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am time for reflection reverendsamuelsiroky minister of ettrick and
time for reflection the reverendsamuelsiroky minister of ettrick and
and anybody that hit oursamuelhad the mark o cain
economic stores are 1861 censussamueladams grocer 1871 census james
mowdy we- could i havesamuels ball oh dear god
narr 10 a man caadsamuelsmiles wrote a book aboot
of the donaghadee lifeboat sirsamuelkelly at 1551 signalled the
ever witnessed altogether the sirsamuelkelly picked up 34 people
thomas s son six daughterssamuelsmiles queen victoria a minister
three score an twal mimesamuelsmiles walks on and takes
shoutin did you hit oursamuel[laugh] f632: [laugh] f646: [inaudible]
modern tradition of english literaturesamueljohnson s denunciation of ossian
him he d hit oursamuelf632: uh huh f646: and
[laugh] f632: [laugh] f646: forsamuels ball her name isn
s- could i please havesamuels ball well my mother
of scotland ld g galbraithsamuellaird strathkelvin and bearsden lab

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