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the dewie gress drouks masandalsfishermen ir singin awa blyth
f1118: [inaudible] he s gotsandalsf1117: has he got sandals
f1104: i ve got s-s-sandalson i ve got sandals
sandals on i ve gotsandalson my feet [censored: forename] f1103:
sandals f1117: has he gotsandalsshe ll be like you
you used to get plasticsandalsas well the jelly shoes
uniform we must not wearsandalseither because they cause flat
mistake now where s yoursandalsare you just putting on
f1140: mmhm f1139: and yoursandalsf1140: yes my wedding ains
by her by her bluesandalsand her white knee socks
even in the summer notsandalscourt shoes ehm an ye
last have on your bluesandalsmaybe on the stair have
feet protected mainly by lightsandalsthey sped by us at
the sort that clings tosandalson the beach the sort
legs hair braiders sellers ofsandalsand ice cream whiff o
what about this ones pinksandalsone two there we go
ye f1104: i ve gotsandalson today [exhale] erm barbie
two clogs four boots sixsandalssit at the shrine door
i take off fiona ssandalsloosen her bra and try
swallow where are my wovensandalsmy linen headdress before my

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