes from latin spatula thesameas the doctor haads yer
turns out to be thesameas the english troy ounce
in scotland wisnae juist thesameas the english uised in
which might not be thesameas the europe that we
which is often essentially thesameas the guidance it was
its implementation is not thesameas the guidelines that were
that was for identification purposessameas the je- the auld
peat cutting here is thesameas the method of peat
a shadow ah look thesameas the next shadow silence
may have been roughly thesameas the number of residents
back the kitchen s thesameas the old single en
of ireland in particular thesameas the one that we
f809: which was just thesameas the other one only
v and thus possibly thesameas the passage to the
butler the order is thesameas the previous one the
[inaudible] f810: it s thesameas the qm though i
is more or less thesameas the rate for edinburgh
read it over all thesameas the words might be
shed ed is it thesameas the yin wi the
our hairts we re thesameas they wir our brither
as this one two thesameas this one and the
one this one are thesameas this one two the
section 10a to be thesameas those conferred by sections
to you were much thesameas those expressed to us
should be at least thesameas those of other carers
ladies speeches were much thesameas today not all weddings
it fittie s just thesameas torry f1054: mmhm f1043:
silence steve they wur thesameas us bairns jist bairns
together when we get homesameas usual there s every
d phone the main officesameas we would if we
common yin aye just thesameas what bert just said
fair tain on is thesameas what i ve pit
up m1010: it s thesameas what ian s just
ve made you pancakes looksameas what nana was making
up so that s thesameas what ye mean use
it widnae hurt hurt thesameas when they did it
me the day lilian thesameas yesterday one lie more
implementing the recommendations of thesameas you a review of
launched on 11 may thesameas you a review of
had on her watch thesameas you an aa the
raither juist be fishin thesameas you an me ___
services as identified in thesameas you are intended to
ordinators as identified in thesameas you have been funded
ordinators as identified in thesameas you in place s1w
i ve just got thesameas you kay bonny just
s mine look got thesameas you m1090: let me
hae on the boots thesameas you m1096: no f1095:
an da no believe thesameas you margaret margaret no
underpin the implementation of thesameas you s1w 31128 jackie
forward the implementation of thesameas you s1w 31131 jackie
the learning disability review thesameas you was issued on
and hit the deck thesameas you would if you
aye m1098: i i kensameas yours i ken i
i i would say thesameas yvonne skive bunking off
it is subject to thesameaudit procedure and protocols as
no gie the streinger thesameaunser as afore but ah
she gied hir faither thesameaunser as afore gods abuin
no gie the streinger thesameaunser as afore he did
and may be given thesameauthority as if engaged by
will be structured on thesamebasis as at present s1w
capital housing debt on thesamebasis as proposed for the
so i m in thesameboat as holden who doesn
ll tar him wi thesamebrush as the eco anarchists
toozenbach ah gaed til thesamecadet skuil as you but
colours f1129: that s thesamecardigan as [censored: forename] got yesterday
that isa was in thesamecategory as a disease such
the local jail in thesamecell as some poor idiot
hat look is that thesamecolour as fergus s and
and he s got thesamecolour as my hair cause
f1125: and it s thesamecolour as postman pat s
s red who s thesamecolour as red f1118: erm
bits o the road thesamecolour as the road m1096:
i want my one thesamecolour as this f1123: right
this petition go to thesamecommittee as that petition the
pounds f809: was this thesamecompany as we re with
would put them on thesamecompetitive playing field as their
to be equipped with thesamecompetitive policy tools as scotland
to be equipped with thesamecompetitive policy tools as scotland
to be equipped with thesamecompetitive policy tools as scotland
income we should make thesameconcession as was made on
10a 3 would have thesameconditions as are made in
are elected proportionally using thesameconstituency list system as germany
pupil to work on thesamecontext as and with other
we shall therefore take thesamecourse of action as with
was required to meet thesamecriteria as local authorities were
shall be held on thesameday as local authority elections
before the committee on thesameday as the minister and
that the executive uses thesamedefinition of poverty as do
not impede communication to thesamedegree as will the inability
across the common in thesamedirection as the ogre he
table leg eatin oot thesamedish as a dug pause
letter was kept in thesamedrawer as the poem my
[laugh] f718: somebody had thesamedress as me and that
sort of adopted the thesameeh speech as as me
containing six permutations of thesameelement such as yesterday i
remitting and doutting have thesameendings as scribling and leirnyng
him the facts in thesameenglish as the doctor an
use the system to thesameextent as some of those
glasgow it ll be thesamef606: it s not as
also shetlanders were they thesamef828: yeah uh huh as
energy is set at thesamefigure as for england and
haes aye luik t thesamefor as lang s ah
erm that would be thesamefor the following year as
bare grun it wis thesamefor us as bairns rypin
forty years yes for thesamefour decades as she has
i m nae even thesamegeneration as you peg peggy
frank i m nae thesamegeneration as your mither i
considered as belonging to thesamegenre and grouped together under
ain forefolk sons o thonsamegret speerit as brithers o
was she s in thesamehalls as [censored: forename] that s
i could bide in thesamehoose as an englishman they
m still living in thesamehouse as i was born
more persons not of thesamehousehold as the tenant 3
as an example of thesameidea when he writes about
their interest are baith thesameit is tae mak as
reed roses but a thesameit looks to me as
ain faither neil twis thesamejed anderson itherwise kent as
we d stewed in thesamejuice portrait of self as
da hid cam ooto thesamekinno craftie as burns bit
he cam richt ooto thesamekinno craftie as us i
that thay aw haed thesamelang sonsie ugsum lips as
ministers might not speak thesamelanguage as that of their
that speakin ordinary wis thesamelanguage as that uised bi
that don t use thesamelanguage as the fisher people
though none are in thesameleague as medal man hopeless
distant future will have thesamelegal and political rights as
if influenza b reaches thesamelevel as it did last
the moors murderers on thesamelevel as say trial and
find is they attain thesamelevel as their peers and
the district courts with thesamelevel of punishment available as
would we go down thesameline as with dangerous dogs
as long to say thesameline the the length m608:
expected to run along thesamelines as the 2001 scheme
it was up on thesamelines as you see the
that other groups using thesamelocation such as mothers with
has hitherto entertained in thesamemanner as he does his
of inventioun bot be thesamemeanes ye are bound as
parliamentary duties shall have thesamemeaning as in rule 8
of an employee has thesamemeaning as in section 50
6c above conveyance has thesamemeaning as in section 95
are patients patient having thesamemeaning as in the 1978
employee and employer have thesamemeaning as in the employment
36 relevant person has thesamemeaning as it has for
the principal reporter has thesamemeaning as it has in
have in this section thesamemeaning as they have in
person and person have thesamemeanings as in section 12a
services and person have thesamemeanings as in section 12a
personal redemption burden have thesamemeanings as in that act
personal redemption burden have thesamemeanings as in the title
in english began with thesamemeanings as pottage but in
act of 2000 have thesamemeanings in this section as
into things and make thesamemistakes with other species as
for europe fall into thesamemould as the romans napoleon
and a person with thesamename as a suspect was
s called is that thesamename as [censored: forename] s cat
a cousin who had thesamename as myself besides riddles
include a note with thesamename as the sustained note
speired st matthew minnie thesamename as yer da an
ken a loon wi thesamename as you she adopts
is there s nae thesameneed an as soon as
aboot things as usual thatsamenicht i wis makkin roch
e one who sings thesamenote as on her copy
aware that cuba won thesamenumber of gold medals as
of the exchequer has thesameobjectives as she has given
education are subject to thesameombudsman scrutiny as other public
erm project which is thesameone as i m going
thinks he s of thesameopinion as you but he
in scotland will have thesameopportunity scotland is disadvantaged as
activities are sequenced in thesameorder as young learners have
wis gaun tae git thesamepaikin as the last twa
in but it s thesamepain as when you get
in all lists within thesameparagraph of that subsection as
got a skirt the exactsamepattern as the one you
social care provided to thesameperson by the authority as
nuclear family working in thesameplace of work as at
as two arms of thesamepolicy gaelic is a clearly
they would be in thesameposition as a range of
the tweed commissioners have thesamepowers as a dsfb and
queen regnant and has thesamepowers as a king where
by police officers has thesamepowers as the police in
merchant maiden hospital at thesameprice as the paperbacks i
oe to the present onsameprinciples as roget s thesaurus
out as it describes thesameprocedure that we have just
of older people have thesameprotection as the rights of
will be entitled to thesameprotection as those in england
an goes maggie at thesamerate as sheltered housing dates
engines are covered under thesameregulations as net and coble
that she was paying thesamerent and getting twice as
danish that will have thesameresonances as stripping someone naked
the executive has allowed thesameresources to be announced as
psyche entitled him to thesamerespect as a minister or
the bill she has thesamerights as enterprise and lifelong
however nicola sturgeon has thesamerights as members of the
of the bill has thesamerights as members of the
are entitled to have thesamerights as other citizens calls
scotland and grant them thesamerights of citizenship as enjoyed
to smoke them in thesameroom as my four year
gestured me through to thesameroom as my story tumbled
so that must have thesameroot as paible and eh
knee as e spak esames it wis a biggit
met anyone who has thesamesecond name as me except
be no splits as thesamesenior source i assume that
did he not have thesamesense of it as they
just along er f- thesameside as barratts m819: aye
something further down on thesameside as that m1078: uh
down the mountain on thesameside as the pyramid were
higher cost for cairds thesamesize an type as the
the applicant countries are thesamesize as or smaller than
the ale gallon was thesamesize as the statutory gallon
a whole line all thesamesize just as miss wood
felt released again in thesamesort o way as we
think it was just thesamesort of situation as me
rotting carcass breathing and snotteringsamesounds as always wheezing his
i know he made thesamespeech as always the provinciality
fadin rose yaised as measuresamespuin skiddlin the batter in
be bomb proofed to thesamestandards as the new parliament
that they were in thesamestate of soul as he
f1027: [laugh] f1054: aboot thesamestatus [laugh] f1023: as being
peiticoat an telt hir thesamestorie as aw the ithers
bidin in sublets in thesamestreet as wir mother bade
man who once walked thesamestreets as she does it
interested in many of thesamesubject areas as the eu
not quite deal with thesamesubject as the other petitions
the executive to meet thesametargets as set in its
yet they have kept thesametelephone number as before [censored: phonenumber]
are attracted here by thesamethings as we are f606:
younger it s both thesamethough it is classed as
all the places at thesametimes as he was there
yes i did see thesametrademark crest as spotted in
simply because he attended thesameuncomprehensive school as oliver brown
scotland snp i take thesameview as janis if we
another couple of old geezerssamevintage as medal man they
will not have covered thesamevocabulary as their peers it
heather alight published in thesamevolume ath boi as stevenson
as stew baithe sit thesamewae dimps classic abuse victim
tae exist in muckle thesamewaiy as it hus done
of property is on thesamewavelength as a professional landlord
their own interests in thesameway as adults and that
which licenses medicines in thesameway as for all other
teaching in scots in thesameway as gaelic through gaelic
what is happening in thesameway as happened in 1987
let the pleats out thesameway as i did with
up on them in thesameway as i have described
to be construed in thesameway as in section 12
to treat peninsulas in thesameway as islands for the
of return to speaking thesameway as ma grandfaither you
muir was pronounced in thesameway as mair in the
should be registered in thesameway as someone who works
of the recess in thesameway as the rest of
as appropriate in much thesameway as the scottish office
always talk er spoke thesameway as the teacher er
speaks the f718: mmhm m017: sameway as they did when
on the web in thesameway as those from the
f1142: are you goin thesameway as us do you
we will deliver in thesameway as we have delivered
be renewed annually in thesameway as with the existing
teachin in scots in thesamewey as gaelic in gaelic
permission or possibility in thisamewey as kin note that
mony ithers wis pronounced thesamewey as they war in
back into the faimilie thesamewey as ye were afore
hear they ve done thesamewi schools as they have
reason someone else had thesamewindcheater as us f1149: [inhale]
novelist as one and thesamewith the council delegation was
etc and it is thesameword as coal in the
could carry it is thesameword as english freight but
years it is actually thesameword as french pâques it
kitchie meaning seasoning being thesameword as kitchen nor that
be able to choose thesameword as the author but
two variations of the thesameword m1014: mmhm m1015: as
papers and lives in thesameworld as the rest of
archaic representation of th thesamey as in ye olde
little born in 1759 thesameyear as burns and employed
poet was born in thesameyear as william pitt schiller
know and it s thesamein a way it s
would like to put thesamequestion in a different way
elizabeth s way with thesamequestion so all these things
groups were looking at thesamesort of way of presenting
of the board felt thesameway 11 15 mr macintosh
fish who likely felt thesameway about her from her
yeah f829: that in thesameway anywhere else m830: no
anybody else move in thesameway at f718: uh huh
read a book in thesameway ever again cause you
t react in quite thesameway f718: [laugh] m734: er
hadn t reacted in thesameway f718: mmhm m734: er
m017: two people speak thesameway f718: uh huh m017:
pay you back in thesameway geoff huggins ultimately we
own among themselves talkin thesameway i did when i
of the directive in thesameway i do not understand
my fellow exiles feel thesameway i see international calls
identified and described in thesameway in similar contexts learning
will be spoken er thesameway in urdu they ll
always clasped it in thesameway keeping it cosy between
we say ganzie in thesameway m1015: true [laugh] f1054:
like an adorable boy thesameway sandy arbuthnot was always
may not carry in thesameway so we are strengthened
were all made in thesameway teepee shaped built up
the written word in thesameway that english speakers do
optical isomers risks in thesameway that hands are mirror
mmhm m734: er in thesameway that or it s
his global recognition in thesameway that our friends in
will come through in thesameway that power comes through
in the treaty in thesameway that the status of
deal with that is thesameway that we need to
adults er just in thesameway that would exclude you
would buy lair in thesameway that you buy corned
different things and in thesameway that you don t
should be treated in thesameway there can be no
must be understood in thesameway throughout scotland the chief
is priced differently in thesameway we already have that
second meeting was heading thesameway we decided to postpone
a way it s thesameyou know that erm f963:
won be conterin aa esamea fyow days later e
they cam thegither aa thesamean the wark o davie
[?]in that pack[/?] f1141: they re thesameand aa do you want
morayshire it s aa esamebird an it s jist
ain cause it s thesamecolours is aa mixed in
vrocht us aa fae thesamecommon cley o emmanuel howp
onything like at aa esamee didna aathegither like stannin
just like them aa thesamef1104: and her and her
you like them aa thesamef1104: yeah i like [exhale]
aa da sam all thesamefash bother trouble geng go
laich tatry slopes aa esamefit wis maist strickin wis
for it wis aa esamefither ye used it tae
smoke or drink aa thesamehe wisna aafa fond o
place n masel aa esamei made a graan start
eident job bit aa esameit aye brocht a bit
common wi hiz aa esameit s jist a maitter
aa young craiters dee esameit s naitral bit fit
aa that strong all thesameit was pretty volatile stuff
[laugh] they re all thesame[laugh] f1054: they re aa
what he meant aa thesamem1000: aye mmhm oh yeah
be buyin aathing aa esamenoo i m hame i
ye felt kinna free esames aa e things ye
aa black black black esames es black things at
aa regimentet in stance esames ey were prayin tae
canna switch aff aa thesamesae i likit the quaet
man made laanscape aa esameshapit be e munchin teeth
an aa led till esamespot amon e snaa ye
gin it s aa thesametae you i ll hug
oh they re aa thesamethat s good eh now
an amused bit aa thesamethe school got a half
the whisky bottle aa thesamethere wis an aafa lot
f1054: they re aa thesame[?]these teenagers[/?] uh huh duncan you
think it wis aa esametill em fither it wis
veesion wis ere aa esamewill iv coorse hid seen
my one done aa thesamewillie was the man with
up e hoose aa esameye d tae wirk at
i ve kent lads esameat hame an ey got
weddin in e village atsameday it wis aye goin
answer ae simmer nae esameeen i noticet ere wis
aal an ere wisna esameexperts aboot tae sort em
its job is ay esameey teemed em intill e
bit ye canna think esamefin ye re crivved wi
it must a been esamefor masel eence for a
bit ye couldna say esamefor some o e ither
it mith a been esamefox at aften maks tracks
em i ve heen esamehospitality on e mainland o
winner gin jock d esameideas onywye i didna ken
naa it s nae esameif ye re sittin on
bit it s jist esamein e toons except at
scholars mn hae fingers esamein e wye o e
bit inside it on esameline s e road ey
lang seen i heard esamemeesic in a peat bog
ither fowk tae dee esameonywye even aifter gettin in
lat ont bairns intill esamepark wi er she d
at brownhill cam frae esameroup like a lot of
e side o t esames a gweed lump hid
crudes in a cloot esames e hangies we made
shaas o ilky neep esames e life o e
oot an niver stoppin esames e rings in e
drappins on e road esames ere wis a great
o im wis jist esames es cloods syne ey
hid been sprayed oot esames ey d been dancin
sin for a meenitie esames ey d deen gweed
doon syne up again esames it hid been a
aifter five blastin awa esames it wis e last
pecht up an doon esames it wis gaspin for
flooers an grasses bluebells esames we hae at hame
nae ay jist in esameshape though e last i
ye niver jist tak esametae concrete an tarmacadam nor
bit nae aabody his esametastes sae i tried tae
it ay lookit for esametreatment foriver aifter neen o
im oot e geed esamewye s e last noo
bit it niver felt esameye wis aye feert somebody
f1024: yeah f1027: jist thesameaye f1054: anything different amongst
an trapped him jist thesamedimps bangs his fists on
it a jist looks thesamedoon there she is very
sister jacquie s jist thesameevery nicht they tak their
faither finbar s jist thesameexcept his burd is some
though that wisna jist thesameit was a wooden doll
you men are a thesamejist interested in sex an
bit gettin ere jist thesamejonsar eck looked in his
like twa pots frae thesamekiln jist ane wis mair
o aw friday jist thesamesetterday back hame the wee
but they believe jist thesamethat the heid is far
o your age feels thesamewye jist dinna tell your
poetry will never be thesameagain 1 colin nicholson knucklebones
forsyth trophy business 28 wednesdaysameagain 31 saturday what a
certainly nothing will be thesameagain after daniel left the
neest nicht it wis thesameagain coodnae mak oot fit
your right hand left handsameagain f963: mmhm f965: right
girls to chester 30 tuesdaysameagain get shelves ready july
the utensils an aye thesameagain in the aifterneen but
ll go for a lionsameagain m1092: me go er
scull before and did thesameagain [note: photo: 'rosemary fraser on the horse at drumyocher.'] if the shaws
things kin never be thesameagain whether lee staes in
to the executive now thesameanswer might be given again
and started again with thesameargument we usually got our
lyfe ower again in thesameauld wey an ye winna
it back down again thesamebut with a different slant
will i just take thesamecolours again f1104: yeah i
compounds corruptit wordis again thesameconcern for decorum that is
yet again i was thesamei ve wrote nowadays it
but it s nae thesameneil exasperated by her again
for getting home again thesamenight the bus you told
it again f1095: nae thesameones again what about daein
to nice the convener thesameprinciple applies again once we
programme aye uh huh f826: sameprogrammes over and over again
noo an again on thesameroad i pass it cyberspace
with music though f813: thesamesong over and over again
my conscious mind played thesametape again and again the
again i was doing thesamethere i was bringing in
f1043: aye the cluggie againsamewi the lavvy f1054: what
f746: yeah but then againsamewith yourself doing the research
yeah i would say thesamebucketin something like that f1054:
m1016: thump or slap justsamef1054: aye m1016: hit hard
mmhm good m1017: just thesamef1054: good m1015: ye were
m1014: troosers aye just thesamef1054: not plus fours m1017:
jimmy f1054: that s thesamekind o [inaudible] m1014: mmhm
m1012: mmhm tuil box f1054: samem1010: eh a bass a
just no weel just thesamem1017: seek f1054: what s
hot i ve done thesamewi cold cold f1054: cool
f1024: yeah chuffed s thesamewi me fair chuffed f1054:
[laugh] ehm m1004: use thesameword f1054: aye if if
an you just use thesamewords f1054: i wonder if
in a dangerous state thesameapplied to the railings at
the barn it was thesameat her smith grandparents place
men it wis often thesameat the spring o the
bit it s aye thesameat turra or keith shows
drafted but it is thesamebody that is at issue
even gone out with thesameboy though not at the
been held up at thesamebriefing margo macdonald has a
at s wrocht bi thissamecraftsman s haun but a
should be made on thesameday hospital at the stobhill
oot at fower the verysameday naething tae fear nae
some brick walls on thesameday this is starting at
approaches are directed at thesameends but we believe that
today at the most thesamefarms have a total of
can we not do thesamefor the income question at
i may been at thesamegig was that a year
or district offices at thesamegrade are there a variety
of the pall bearers thesameheight two undertakers are at
bite of lunch at thesameitalian café we d visited
our brains all contain thesamelanguage circuits at birth although
and wales and at thesamelevel for each of the
must apply it at thesamelevels in this country we
it by telephone at thesamelocal call charge considers that
aff owre the ears atsamelyke carin concern atween the
how will more of thesamemake any difference at all
hastens to door at thesamemoment valgerd enters passes gunlöd
or 60 years before thesamepeople were at war lobbing
seeing a lot of thesamepeople you d seen at
at each prison over thesameperiod s1w 17726 richard lochhead
that two universities in thesameplace were at such different
get at it is thesamepoint that i pursued with
usually funded locally however thesameproblem is evident at national
was to stay at thesamesalary for the next three
boat ay dockit at thesameshore there wis less chaunce
at queen margaret are thesamesize but there are a
following for 1529 from thesamesource at na hukstar sell
and to work at thesamespeed to improve the situation
had been accepted at thesamestage in the process last
we were in at thesamestage last year we are
timed to be at thesamestage people did not tell
decision already taken at thesamestage shall not be taken
off the bus at thesamestop but i couldn t
schuled at strathbogie college thesamestrathbogie college that minnie s
else s work on thesamesubject at the moment erm
see foo baith at thesametable sit grace an poverty
fund hissel sittin at thesametable wi jimmy that wis
rich an poor wis thesametae you fowk at s
in the west facing thesamethreat at an early date
post office transactions at thesametill 7 some reports suggest
bowe have fought for thesametitle at 45 years of
ah m feart at thesametyme ye d better no
them were down at thesamewee school er was getting
an m a later thatsameyear at another meeting of
not words that s thesameall over eddy just means
be small minded just thesameand even with a good
pal that s just thesameand the mair you greet
centre i ve done thesamebut he was just such
just sit and watch thesamecrap that you do i
m1012: gala s just thesameeh langholm s the muckle
it s just no thesamef1049: if you re gonna
f1155: was it just thesamef1154: it was like it
i ve just got thesamei ve just got chuffed
loretta it s just thesameisn t it like that
achmacoy breakfast remained much thesamejust brose or porridge and
m1014: yeah i m thesamejust call them bairn that
knackered sneakered m1016: just thesameknackered nothing it was the
s no- it s thesamelanguage it s just simply
well m1000: aye just thesamenae weel mmhm f1001: nae
she neil off just thesamenot saying a word peggy
they might not be thesamepeople of course just any
pot and chappit in thesamepot just the curly leaves
es is no just thesameso i lie and i
this just evolve from thesamesource implying that the quantity
interestin m1017: aye m1016: thesamethe wife no reason just
they they were just thesamethey had swingin beads an
photographer good practice just thesamethursday 27 catherines spree all
below we are on thesamewavelength he and i just
have you here just thesamewe hope that we can
an that s just thesamewi fishin farmin any any
ken eh eh just thesamewords just roosed i ve
m1015: mmhm mmhm just thesameyeah couch mainly a couch
johnstone will reflect on thesamedifference in the english language
to continue study of thesameforeign language begun in primary
with the study of thesameforeign language into s3 4
with the study of thesameforeign language into s5 6
be asked to use thesamekinds of language devices to
with pupils who speak thesamelanguage but are of different
intonation patterns social usages thesamelanguage function can be expressed
intonation patterns social usages thesamelanguage function can be expressed
would also be in thesamelanguage if appropriate the petitions
they do not speak thesamelanguage in rabelais panurge attempts
different chronological stages of thesamelanguage may also be revealing
it cannae be cried thesamelanguage ony mair there a
probably two dialects of thesamelanguage tell this to a
polite to respond in thesamelanguage that was used by
a modern language for thesameobjects it is important that
speak a foreign language thesameprocess of assertion of one
jim mcgonigal it s thesameregarding english language and the
of a language by thesametoken differences between languages or
scots language has endured thesametreatment having been under attack
speech their babble is thesamewhatever the language it takes
m1007: yeah very much thesameand ehm màthair in gaelic
of the skills much thesameapproach is used by colleagues
con that is much thesamearea that i questioned the
are in pretty much thesameawful condition that they were
actually doing pretty much thesamecourse that i started off
m1007: yes very much thesameehm i think friend would
the stage looks much thesameexcept that there are only
really annoyed you much thesamef1024: [click] i think i
department there is much thesamefeeling in several faculties mark
it presumably meant much thesamefrom the start the edinburgh
the pattern is much thesamein radio and television in
make it look much thesamem824: but m822: but then
day it was much thesamestory on day two so
changed much still owned thesamethoughtful um hesitating ah mannerisms
daily round continued much thesameuntil the nineteenth century two
two more axes of thesamedate have survived one is
two towns is virtually thesamedid too many other local
go m1094: two cups thesamef1093: two more cups m1094:
two united kingdoms upon thesamefooting in the most essential
in the play of thesamename the only two females
compare two texts from thesameor different genres two sonnets
least two others of thesamesex from the area and
two newspaper articles on thesametopic or two characters in
with any woman of thesametotem clan and the two
two courts working under thesametreaty might come to a
trows carrying on with thesametwo chord pattern the man
two rooms till in thesameyear he married aggie and
health service it wis thesameyin he hud seen two
it wul be aw thesamea hunder year hence an
s prices every year thesameis true of the christmas
and 10th june with thesameperiod last year and was
jonsar asks is this thesameplants that gruw year in
was his slave 34 thatsameyear 1876 was to bring
to mauritius [note: photo: 'mrs thorn and children presenting mrs innes, british red cross society, with easter baskets and a knitted blanket, may 1973.'] [note: photo: 'arbuthnott school attending dick whittington at the theatre, aberdeen in 1972.'] thatsameyear a halloween party was
higher education act of thesameyear however there are some
money and in december thatsameyear the annual arbuthnott games
coronation oath act of thesameyear which requires the king

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