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f1103: saturday f1104: s- saturdaysaturdayf1103: mmhm f1104: satur satur
saturday saturday satur satur f1103: saturdayright erm we need to
mmhm f1104: satur satur saturdaysaturdaysatur satur f1103: saturday right
day f1103: saturday f1104: s-saturdaysaturday f1103: mmhm f1104: satur
f1103: mmhm f1104: satur satursaturdaysaturday satur satur f1103: saturday
1998 temp celsius rainfall inchessaturday1 temp 8 12 rainfall
rain nae gweed tae seesaturday10 temp 6 11 rainfall
the note is gey soorsaturday10th temp 4 10 rainfall
en it poors o rainsaturday11 temp 8 20 rainfall
or rain wither dis trysaturday11th temp 1 3 rainfall
bad day jist wrap weelsaturday11th temp 6 11 rainfall
later on then rain againsaturday12 temp 3 15 rainfall
ere s nae been monysaturday12 temp 3 3 rainfall
strong gran day eence mairsaturday13th temp 4 14 rainfall
rain in the heavy rangesaturday14 temp 3 4 rainfall
change cood rain i feelsaturday14th temp 5 11 rainfall
my heid i div shaksaturday15 temp 5 16 rainfall
the efterneen athing dis dreepsaturday15th temp 1 5 rainfall
the affa affa heavy rangesaturday15th temp 2 16 rainfall
1998 temp celsius rainfall inchessaturday16 temp 8 22 gran
man nor fit for beastsaturday17 temp 2 5 rainfall
mair wabbit i div feelsaturday18 temp 6 10 rainfall
the colour o the treesaturday18th temp 4 15 rainfall
bit a fine day againsaturday19 temp 0 2 rainfall
me the note is soorsaturday20th temp 4 5 rainfall
rain in the heavy rangesaturday21 temp 3 10 rainfall
an close against the grainsaturday21st temp 9 14 rainfall
throo happy i div feelsaturday22nd temp 2 5 rainfall
at nicht midges jine insaturday23rd temp rainfall 3 16
aboot in their sark sleevesaturday24 temp 4 16 rainfall
me the wither winna failsaturday25 temp 7 14 rainfall
feel cood easy be snasaturday25th temp 1 5 rainfall
redd up i cood greetsaturday26 9 11 rainfall 2
an jist bear an grinsaturday28 temp 4 5 rainfall
damned cauld withoot a dootsaturday28th temp 11 11 rainfall
s jist foo i feelsaturday29th temp rainfall 6 16
my forecast maun be snasaturday3 temp 2 5 rainfall
later on blessed wi sinsaturday30th temp 10 23 rainfall
dry richt fine tae seesaturday31 temp 3 10 rainfall
lang sae fresh an fairsaturday3rd temp 6 15 rainfall
for man nor for beastsaturday4 temp 0 3 rainfall
this is against the grainsaturday5 temp 11 15 rainfall
oot sae bricht an brawsaturday5th temp 1 10 rainfall
dyke sits doon the snasaturday6th temp 5 11 rainfall
fin in o the sinsaturday6th temp 9 15 rainfall
frost bit it is fairsaturday7 temp 2 6 rainfall
nicht day clears up againsaturday7th temp 11 20 rainfall
tae me his nae appealsaturday8th temp 1 10 rainfall
the rest o the daysaturday8th temp 4 6 rainfall
bide in o the sinsaturday9th temp 16 25 rainfall
fyte shoor bit maistly fairsaturday11 temp 1 6 teuchat
day an cool we feelsaturday12th temp 10 18 haar
fin sin nae in sichtsaturday12th temp 2 9 day
sinshine a richt welcome sichtsaturday13 temp 3 12 anither
wi the wither bein fairsaturday13th temp 0 5 crisp
on rain nae gweed atasaturday14 temp 5 9 gran
cauld fine warm an saftsaturday14 temp 8 12 eence
bit wither dis bide fairsaturday15th temp 3 10 wither
day at s the storysaturday16th temp 15 26 day
blaw the force is galesaturday17 temp 2 3 richt
comes oot shines sae brichtsaturday17th temp 7 18 ere
tae keep warm we trysaturday18 temp 2 15 north
wi cauld win dis fillsaturday18th temp 0 5 fyte
noo at s my storysaturday19 temp 7 20 fae
a win abody cood greetsaturday19th temp 2 7 day
a hurry turns hey makersaturday19th temp 9 24 eence
since 1797 says he februarysaturday1st temp 0 2 ere
noo fermer micht try marchsaturday1st temp 1 4 sooth
like a spring day novembersaturday1st temp 6 14 for
midge is on a spreesaturday20 temp 10 27 for
on wi sin sae brawsaturday20th temp 3 15 sharp
oorsels fae the bare blastsaturday21 temp 2 10 richt
disnae tak yon cauldness awasaturday21 temp 6 14 noo
tae rain it dis trysaturday22 temp 6 17 tries
we hiv aboot seasons fowersaturday22nd temp 2 10 you
doon freezin cauld come nichtsaturday22nd temp 2 8 gran
en back tae rain againsaturday23 temp 8 12 fule
i m ill at easesaturday24 temp 0 4 ere
win keeps doon the heatsaturday24th temp 3 18 aye
at s fit s sochtsaturday25 temp 4 15 raifall
weel gang aboot twa fauldsaturday25th temp 1 5 fyte
spit in o the airsaturday26th temp 11 22 jist
lichtsome shoor bit maistly fairsaturday26th temp 2 7 strong
sin wi a cool breezesaturday27 temp fin we rise
blaw a a the timesaturday27th temp 0 5 aboot
fine as nicht wears nearsaturday27th temp 8 10 gweed
wid this be spring timesaturday28 temp 1 9 daffoddils
o sleet bit maistly snasaturday28 temp 2 1 echt
aff affa pest yon midgesaturday29 temp 9 22 6
lang wast win dis blawsaturday29th temp 3 7 aye
believe oot comes the sinsaturday2nd temp 7 20 gran
at last fit a surprisesaturday3 temp 5 10 day
s jist like winter timesaturday30 temp 5 8 anither
spleetry shoors didnae bide fairsaturday31 temp 1 2 gran
day eres been be farsaturday31st temp 5 22 closed
fine day fit a surprisesaturday4 temp 9 18 damp
mornin fin the day begansaturday4th temp 1 2 fresh
throo the sin dis trysaturday4th temp 15 15 saft
s a flurry o snasaturday5 temp 2 0 frost
a weet cloot i feelsaturday5th temp 8 16 this
oot fine aye later onsaturday6 temp 7 10 this
oorsels warm we div trysaturday7 temp 0 2 surley
as the day passes awasaturday7 temp 1 1 howlin
for yon pest the midgesaturday8 temp 7 15 michty
it s cawed win chillsaturday8th temp 0 6 frosty
the sin bonny an brichtsaturday9 temp 5 11 haar
is still a bittie baresaturdaytemp 3 10 north win
christine stewart under heavy sedationsaturday29 not playing saturday paint
there shopping like say onsaturdayafternoon or saturday lunchtime that
away m1048: i m offsaturdayf1049: on saturday night as
companionship the sense o communitysaturdayf1054: community m1021: aye saturday
is it the day f1103: saturdayf1104: s- saturday saturday f1103:
f1159: there s one onsaturdayis it saturday vatersay boys
say on saturday afternoon orsaturdaylunchtime that drives me crazy
youngsters keen 15 saturday usualsaturdaymorning rush to rr v
m off saturday f1049: onsaturdaynight as well m1048: right
saturday f1054: community m1021: ayesaturdaynights were lively m1022: shared
sedation saturday 29 not playingsaturdaypaint out rust spots under
fine 11 saturday usual crowdedsaturdayto football r r v
troop this is fine 11saturdayusual crowded saturday to football
good night youngsters keen 15saturdayusual saturday morning rush to
one on saturday is itsaturdayvatersay boys vatersay boys f1160:
6 0 tranmere tops 26saturdaycover pipes in s b
7 43 pm 0 commentssaturdaymarch 11 2006 good news
and i dance all nightsaturday20 ladies v gents gents
really good so to lastsaturdayafter a late night drinking
roads by night a shoemakersaturdayjuly 22 2006 liggin amang
after five o clock onsaturdaymorning last night was the
and a bridie on asaturdaynight addison fridays fruit and
things to do on asaturdaynight allan crossland mick thorn
of their pies on asaturdaynight allso the baking society
burns including the cotter ssaturdaynight although she felt that
helly she laft lerook onsaturdaynight an is still doadgin
s sauna first on thesaturdaynight and again later in
painted in the cotter ssaturdaynight and being indecently outspoken
retired at 11pm on asaturdaynight and never again opened
took turns to do thesaturdaynight and sunday feeds horsemen
1950s there was dancing everysaturdaynight at inverbervie after the
round a pub on asaturdaynight before the vomit has
atmosphere of the cotter ssaturdaynight but that is exactly
police were called out onsaturdaynight but this seems to
heard boys talking at thesaturdaynight dances about women too
i thought of using mysaturdaynight date with joe as
place to go on asaturdaynight f1077: you got dancing
ye worked right through taesaturdaynight f637: uh huh and
will be a dance onsaturdaynight i don t think
booked us a room forsaturdaynight in helsinki university s
west is like no othersaturdaynight in town the last
would call the multi storeysaturdaynight it was not intended
english patient but on asaturdaynight out if it was
fires were still burning onsaturdaynight riot police were called
s girl so the nextsaturdaynight she d done it
detail of the cotter ssaturdaynight she says ich kann
liberty and the cotter ssaturdaynight the author s earnest
culture of violence on asaturdaynight the lack of entrepreneurial
there that was it everysaturdaynight there was no arguments
inverbervie stayed open late onsaturdaynight till about 9 30
if anything the riots onsaturdaynight were ten times worse
in the hall on asaturdaynight when they played cards
always sizzlin hot on asaturdaynight when you want them
go swimming watch television everysaturdaywith my friends night at
evening to ncre in morningsaturday13 bowling rosyth v crossgate
tired weather very cold 19saturdaya very busy morning now
today a grand day 7saturdaycut hedges morning to park
last of them leave 20saturdayget wood etc morning afternoon
the riots continued well intosaturdaymorning and only calmed down
to get to my firstsaturdaymorning classes three new groups
valuable role throughout scotland lastsaturdaymorning i attended a sip
valuable experience for me onsaturdaymorning i went out and
8 o clock train onsaturdaymorning in a rush after
shetland by boat on asaturdaymorning in march this year
comments i spent part ofsaturdaymorning in one of my
you had to work asaturdaymorning so you obviously got
the weekend danny but comesaturdaymorning sorry danny richard s
too right i m upsetsaturdaymorning ten o clock and
day and overnight and bysaturdaymorning the portpatrick coastguard reported
which woke me up lastsaturdaymorning the whole room was
travel we rose late onsaturdaymorning there was a book
punters queuing up on asaturdaymorning to be sheared both
letters and watching tv onsaturdaymorning we did some shopping
cosmos to return again onsaturdaymorning we took our visitors
s a cold but drysaturdaymorning you could all start
starts 1st aid talks 19saturdayodd jobs morning to raith
to kilconqher in evening 5saturdaysands morning shopping in elie
plugs fixed d g 26saturdaysnowing heavy in morning but
been heavy snow this morningsaturdaywe popped up to oktoberskaya
to [illegible] pub evening goodsaturday21 we sleep in car
into a hole rain eveningsaturday24 on repair all day
evening service big place 8saturdaybuy presents before leaving 11
square we had a quietsaturdayevening by the tv we
making mistakes on the fatefulsaturdayevening john arrived early with
rivers run it was onsaturdayevening that i made up
dispatched to stranraer on thesaturdayevening to cover the story
tickets for the bolshoi forsaturdayevening we were 10 minutes
scouts evening o k 25saturdaymoving new furniture breaking up
the evening at belyaevo onsaturdaywe met tanja one of
hurrah we celebrate evening 9saturdaywe visit market for paint
water central heating system 12saturdayworking do vestibule wall evening
dates so come and helpsaturday23rd april 10am 12pm sunday
the blossom festival on onsaturdayan sunday there f606: mmhm
months not working on asaturdayand a sunday m608: aye
was absolutely lost on asaturdayand a sunday m608: [laugh]
honolulu police pipes drums performingsaturdayand sunday at the annual
tuesday wednesday thursday friday [inaudible]saturdayand sunday cause it s
then i m workin onsaturdayand then on sunday i
day which is not asaturdayb sunday or c a
porlock phoned three times onsaturdaye mailed twice on sunday
friday f1093: and s- m1094: saturdayf1093: and s- m1094: sunday
tickets for sunday instead forsaturdayhe d procured us an
ye f835: done absolutely nothinsaturdayi did nothin and sunday
remembers buttons of sunday jacketsaturdays dance dress there is
the year this was asaturdaysunday and monday atween e
m r i p 4saturdayworking around house 5 sunday
to lawyers approve sale 7saturdayworking around house 8 sunday
at st werburgh s 31saturdayworking november 1 sunday dave
friday 21 weather turns cloudysaturday22 baths am bowling p
in bed return via burntislandsaturday22 rbc green opens a
park gate agm rcs choirsaturday22 to kdy am with
good welcome cold overnight 22saturdaybackwoodsman bdge 3rd birk fine
house 22 friday painting 23saturdayfinish dining room 25 monday
good as fathers do 22saturdayno fishing yet working all
get 7 from cath 22saturdaysee fine house with central
forget in work cold 22saturdaywake early coll donaldson i
early rain all day 16saturdayworking 22 friday 26 present
rain friday 7 presidents tiesaturday8 bowling cowdenbeath good game
ill rain in torrents 9saturdaynorman bett here from bedwyn
up stairs at central 5saturdayrain all day mild to
bath early to bed 28saturdayrain sleet showers don t
up by rain here tillsaturdayto new theatre tonight with
rain good meeting though 19saturdayto rr v q o
merseyside fair liverpool friday 9thsaturday10th february 2001 the vera
friday 2 preparing for holidaysaturday3 start at 10 20
friday 6 august and bsaturday7 august 1999 and whether
24 friday travel home 25saturdaya fairly easy day to
on the thursday friday andsaturdayas well from the calton
friday [laugh] or a asaturday[laugh] because you ll never
huh yeah yeah friday orsaturdayvatersay boys f1159: there s
16 friday bradford c 17saturdayworking phil i fix up
presidents tie return to worksaturday15 really hot now lunch
just make it to kdysaturday15 to ayr races a
to bingo ok as usualsaturday15 watch scotland v france
that should sort him outsaturday5 15 a m andy
10 15 am 7 commentssaturdaymay 13 2006 gretna the
12 wednesday beautiful day 15saturdayto fordell for national patrol
have a nice house 15saturdayworking all day first o
are all together again 19saturdayannual camp arr cupar 11
electric on water on 11saturdayget sweep to do chimneys
beatles thrilled to bits 11saturdayjean leaves having enjoyed her
11 monday to lathalmond 23saturdayraith v dundee league cup
turns cold wet afternoon 11saturdayscouters meet a dull meeting
wednesday not much doing 11saturdayto liverpool v chelsea great
bessie beadie in great formsaturday29 rbc dance snow shower
fine production by scottish operasaturday29 to muirhouse to play
troop and in fife 29saturdaycub rally in sports a
squawk dots on the horizonsaturdayjuly 29 2006 ma blin
mrs mcinch good walk 29saturdayquiet day to confession 30
now for the furnishings 29saturdayscouters meet kinghorn n b
we start the search 29saturdaystill searching found house devonshire
21 dr mc 5 20pmsaturday25 new saphire stylus used
21 present good meeting 23saturdaycath gets a present of
feel groggy all day 21saturdayraining cats dogs jimmy willie
h of obligation here 21saturdayto grand national at aintree
hard gives her tablets 21saturdaywork in house a m
game spoiled by fog 19saturdayworking 21 monday plumbers still
social for r b csaturday23 quiet day car headlamp
aunt c up to strathedensaturday23 renew carburretor gaskets to
23 caroline home with colinsaturday25 choir perth kessock we
troop in fine fettle 23saturdaybegin to re felt hut
see eds in glas 23saturdaygood scouters meeting at aberdour
we enjoy his stuff 23saturdayscouters meet st andrews church
a queens inverkeithing no gosaturday18 to rr v kilmarnock
play tie but get beatsaturday27 scotland v england at
out thursday 6 to aberdoursaturday8 to dunf 1 v
watching t v studying 18saturdaysee some houses rock ferry
low numbers at troop 5saturdayto rr v st mirren
interesting entertaining educative interlude 27saturdayto see raith v st
in bed off colour 14saturdaytranmere v lincoln fa cup
in time for lights onsaturday19 quiet day we take
hartlepool 5 1 easy 19saturdaydave over for spanner spend
p l s missing 19saturdayto links market with cath
see anglesey and snowdon 25saturdayjim phem arrive 13 d
seniors 12 in camp 25saturdayto greenlaw in jim s
wind not cold cloudy 25saturdayto meet 3 pl s
25 monday painting june 6saturdaywe get a record player
chased at balgonie castle 8saturdayin garden most of this
get new songs november 1saturdaymass at 8 communion stay
derick complete queens scout 8saturdaymore wood breaking a m
walker art gallery fine 8saturdaywe do shopping nice to
to the fore everywhere 14saturdaycounty flag cup working patrol
the men frae working lastsaturdaynicht you told them their
in [?]press[/?] in germany 26saturdayworking 30 wednesday good turnout
memo caja la boca 7saturdayworking caroline sick with headache
jo leave a m 12saturdayworking most of day 13
hours of work begin 3saturdayworking today busy scrambling over
another 1st class quest 7saturdayworking today not much time
better under the new conductorsaturday7 to baths shopping etc
2 42 pm 1 commentssaturdayfebruary 18 2006 a change
3 weeks in troop 18saturdayto dentist have molar removed
me date of entry 18saturdayto house with phil more
s s philatelic fair motherwellsaturday3rd feb from 10 5
chinese restaurant is the answersaturday5 caroline s wedding in
bad accident on dual carriagewaysaturday5 catherine s wedding a
good as usual excellent companysaturday6 stewart [censored: surname] dies 5
fog descends like smoke 5saturdayjessie off she meets lizzie
assistants for summer time 5saturdaywelsh gives me idea of
hand unclasps four bright nailssaturday10 december belyaevo 9 28pm
after tea and enjoy itsaturday10 home by huntly stop
spring is the fermer chielsaturday10 temp7 10 damp an
s falling down again 10saturdaya g m district a
enjoy it beautiful hall 10saturday[note: first line scored out] chose fireplace not ready
ony eese for suntee atasaturday26 2 1 rise in
on but with stronger pillssaturday26 [note: first line scored out] rbc dance cancelled
police for [?]homeless[/?] wallet 26saturdaya terrible day our new
electricity 3 6 9 12saturday12 to kdy jim jo
plant some seed potatoes 12saturdayall day filling in holes
floor lifted re laid 12saturdaycath mary with very heavy
youngsters enjoy the dancing 12saturdayget word to stand by
force preparing for camp 12saturdaygo along to collect family
but a poor match 12saturdaym wallace f reilly help
with that kind of kisssaturday9 a m my darling
day picnic on the cliffssaturday9 to norwich fine cathedral
out for 9 mass 2saturdayto bowhill for cath scout
long live the queen 9saturdayto tynecastle with j r
i wis ee fine simmersaturdaymoarnin makkin fur da beach
fine hand all round 31saturdaypatrol to falkland seagulls fine
gang show in january 14saturday[note: entry scored out] scout rally aberdour 3
presentation by john malone 14saturdaytroop to party at kelty
you went andy i saidsaturday6 a m joe my
[censored: forename] felt shattered and onsaturdayi got up at 6
is inadequate probably imagination 20saturdayday with family i see
or most of it 20saturdaywe pack up slowly again
in york a walk aroundsaturday16 smooth run home a1
attendance is still good 16saturdayi pay littlejohn most of
to a truly marvellous daysaturday20th june 1999 to cusco
have g o h 2saturdaya beautiful day and i
left it s only thesaturdayday tickets f813: are you
day on window frames 24saturdayfinish off windows paint also
to hole mill excellent 2saturdayfirst day off bank holiday
day was about wednesday onsaturdaythe whole house got a
home f1103: when f1104: onsaturdayf1103: aye cause i m
f1103: no cause it ssaturdayf1104: yes well i ve
house hotel new cumnock onsaturday5th october 1985 my granpa
a house of illness 27saturdaymend scullery door attend to
coming to her house onsaturdaynights f963: yeah f965: we
re all nuked fiona scribblingsaturday1st july 4 45 a
waste of good drawing papersaturday4 50 a m dear
film show rbc cancelled marchsaturday4 to glasgow with bowls
wide game for tomorrow 4saturdaydad retires today wide game
heating ok toilet ok 4saturdayget key go to hawthorne
bruised a little painful 3saturdaypainting woodwork on dormer windows
adrian boult conducts may 3saturdayto e camp p ls
to get him out lastsaturdayfor a couple of hours
just a few areas lastsaturdayi attended a festival at
our regulars on the lastsaturdayin january over 70 members
sunny as it was onsaturdayit may be the last
down very well and lastsaturdayjulian and i were invited
went to the pantomime lastsaturdayjust on the spur of
got is 3½p from lastsaturdays pocket money so you
town the last swinging riversidesaturdaysaw the old ferry succumb
the boys very good aprilsaturday1 bad weather spoils the
is very good to hersaturday28 dance r b c
the bay of fundy onsaturdayand we had a good
gowans good with them 24saturday[note: first line scored out] visit raf leuchars forsyth
quite good f1039: on thesaturdaythey had aw the different
ceremonial seduction of me everysaturdayi don t suppose you
pictures with her friends everysaturdaylorraine goes would go to
be dances doon here everysaturdaynicht an that like f826:
ginger cat plays football everysaturdaythey gain one point for
punters comin in every secondsaturdaywho have got money in
glen forget about art exhsaturday2 liz s wedding at
girls they start mond 2saturdaycath girls to liverpool for
move down in afternoon 2saturdayplenty work to do in
to have her back julysaturday1 get new glasses to
scottish civic forum event onsaturday1 july 2000 in the
on not bad august 1saturdayto liverpool cathedral speke airport
to cath 50 february 1saturdayto sandon rd not bad
28 wednesday same again 31saturdaywhat a turn out for
viewed on the mornings ofsaturday11th 18th and 25th june
the oed dependent method onsaturday11th july their views were
the flies on the watersaturday17 baths a m bed
free entry caledonian auction onsaturday20th jan list for falkirk
kellie would take place onsaturday28th september she had laid
sodomise him for eternity onsaturday9th april the weirs were
it s very funny onsaturdaya large group from the
get a piece on asaturdaya slice of bread spread
his daughter s wedding onsaturdaya voluntary but expensive activity
country is even on asaturdayafternoon i stopped the engine
until bedtime then thus onsaturdayafternoons together we would listen
commodities on that dark januarysaturdayan unseaworthy ship the official
for your lunch on asaturdayan ye always got a
chat on the telephone onsaturdayand then we got your
finished at midday on asaturdayand they took turns to
doing the shopping on asaturdayat bannermans store where my
aberkinnie mary arrived on thesaturdaycarrying a suitcase the wedding
speeches to the men onsaturdayevenings andy i thocht my
will it be open onsaturdayf1049: cause dad asked me
cause i m off onsaturdayf1049: i m workin m1048:
who daniel kayleigh m1048: onsaturdayf1049: i think so cause
we did that on asaturdayf637: aye that was a
go into clydebank on asaturdayf813: hmv like three pound
still rely on folk festivalsaturdayfor a nice seed planting
f835: eh and then onsaturdayi m going to orkney
yeah m1048: and on asaturdayi think like she tries
mactaquac park coming up onsaturdayit s maggie weekend a
is on the menu onsaturdayit was chicken on thick
office isn t open onsaturdaym1094: uh what f1093: right
go to his work onsaturdaym1094: why f1093: the office
[censored: forename] s birthday party onsaturdaym1106: mum f1105: and do
got ceol s craic onsaturdaym1161: right uh huh f947:
the geography exam on asaturdaymornin but there d been
m903: oh yeah on asaturdaynicht you used to walk
arm once a month onsaturdaynights as he gets ready
are blighted by violence onsaturdaynights when he made those
the karate er championships onsaturdayso f1049: is it like
to help at that onsaturdayso will you go there
i re visited aberfeldy onsaturdaythe countryside was beautiful and
being at the disco onsaturdaythe kids had got out
how my sorrows grew onsaturdaythe knife was ground on
the the especially on asaturdaythe wee restaurants restaurants in
bought on kalinina prospekt onsaturdaythen i headed down to
really spoken to her onsaturdaythere m1048: she s alright
scottish parliament recently and onsaturdaythere s like this like
a shopping centre on asaturdaythis constant buzz o noise
in glasgow and edinburgh onsaturdayto stir things up though
doctor promising to return onsaturdayto take me into exile
to newtownards on that fatefulsaturdayto their dismay on the
on the tracks see yousaturdayvoices sang down the phone
musicians it was hilarious onsaturdaywe did the touristy bit
towards eglinton policies on asaturdaywe marched along irvine road
of an indian summer onsaturdaywe took the metro to
so far in moscow onsaturdaywe wrote letters popped into
drams in him on asaturdaywhenever he lusted after wendy
you went out on asaturdaywith like a fiver that
[cough] f1026: ehm on asaturdayyou were allowed to wear
wet miserable in fredericton thissaturdayi m sitting here writing
i dae it s asaturdaym608: [laugh] m1163: i m
great er i ve gotsaturdayoff because [censored: forename] said she
finger nail goes in 28saturdaystill cold we have a
constituency labour party this verysaturdaywe will be entertained in
what they were but likesaturdayyou got mince an tatties
complete the sentences appropriately nextsaturdaylorraine will go to the
with the furry hats yesterdaysaturdaybrought out first proper snow
tennis tournament planned for nextsaturdaywill take place thro out
some pals come round [laugh]saturdayi went to to my
give my i think finalsaturdaylessons to this group of
would certainly have been killedsaturdaythe hour of my dismissal
if i had a boatsaturdaywas my birthday and [censored: forename]
had been suggested that severalsaturdaymornings leading up to the
clean underpants andy remembers hissaturdaypenny and cheers up he
a hand with scouts 17saturdayw e camp up loan
but she never complains 28saturdayfamily holiday to elie we
we finish guest room 27saturdayjean from falkirk arr for
return in downpour july 13saturdaywe arrive at marchmont just
digestive biscuits a rare delicacysaturdaywe spent quietly although we
hotel bar i said irelandsaturdayat lunchtime m815: yeah m816:
hall record club membership 13saturdayrepair door flooring at front
f637: aye that was asaturdayf638: oh and then i
entertainment besides it was asaturdaygladys so it was i
knows where 31st december 1988saturdayit s been a busy
later alexander s ran asaturdayservice for a period of
monday after easter or thesaturdaybefore easter were the pace
be hard to keep abreastsaturdayfarewell to leningrad nearly missed
this had been booked forsaturday28th january 1995 in the
pitiful pittance i receive eachsaturdayand the miserable clothing allowance
you and i love yousaturdayandy why didn t you
the institute which is usefulsaturdaybrought gurly winds which spun
trekking through the snow duringsaturdayi was following [censored: forename] by
is it not the firstsaturdayin december yeah f746: mmhm
season operates from the firstsaturdayin november through until the
was left over from hissaturdaypenny and he forgot about
s tonight f1135: staying theresaturday[stops to give directions] f1136: there s [censored: forename]
and the committee agreed csaturdaytour and lunch ticket sales
severely threatening our continuing friendshipsaturdaywas the exception the wireless

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