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its turn as the guidsancts kain it s braw
n satin sal v shallsanctn saint sang n song
v bless saitin n satinsanctn saint sant v disappear
aa by the banes osanctandro cam til amalfi in
fesh me the banes osanctandro liggin thae twa hunder
while in the kirk osanctandro neist we hear o
the day the rude osanctandro we jalouse frae the
brugh weel the banes osanctandro were brocht til constantinople
the umquhile regent lorimer osanctandros translatit the haill new
his kail he thocht osanctringan o kind sancts the
walcome kail an pease asanctmicht weel be waur tae
the destrier barracks whan yonsanctcam intil the warld a
sae he prayed tae thesanctfor his help an his
o guid kail full taesanctringan s well at the
adv so saikless a innocentsanctn saint sair a sore
gangrel chiel he s naesanctyon young jamie said gin
in thair turn ir murnedsanctan shenachie aw is trapp
man bit he wis naesanctfit man forgies that coorsest

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